Raining in the Sunny Day

[Monday, 24 January, 2011]

I went to sleep near 7am and up around 2pm.

I wanted to go to the office to work but it started raining in the sunny day and I went back home. I spent the entire afternoon working hard on SEO for the tuition agency website.

In the evening, the shows on channel 5 distracted me. First was Terminator 2 and followed by Independence Day.


Administration Work Could Kill

[Sunday, 23 January, 2011]
I was doing SEO and blogging in the morning. Then, I helped my younger brother to send an email to all the tutors. However, there was a limit and thus many emails rebounded. It was hell for me to trace which were the unsent email addresses. I went to sleep at 6.30am.
I woke up many times and finally got up after 3pm. My family had some conversation and my mum was all excited while she started pouring out at my elder brother. Eventually, we had a bird nest toss.
I had instant noodle for my first meal of the day. I spent lots of time to verify the tutors’ certification. I also had to edit some of the tutors’ profiles because they made obvious mistakes.
My younger brother talked to the staffs from Starhub and we decided to switch to M1 though I would prefer SingTel.
I started dozing off at around 8pm.
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Sandwiched in China’s Town

[Saturday, 22 January, 2011]

I kept myself busy with SEO for the tuition agency website and also made some planning for the pages. After blogging, I continued with SEO till 6am.

I woke up at 2pm and started working for the entire day. I improved on the FAQ page and continued with SEO.

In the evening, my family and I went to Chinatown’s Swanston to top up household products. I was quite taken aback on the bus because I had told myself not to step into Chinatown before the Chinese New Year because of the crowd. The massive jam along the way irritated me. After purchasing the item, spending near to $50, we went to the KFC for our dinner.

Then, we made the wrong decision to cross over to the pasar malam. Eventually, we could only move less than half a step every second. I realised I was getting very impatient due to the fact that there were too many things pending for me to handle and squeezing with the crowd was definitely waste of time when we could not really look at the stalls. I got a little giddiness from the walk. We left through the street before the Indian temple.

We went to the NTUC for a while before heading home.


Google Page Ranks Updated

[Friday, 21 January, 2011]

I struggled to continue with the article Private Tutor Singapore. I had some competitor analysis before going to bed at 6.30am.

An SMS from a tutor woke me up after 12 noon to inform me of an error in regarding to registration. I checked the database and realised she had typed her email wrongly and that was why she did not receive any acknowledgement email.

Mike was all excited about the new Google Page Rank. After more than half a year or probably even longer, Google had not updated the page rank for all websites. I was quite disappointed with the new page rank for all my websites.

I managed to put the article Private Tutor Singapore to live. Next, I worked on the Link to us page and managed to put it online as well.

I was very excited to meet up with my ex colleagues. During the evening, I sashayed through the crowded streets and trains to reach Somerset. I was quite proud of myself to make it to the Bar Stop without making any detour.

When I realised Weitat and Herman were unable to make it, I was very disappointed. Zaki told me of his story to get his free iPhone 4 and I was so stunned. Jenne’s friends were around and one of them reminded me of Fengen. I did not really talk much. Zaki kept everyone entertained.

At the end of the night, Zaki sent me home and I did not even realise it until we were near Bugis. I felt quite bad for making him do that.

I had my early supper after my younger brother returned home with a Mac Chicken burger.


Sinful Dinner at Anchor Point Hong Kong Cafe

[Thursday, 20 January, 2011]

I made some amendment for the tuition agency website’s design. Then, I continued with SEO until 5am.

Mike woke me up after 10am to tell me that he had forgotten to bring his office keys along. I rushed down to the office at 11am and we dined at the canteen. We had the Chinese mixed vegetable rice for the second time. However, we were the first customer this time. The food was much more expensive than other places.

I continued with SEO and we also exchanged ideas on it. I started working on the new article Private Tutor Singapore when Mike suggested going to IKEA for early dinner. We called for a cab and alighted at Anchor Point before crossing over to IKEA. Mike changed his mind after seeing the menu and we went back to Anchor Point and had a feast at the Hong Kong café. Mike ordered extra side dish and I felt sinned because I could hardly finish my plate of chicken chop.

We went back to IKEA to walk around. Mike bought his new lighting for his house before we started eating the famous IKEA ice-cream. The DJs from FM 97.2 were there to conduct a game and they tried to find topics using Mike’s lighting. After a while, we decided to take bus back to office. The taste of ice-cream was bad for I was having a stomachache. Eventually, we flagged for a cab.

After releasing my waste, I started working till after 11pm. We walked back to Tanjong Pagar while Mike went to Amara hotel’s taxi stand to get a cab home.


An Unintentional Open Challenge from Unknown

[Wednesday, 19 January, 2011]

Into the morning of Wednesday, I managed to push the article Tuition Agencies Singapore to live. Eventually I slept at 5am.

I continued my day at 12.30pm and reached office at 2pm. Upon checking my inbox, I saw an email from someone who wanted to rent me his website because he had a keyword in the three place of Google. It was probably quite a good deal but I felt quite insulted by him. I told Mike my plan to show him the true Google lover.

I worked on SEO for my tuition agency and then blogged about the tuition agency’s updates. I received a call from Sihua from MediaCorp and since I had not been there for almost a year, I decided to take up the job.

I went home after 7pm and continued working on the website.


Saving Lucky’s Shit Again

[Tuesday, 18 January, 2011]

I spent the morning working on a point system for Smart Tuition Singapore and it was rather complicated and I gave up when I realised much more work was required for me on the administration side. Eventually, I went to bed at 4.30am.

I was woke up by Lucky and quickly followed him to the kitchen. He started doing his business and I managed to turn his back towards the newspapers so that only one small piece of poo landed on the floor. I went back to sleep with him again after clearing up the mess.

Mike woke me up at around noon. His internet banking was not working and I went down to help him to transfer money to his part-timer. I had already advised him on the frequency of payment but he decided to continue. Luckily, the users in front of the ATM were pretty quick in doing their transactions.

I spent the day blogging and doing SEO with Lucky disturbing me. I started working on a new article – Tuition Agencies Singapore but I did not finish it fast as planned.


Working at Home instead of at Office

[Monday, 17 January, 2011]

I went to sleep earlier than usual, right after 2am. I woke up at 10am and saw Mike’s SMS telling me that he was not going down to office until further notice for he was busy with his house’s renovation.

I had nasi lemak for breakfast. Throughout the day, I was working on SEO for the tuition agency website and I also dozed off a few times. Lucky, however, disturbed me like usual. I saw some results of my hard work.

In the late afternoon, I went to the Subway at Amara hotel with my young brother for my late lunch. I spent the evening updating the tuition assignments in forums and also, watching television shows at channel 5. They screened the movie Day after Tomorrow.


Sunday Dinner at Chinatown with Family

[Sunday, 16 January, 2011]

I spent hours to blog before going to bed at around 5.30am. I woke up at 3pm to work on the tuition agency website and I managed to improve on the tuition assignments feed.

I had dinner with my family at China’s town and I was quite turned off to see the huge crowd due to the pasar malam for Chinese New Year. We ordered a set meal from a seafood stall that offered sting ray, prawn, vegetable and toad’s meat at around $37. I did not really like the food, besides, they were too spicy. My elder brother got some satays and almost got himself into some problems.

I took a little walk around the NTUC with my mum and younger brother. I was busy checking out the coke’s price because I thought Mike could save near 50% money by purchasing large bottle coke instead of can.


Voluntary Work at Sarah Home Again

[Saturday, 15 January, 2011]

I was working hard on SEO for the tuition agency site when Sae Yeoh messaged me in MSN regarding my 2011 Singapore Calendar Planner. I sent her the original copy so that she could make amendments. I was glad that she told me she was going to help out at Sarah Home as well because I was lazy to find out more from Huiting and that Baoyu did not reply my last SMS. I went to bed at 5.30am.

I woke up before 8am and knowing that the team would be late, I took my own sweet time and left my house at around 8.30am. I managed to reach Sarah Home very soon and got myself a small bao at the coffee shop nearby. While waiting downstairs, a cat fell from the second storey by the side and screamed as it ran off immediately. Eventually I decided to go upstairs to wait for them.

As Huiting and her gang arrived, we proceeded to work very quickly. I was stunned when I was told that we would be doing painting and not moving things like Baoyu had told me. I regretted not wearing shabbier clothes along. Baoyu arrived later and joined my team, and we started our usual debating. It was a tough but enjoyable moment. When the old paint started to peel off when it was wetted with the new paint, we saw a greater challenge to scrub them off. The owner of the house was very afraid that we might drag on till very late and told us not to do the extra work.

Lunch was at around 1pm. We went down to the Sarah Home centre for the chicken rice, which was quite dry and plain taste. I was quite amazed that there was another big group of volunteers and I believed they were merely doing spring cleaning for the elderly residents. However, when the leader started his religious preaching, I was disgusted. I would love to do voluntary work in an environment where everyone, regardless of religion, was giving off his best to the needy without any other agenda.

The auntie of the house bought bubble tea for us because she overheard Baoyu mentioning about rewarding herself with it after we finished the painting. As the hardship dragged on, I threw out more craps in order to entertain them. In the end, Huiting and Baoyu took their revenge by making me the cameraman for the group photos. Sae Yeoh thought I was upset over it.

We left the place at around 5pm in the rain. We took bus to Tiong Bahru Plaza and then transit to train. After showering, I dozed off almost immediately and woke up near 8pm. I had fried rice for dinner.

I started doing SEO for the tuition agency site when Sae Yeoh chased me for the photos.

It seemed that nobody, except Mike, could see the hard work I had been putting in everyday, working non-stop to make my life dull and stressful. It took a lot for me to spend a day doing voluntary work instead of working on my own stuffs when I was still financially tight, because afterwards I would have to work even harder. I was of no difference to a robot, except that I could appreciate updates from friends in Facebook that would take a few minutes off my time to keep me away from working.