Story of My First Smart Phone

I must admit that I have a very good tolerance towards certain things.
Being a broke guy who was out of job for more than half a year, I started using a very old Nokia phone after my Sony Ericsson phone G905 died on me ridiculously. A side note: I would never trust their products and service centre again.
It was hell for me during those few months when communication almost broke down between friends and I due to the fact that the phone was too old to support 3G sim cards. Half of my contacts list could not be read. I was unable to sort out who were “not in my contact list”.
When I was catching up with Mike after more than a year, I realised I could not find his contact in my phone. It happened that he was holding my old number and that was one of the worst cases that almost drove me insane.
I had to skip my habit of forwarding greeting messages to my friends during festival seasons because sending sms to multiple contacts was a great challenge. In fact, I was trained to hate replying to sms.
After tolerating the life of “living in the mountain” for at least a quarter year, I finally bought my first smart phone, HTC Incredible S. It had helped me to become more productive, such that I was able to do simple web updating when travelling and also, update myself with current affairs in news websites.
However, there was one great problem that had reduced productivity greatly – the original plastic protection from HTC with some notes at the centre of the screen. The phone model was too new that mobile phone shops did not sell its screen protector and casing. I had to resolve to keep the plastic in place to avoid scratching my new baby’s face. I often had to move the text on screen up or down in order not to be blocked by the plastic.
It was pathetic weeks of tolerance with the plastic starting to wrinkle day by day. Even though it did not hurt me as much as using the old Nokia phone, every friend found it hilarious.
I had lost track of the time I waited for my elder brother’s online purchase of the protection gears to arrive. The casing reached last week while the screen protector came this Monday.
I was finally able to utilize my new phone fully.

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