Main reason why I rarely do public commenting

One of the main reasons I don’t like to do public commenting on friends’ social media profiles is due to uninvited interruption. Some bees out there are likely to interrupt given any chance if your friend is attractive.
One such example is my conversation with Shujuan in one of her latest Instagram photos. She was telling me that she was lazy to wear contact lens and I teased her that she was just trying to avoid getting more admirers. One of her existing admirers could not maintain. He tagged me in his reply and said he disagreed with my obvious-tease because Shujuan had already mentioned that she was plain lazy.
Stating the obvious won’t help you to impress others.
Anyone with a right mind should see that I was just kidding. Needless to say, her admirer was simply trying to grab attention.
I have too many experiences dealing with attention seekers in the past and I know well one has to be very patient and free in order to reply to such people. In fact, by replying, we are just falling into their, intentional or not, tricks.
Before I did anything, which I didn’t even intend to, the babe had already intercepted to stop us. I was a little irritated not because of the words but the way this guy interrupted.
If any guy wants to grab attention from any of his many dream girls, he better leaves me out of his drama. If he mistakes that I’m in the race with him to get her, I guess I will not be able to do anything because I’m not giving up any friendship for anyone, let alone a clown.
People always welcome more comments and replies on their social media profiles. For now, when I cannot even manage my own time, I will try to stay out of troubles although it will definitely distant me from many friends.

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