Saving Lucky’s Shit Again

[Tuesday, 18 January, 2011]

I spent the morning working on a point system for Smart Tuition Singapore and it was rather complicated and I gave up when I realised much more work was required for me on the administration side. Eventually, I went to bed at 4.30am.

I was woke up by Lucky and quickly followed him to the kitchen. He started doing his business and I managed to turn his back towards the newspapers so that only one small piece of poo landed on the floor. I went back to sleep with him again after clearing up the mess.

Mike woke me up at around noon. His internet banking was not working and I went down to help him to transfer money to his part-timer. I had already advised him on the frequency of payment but he decided to continue. Luckily, the users in front of the ATM were pretty quick in doing their transactions.

I spent the day blogging and doing SEO with Lucky disturbing me. I started working on a new article – Tuition Agencies Singapore but I did not finish it fast as planned.


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