Younger Brother and Mum were Finally Home

[Thursday, 30 December, 2010]
I went to bed at 3am. Mike called me after 8am for breakfast. When I reached the void deck, my younger brother and mum arrived. I was finally relieved that they were safe from their Malaysia trip.
Mike bought a loaf of bread and we set off for the office together. I setup WordPress for Money Tactic for the morning.
At around noon time, we went to Tanjong Pagar and I got home to get changed for my haircut. The lift at block one was in the terrible state like when my block was under renovation. Instead of waiting and queuing up with the construction workers, I climbed the stairs up. After having my haircut, I went home to bathe and went down to meet Mike. I bought my lunch at one of the Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall and took it at the office’s canteen.
I spent the afternoon doing coordination for Smart Tuition Singapore. In the evening, we were supposed to go for dinner together but Mike changed his mind. We went home straight away.
I dozed off after reaching home until 10pm. My family and I went to Maxwell food centre for our dinner. The place was crowded with many butches. Some were joining the old uncles to smoke inside the hawker centre. We met my younger brother’s tall German friend. I bought a plate of satay mee hoon and it was terribly disappointing.
While we were on the way home, Lucky was the luckily dog on earth when some pretty butches started playing around with him, trying to pet him. We spent some time downstairs.


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