Cheapo Took My Old Umbrella

[Friday, 7 January, 2011]

I started my day working on the new “Personal Tutors Needed” page for the tuition agency. I dozed off many times on the bed and went to sleep at 4.30am.

I woke up after 10am and took the noodle cooked by my mum. I continued working on the tuition agency website while chatting with my younger brother.

After 1pm, I went to the office under the dripping sky water. I was extremely unmotivated by the weather. I did some Facebook marketing before Mike wanted to leave at 4pm to try our luck for the “Dou Hua You Tiao” stall again. It was, however, closed as usual.

We took our meal at Burger King at the Amara Hotel, which was my lunch in fact. Mike went for his dental appointment while I went home. Upon putting down my bag, I realised my umbrella was missing and I went straight to the Burger King but despite the short interval, I could not find it. The staff was helpful but not useful enough.

I was gloomy for the umbrella was from my ex colleagues in the web solution company and it had accompanied me for years.

I spent the rest of the night working on SEO for the tuition agency.


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