Guys cannot be trusted

Sometimes, saying some words may easily shows your shallowness when you are supposed to be at a certain age of maturity.
“Nowadays, guys can’t be trusted.”
I may not know what you have been through, but this is more of a teenager’s saying. And I wonder do you even trust your dad.
Since the internet has become a free private investigator, you can probably check a person’s information online. If all his details are available and clearer than any other guy’s, and you have decided to add him to your social network profile as a friend, learn to trust him more.
You may not mean it but some words can be very insulting.
I guess any guy who is up to no good would probably target a girl who is prettier and has a better figure. The wolf would have also strike the iron hot when the girl first makes a point to add him as a net friend.
Anyway, the worst person I have come across in my life is a female whom I have met three years ago. I know it well that girls can be even more dishonest and filthier than guys.
I may be corny and talking about pretty girls often but I have been single for nearly three years. If I am so desperate, I would have gotten into uncountable relationships. I control my urge and I think with the head on top of my body. There is so much effort I have placed in and I am so proud of myself that any insult that suspects my integrity would be treated highly as an abuse.
In words of fairness, many guys and girls cannot be trusted – not all.

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