Spread the Love – August 2013

The heroine of the month of August 2013 went to Tricia Lee.
Apart from having to take care of her three monkeys and my tuition agency business, she has spent a lot of time guiding me on my photography, especially for the post-processing work. Unfortunately, she is a super detailed and nagging person, and thus the amount of effort she has to put in for helping me is unimaginable.
I’m not a fashionable person as I have not been reading fashion magazines. Moreover, I have not been working with makeup artist. Tricia has been my advisor on fashion and also guides me along on which part of the model requires touching up.
She has no interest in holding onto the camera and thus she does not have much knowledge on the features – for example, she does not know what is depth of field. However, her countless years of commercial makeup experience has geared her with most of the knowledge and sense of art for photo shoot. In fact, she is also able to fit the job of an art director.
Without her, I will not be able to progress so far within a year. I can even proudly say that I can differentiate ugly and nice eyebrows better than many girls.

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