Scammers Steal My Photos – but There’s Only One Me

I have being hypnotised to believe that I am cute or at least photogenic. Maybe I’m popular? After my photo was stolen in Tagged by a scammer Lawrence Tan with the MSN email a couple of months ago, recently I get to know of another scammer who is using my photo in Facebook. The name is Kingston Romeo and the URL is This Kingston is a very open pervert who has been dropping pervertic comments on girls’ profiles as seen in his Facebook profile wall. He has also tried to hook up with my ex student. Lawrence is definitely a smarter scammer as he has bothered to remove my copyright watermark on the photo, unlike Kingston Romeo; although both are probably freak-looking. One disgusting shit about these incidents is that both of them have stolen my ugliest photo but it makes me feel good since even when I’m at my worst, I’m still better looking than them. On the other hand, I have been single for more than two years. If none of the girls, including my big pool of female net friends, is interested in me, what makes the two hilarious-looking scammers think that they can succeed in winning girls over just by using my photo? There is only one me in this world. There are certainly many people in this world who may look identical, but they can never communicate in my style. I hope more friends will appreciate me for putting water benchmark on all my photos.

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