Struck at Office Gate for Nearly Half an Hour

[Tuesday, 11 January, 2011]

Immediate Tuition Assignments Singapore Daily Jobs Update” page was up and live. I went to bed after 4am and woke up at 11am.

My mum had cooked mee hoon and green bean soup, and I left for office at 12 noon. Mike arrived at around 1pm. I spent the afternoon working at forums and I was quite disappointed that it was quite time consuming that I could only register at a few of them.

Mike played his Starcraft 2 again to relax and we had dinner opposite SGH. I had a bowl of mushroom noodle that had a slice of abalone. Mike ordered an extra plate of fried rice and I felt quite guilty for wasting the food.

We went back to the office and continued with work until after 9pm. We left on separated ways and the security guard, Krishnan, caught me near the gate and told me his old stories again. He was quite entertaining but it was not really a good time to chat when I was hurrying home to rest.


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