Attending Funeral Alone

[Tuesday, 15 February, 2011]

I took my second pill of Melatonin ever at 12.30am and went to bed at 2am. I could not doze off immediately despite it had taken effect already.

My younger brother’s alarm clock woke everyone up at around 9am. I started playing with Lucky and went to office at 10.30am. I did fifteen chin-ups with my laptop bag before entering the office. Mike did not come.

I worked on SEO and also submitted articles to many articles sites for Smart Tuition. I had instant noodle from the provision shop next door at around 4pm and went out after 8pm.

I was very tired but it was the second and also last night for Mei Hoe’s mother-in-law’s wake and I set off at 10.30pm to Zion Road. Hwee Siang had reached before me and I was quiet until he left.


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