Tze Khit and Bobby’s Visit to the Office

[Wednesday, 12 January, 2011]

I had some nasty hours working on the tuition agency website, trying to do a more presentable way to stop duplicate tutor registration. It was after 4am and I went to bed.

At noon, I woke up and started clearing my desktop and Gmail task list. I took some time to blog and it started to rain. Mike came over to Tanjong Pagar and we packeted Burger King before taking a cab over to the office. Before I could start eat my burger, I saw a missed call from Tze Khit and he told me he would be dropping by with Bobby in a while. We had some chat before they left. I was glad that they were impressed with our office’s design.

It took me hours to continue with my work that I had stopped before going to bed. It did not turn out good for the script seemed to be undergoing frequent mood swing more than anyone could expect. In the end, I took the easy way out.

Mike started his Starcraft 2 again while I worked on SEO after he gave me a list of websites that could help to draw myself nearer to Google. We left the office at 10pm and I continued with work at home.


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