Slept for Twelve Hours

[Thursday, 9 December, 2010]

I went to bed at 3am and eventually slept for twelve hours, waking up at 3pm.

I spent the afternoon working on my tuition agency website and I set off to the gym earlier than usual. After doing workout, I accompanied Bobby and John for shirts amendment. Bobby had his early dinner and I followed him back to chat with him.

On the way, he made very impactful comments on SEO. He would spend a high budget on Google AdWords to get his site up on top so that he could speed up the progress of earning more money. If the site failed to generate a lot of money, he would have known it earlier to save time. He was one of the greatest offline businessmen I had ever met.

Anyway, I tried out the fighting game on the Xbox 360 Kinect before Bobby started to rearrange the placement of the game set. I stayed on to see if I could offer any tiny help and dragged on until around 7.30pm before I went home. I actually thought it was a Friday.

I started working on my tuition agency website again.


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