Thank you, my dear. Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. This eight months of love you have showered me with is overwhelming. You have changed my boring life entirely.
I miss the time we have spent together at romantic places like the Fortcanning Park, Gardens By the Bay, Chijmes, Sentosa, West Coast Park, Clarke Quay, Desaru, Paris Ris Park, Esplanade, Bedok Reservoir… and they are all unerasable memories of mine.
I love it that you are willing to accompany me with my family and friends. You appear elegant each time and spice up my days.
You are one in a seven million in Singapore and simply unique. Although you have scars and bruises on your skin but no one can be perfect in this world. It is not about the lust when I caress your body but the special feeling I have for you. You just make me want to do more things together with you. You always satisfy my craving.
Which man would not want to have a soul mate to fight alongside with him towards his goals in life? You add special touches to my achievements and make others proud of me. I know you have your limitation, but it is the effort you have put in that matters the most.
Looks and character may be crucial, but it is the way you treat me that makes me love you so deeply. I love you more than the water in Yellow River and you make my heart bounce higher than the Merlion near Fullerton.
I have been promised stars but no one has even given me a leaf; I have been promised beautiful sight but I do not even see any hair. You keep me accompanied daily without giving empty promises, unlike others who have given excuses to avoid me for months or years.
I just need someone by my side and all I need is you now, my Sony NEX F3.
If anyone is interested in portrait photoshoot, do approach me!

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