Spread the Love – January 2015

My buddy Gilbert proudly appeared in my monthly hero list again. As both of us got busier especially after I began with professional photography, it was not easy for us to meet up. He always took the effort to arrange outings with me still. I did not ask him but the meet-up for January for a “swim” was probably towards building up my health after he knew I had been sick for months. He came all the way down to my “territory” and took the trouble to push me to do a little gym work before the swim.
I posted many emotional statuses in social media but it did not necessary mean that I was always upset. Sometimes, I was just speaking up for others who were affected. Justine was one of the few friends who would text me to check me out whenever she thought I was down. She was an extremely straightforward person who could get annoyed easily, however, she seemed to be specially tolerating towards me. I was very touched.
I had helped numerous girls with photoshoot. Apart from those who were my real-life friends to begin with, none of the models had made time to chill up with me after our shoots. I had been sending models the final photos via online, unlike some “photographers” who would insist to pass them a CD during their meet-ups – I had no intention to force them to meet up with me. I appreciated friendship a lot and I was very sure most or almost all of the models felt very appreciated when they were out with me due to the respect I had given to them. Alessandra was, by far, the first and only model who had called upon me when she was near my place to chill up over coffee.
After I got myself another set of colour gels for my speedlites, I got my mum to make another band for wrapping them onto the speedlites. She got a black rubber for me this time and made two.
ET organised a gathering to celebrate Charmaine’s good ‘O’ level grades. Her parents, George and Tricia, prepared all the food even though we had insisted to split the cost. However, they took time and effort to buy and cook and heat up the dishes. When George was going for his midnight shift work, he offered to give us a lift since he was travelling from the East to West. Of course, the night was too early for us to leave. Eventually, the good thoughts and efforts of all of them were very appreciated.

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