My Internet Connection is Up

My internet love-hate affairs with M1 has been temporary resolved by using my own router after more than a day.
What I am amazed about is that the technician has told me that their back-end would need three to five days to configure the setting in order for me to connect their modem to my own router or laptop directly. The duration is unacceptable.
This afternoon, I called them for the second time and finally raised my voice to highlight that I would need the internet access in order to work. It was just another five hours later, the lady called me back to tell me everything was resolved. I connected both my router and home phone line to their modem directly and they indeed worked. Now, I would just need to wait for the arrival of their new router.
The amazing thing is that the job that initially requires “three to five days” to be done can actually be shortened to five hours. The difference is simply the tone of my voice – I was very soft on the first day but harsh on the second day (today).
This is a very different approach I have taken as I have always believed to be courteous and nice to others. Sadly, it seems that our society no longer tolerates such virtue.

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