Just Busy

Can you imagine when a guy who used to pen his thought down into his blog daily can no longer afford the time to do it anymore? Life goes on but it does not get any better.
He speaks to no one.
If you have accumulated months of frustration and unable to pour them out, perhaps, it may not be healthy.
Life has been really tough for me. I’m leading a very indifferent one from most people by running my own business with the cheapest ways possible. It ends up that I’m draining myself badly due to the fact that I’m the one handling almost all technical work.
Yes, I can task down my work to others.
I can pay someone trustworthy to take over the daily administration work, a SEO company to do the internet marketing work and a web solution company to code a “perfect” system. How much is left and will be earned in future?
Things are definitely not as simple as what others think. I’m, however, committed to improve on everything.

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