First Spring Cleaning in Office

[Monday, 3 January, 2011]

I blogged while catching the last episode of the repeated Hong Kong show “Yi Wu Fang Gu” and went to bed at 1.30am. Lucky was in deep sleep that he did not notice everyone had gone into the room. However, I could not doze off.

Mike woke me up after 8am by SMS and I reached office at around 10am. It rained. During lunch time, I met up with Mike near Kampong Bahru Road. His rented car was spoiled and thus we walked over to Everton Park for the Chinese mixed vegetable rice. We were disappointed again for the rice was too dry and sticky. We went back to the office to continue with work before we started spring cleaning at around 6pm before going off an hour later. We had dinner at one of the Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall near 7-11.

After reaching home, I continued working on the tuition agency site and also had discussion with my brother to engage part-timer to do the job. I messaged Jenrine to see if she could afford any help.


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