About Me

Basic Profile
Name -: Skai Chan Kai Lun ( 田凯伦 )
Nick -: SiLlYDuMb
Gender -: Male
First laugh -: 4th Nov 1983
Horoscope -: Scorpio
Location -: TG Pagar, Singapore
Ethnicity -: Asian Chinese
Personal Profile
Languages -: English, Chinese Mandarin
Religion -: Buddhist
Status -: Single
Height -: 164cm
Weight -: 54kg
Character -: Frank, Honest, Crappy
Hobbies/Interest -: Girls-watching, Bully students, Daydreaming, Fighting with Jack, Webcamming, Watching TV, Singing alone, Music, Blogging, Beach, Chess, Programming, Web designing, Photography, Writing, Self-reflecting
Sports -: Volleyball, Swimming, Jogging, Kayaking
Allergics -: Phone radiation, Smoke, Dust
Fears -: Heaty food, Pasta, Alcohol, Lonesome, Needles, Fall in love
Weakness -: Weak stomach, High injury prone, Poor priority management
Colour -: Blue, White and Black
Fonts -: Berlin Sans FB, Berlin Sans FB Demi, Teen Light
Food -: French fries, Western food (Fish & Chips, Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Po Pian (Spring roll)
Fruits -: Durians, Mango
Drink -: Chocolate milk, Chrysanthemum tea, Milo, Bandung, Lemon, Lime juice, Starbucks Frappiccino
Snack -: Chilli tapioca
S’pore celebrities -: Fiona Xie Wan YuEdmund Chen Zhi CaiThomas Ong (Wang Tian Cai)
Foreign celebrities -: Fish Leong (Liang Jingru)Jolin Tsai (Cai Yilin)Adam Cheng (Zheng Shao Qiu)Eason Chan (Chen Yi Xun) Dicky Zhang Wei Jian (张卫健)Show Luo Zhixiang
Places -: Marina Barrage, Marina South Pier, Henderson Waves, My house, Sentosa Beach
Volleyball courts -: Toa Payoh Sports Hall, CCHSM hall, Clementi ITE MPH
Cartoons -: La Bi Xiao Xin, Doraemon, Dragon Ball
Strategy Game -: Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (Series 1, 3, 5), Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Command & Conquer
Online Game -: Team Fortress Classic, Condition Zero (Counter-strike), Left 4 Dead
Quotes -: 晨雨清凉,随心而静,让风一睹我逍遥过!
Believes / Philosophy
  • Talk is cheap; actions speak louder than words.
  • Don’t do what you don’t want others to do to you.
  • Giving is happiness.
  • Show your worst so that others won’t be disappointed.
  • Don’t spend if you don’t earn.
  • Help if it’s within your limit.
  • If you can’t achieve, help others to do it.
  • Respect others is a form of respecting yourself.
  • Kind deeds should be repaid with interest.
  • Save the best for others.
  • Too many “sorries” is insincere; spend the time correcting yourself.
  • Elderly should be respected, unless they suck.
  • Don’t take things for granted.
  • There’s a limit to everything; don’t push your luck.
  • Forgive but never forget.
I’m happy when… -: I’m being appreciated
-: I’m surrounded by many close friends
-: I solve any problem
-: I meet old good friends on the road
-: my ex-teacher remembers my name
-: my love one is happy
-: sweet girl gets close to me
-: someone’s willing to sacrifice for me
I’m quiet when… -: I’m daydreaming
-: I’m exhausted
-: I’m sleepy
-: I’m sad
-: I’m angry
-: I’m lost
-: I’m having sore throat
-: I feel hopeless
-: a sweet girl is nearby
I’m sad when… -: I’m being accused
-: I’m being neglected
-: I’m being rejected
-: I see things going wrong
-: I misjudge
-: I cause trouble to others
-: I off-perform
-: I recall the past
-: my loved one changes for worse
-: my loved one meets with mischap
I’m angry when… -: I’m being irritated when I’m busy
-: I’m being insulted
-: I’m being taken for granted
-: I’m being forced to do thing
-: I’m being compared with lousy people
-: someone insults me
-: someone lies to me
-: someone backstabs me
-: someone embarrasses me
-: someone disrespects me
-: someone effortlessly approaches my help
-: someone causes inconvinence due to inconsideration
Learn -: perfect PHP programming
-: guitar
-: photography
-: drawing
-: handsign language
Do -: driving license
-: listen to Irwin’s new songs
-: meet up with old friends
-: start a business
-: tour Singapore
-: get a pretty model for photoshoot
-: regular voluntary work when financial is stable
Buy -: PHP programming book
-: Laptop for brother
-: LCD Monitor
-: Laptop
-: DSLR Camera
-: working pants
-: shorts
-: jacket
-: condominium

Contact Me
Email -: sillydumb [at] gmail [dot] com
MSN -: sillydumb [at] gmail [dot] com
Yahoo Messenger -: sillydumb [at] yahoo [dot] com
ICQ -: 36684629 (not in use)
Networking profiles -: Facebook Tagged Twitter MySpace Netlog Zorpia LinkedIn Google+

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