Spread the Love – August 2014

For the early morning bikini photoshoot with Esther and I roped Gilbert in since he was a creative person. He did research over the net to find poses of models and even printed them out. Even though my actual plan was to do a more natural lifestyle shoot instead of model posing (because Esther was completely new to modelling and we did not have a makeup artist involved), Gilbert’s instruction to pose did help a lot. To find a friend who would sacrifice so much time and effort was rare.
I did a couple portrait shoot for Michael and Valerie with fireworks as the background. It was my first time doing this kind of shoot, which was rare but Valerie trusted me. They hosted me well in their home and shared their precious wine with me. Both of them even invited me over for a second time on the actual National Day.
I forget to bring my tripod along for the second shoot with my favourite couple as mentioned above. It was crazy for night shoot would definitely require the stability. Even though I turned up early and my house was a few bus-stops away, it was too rush for me to get home. I called Samuel immediately and he gladly prepared his tripod stand for me. I dashed over a few buildings to collect it from him. He saved my night.
I initially had a photoshoot with a girl who had approached me. She wanted to do it at an indoor location. ET’s dad gladly agreed to lend me his house. Eventually, the girl went missing-in-action as expected.
I had a photoshoot with Claire. The outfit was meant to be more revealing and thus it was definitely sensitive to a girl. For my usual fashion shoot, some of the models would bring along an escort in the name of “a curious friend” who wanted to watch how a photoshoot was done. So far, none of the “assistants” was really helpful. Besides putting pressure on me, it was a great insult to my professionalism. I appreciated the trust from Claire who went alone for such sensitive theme. She was not a bimbo who would not taking precaution – she did research online about me before approaching me. Besides not treating me as a pervert, I was glad that she did not waste my time like many other girls. I was really amazed because the way she chatted with me made me feel she was not that keen in having a shoot. Claire had indirectly enlightened me that I should not be pinning too much hope on girls who approached me with great enthusiasm.
I had a great gathering with the volunteer gang at Nancy’s place. Nancy hosted us well again. Other than this, she had also agreed to lend me her place for photoshoot, even though our available dates did not match.