Two New Gym Works Pending

[Sunday, 19 December, 2010]

I took blogged as the first task of the day and went to sleep at 6am.

I woke up after 3pm and started “packing” my desktop to tidy it up. I had a chat with Tze Khit and Mike before my family and I went to meet my elder brother and his girlfriend at Chinatown’s CK departmental store. Initially, they wanted to have dinner at the porridge stall opposite but I opposed since I had taken it with Mike just a few days ago and it was nothing good. In the end, we went to Maxwell food centre instead. I took chicken rice for dinner.

Tze Khit continued the conversation with me by helping me to vent through my website. He managed to find typographical errors. Suddenly, Bobby called me and asked me to go down to the gym to help him with stuffs again for the next day. Tze Khit started telling me about the requirements to update the Gold’s Gym website. I was very stressed because I was badly exhausted by the recently office renovation and that it had already halted the progress of my own website. If I could not push the site faster, my saving would be dried up very soon and I would be in a sorry state for helping others instead of myself. However, Tze Khit promised me to fund my AdWords campaign, which I could not even find time to explore.

I continued working with my tuition agency website and did SEO for it.


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