Spread the Love – May 2013

Hero of the month of May 2013 goes to Benson Lin. Benson is an advanced user in IT gadgets.
Benson is my ex polytechnic classmate and ex SAF platoon-mate. We were closer during polytechnic days together with Cher Fong, Yaozhong and Wenchang. Together, we had worked on a few projects during the course. However, we had not been keeping in close contact. Out of a sudden, his passion for photography seems to have surpassed mine and he has moved towards professional level.
Ever since I have gotten my Sony NEX F3, he has been sharing tips and knowledge with me. It seems to me that he has not been holding back on anything. I’m very amazed by his knowledge in photography.
During the month of May 2013, we met up with a few others and he gave me a short lecture on photography. I had learned a lot through Youtube videos but having an expert explaining stuffs to me face to face made a difference. Then, he spent two of his lunchtimes to accompany me to get my new DSLR camera and gears. He had to packet his food back to his office for both days. Without him, I probably could have bought some wrong equipments or at higher prices.
There are true heroes in this world who are willing to sacrifice their time and share their full knowledge without worrying that others would overtake them. Do you have one such friend too?

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