Age Defines Maturity

To the person I have tried to be so nice to as a friend, thanks for showing me how immature you can be.
You approached me for TFCD photo shoot and I gladly accepted without any demand. Having read my website’s terms and conditions for shooting, you still demanded me to produce at least a photo for you that night just a couple of hours after the shoot. Subsequently you messaged me almost everyday in Facebook with the objective to rush me for the photos and even insisted me to pause my earlier work (a project that I had taken up a few day before our shoot just because you did not confirm the date earlier with me) and start on your photos. When I tried so hard to explain that it would be going against my principle and fairness, you assumed it was my fault.
I admit it is my fault – for assuming someone is like an angel too early. I dare not look back at the ultimately nice article I have written about you that contains only about your positive points. I feel stupid for rushing the photos out for you. I have also wasted lots of time and effort just to reason with you who behaves like a kid.
For all you have done, I really want to thank you for teaching me a good lesson in my life. I need to stop thinking that people are totally nice just because of innocent looks and initial good manners. I need to quit exhausting myself just to make people happy. I need to start believing age defines maturity and sensibility.
You can continue to be pissed off although I should be the one taking up your place. It simply shows how much you are thinking about and for only yourself. I’m disappointed but I will be fine soon after sorting out my mind on how I am going to treat new friends, or perhaps, one-time assignment team-mates. As for you, I’m not worried since girls usually have many guys who will surround them despite abnormal attitude. I hope some of these friends would treat you truly like a princess.

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