68547070 Telemarketing Singapore Spam

Here you go, dear company of Singapore number 68547070. Thanks for waking me up and making me so sleepy throughout the day. I did not pick up your foreign talent staff’s call because I was expecting such call and I did not want to lose my temper.
I did a Google search for your number when I was fully up and I felt I was the smartest guy on Earth for I got it right. There were so many complaints about you online.
Let’s just wait for next year’s new law from IDA to be implemented and I will report you for sure if you continue to do such disgusting thing.
Let me highlight – NO, I’m not interested in any of your investment or insurance product. FULL STOP.
Note: I assume the caller is a foreign talent because most of these nuisance calls I have received are from either Indian or Pinoy so far.

Spread the Love – July 2013

“If you can’t afford staying in 5-star hotels, at least get a sister-in-law who works in a company that supplies products to them.”
During the month of July, my sister-in-law got some free credits to get some bathroom and bedroom items from her company’s warehouse as staffs’ bonus. Her company had been supplying the items to high class hotels. They were actually rejected and old stock that her boss needed to clear from the warehouse.
It was a Saturday morning and everyone knew I usually went to bed before sunrise and thus would not want to get up so early to join them. Each family member who went along would get additional credit points to grab more items. In fact, I did not have much idea about the entire thing until my family returned home with items like pillows, towels and floor mats in different sizes.
I got a large share of some of the items, which was a long pillow for king size’s bed. By using that, I could easier turn about on my single size bed. The pillow was long enough for me to share with anyone who would not mind squeezing onto the small mattress with me. I received a large bathroom towel as well and it could easily dry me up after a wet shower. I also got some face towels, which were smaller and more portable for swimming.
These freebies were just some extra bonuses of life. It was the kind thoughts from family members that mattered most.
Luckie got a nice pillow as his bed as well!