Spread the Love – December 2013

My Samsung Note 2 was initially accompanied with a bookcase cover, which was rather inconvenient. Moreover, it did not protect the side of the phone. I was lazy and thus repeatedly asked my elder brother to get another one through eBay (I did not have an account there). He told me to do it on my own and eventually, I had forgotten about it. More than a month later, we received a parcel and it was my new handphone cover! It was not an expensive item but it took some effort to purchase it.
Amelia approached me for a photoshoot and I roped Guoxin in so as to catch up and instigate him to go further into photography. Since Amelia had to go to her new school first, Guoxin picked her up before fetching me to Kaplan. Later, he drove us to Lorong Kampong Buang Kok for the kampong shoot and then Woodlands Waterfront. He even sent both of us home after that. Without him, it would be very inconvenient for us to travel to two locations. After that, he had to rush off to fetch his girlfriend.
For my Christmas photo shoot with Tisha and Evelynn, my dad’s youngest brother hosted us for the indoor shoot. My entire gears was near 18kg and luckily they went for breakfast picked me up from Hougang Mall. They even bought breakfast for us. My auntie, Iris, helped me with dolling Tisha up in her outfits and settled my dinner for me. My only blooded cousin, Jocelyn, helped me with blowing of bubbles for one of the sets. I was overwhelmed with the impromptu help.
Sharon sacrificed her time to do voluntary coordinating for a charity organisation who had approached my tuition agency despite her being sick.

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