Keppel Primary School (KPS)

I used to study in Keppel Primary School; it was closed down in the end of 1997 due to shortage of students. It was the place where I nurtured my childishness and being taught principles of life. Some people might think the teachers were naggy, but I’ve learnt many philosophies from them.
I joined the International Chess Club (I know Chinese chess and checker too!) since primary 2 and I was the captain by primary 5. In 1993, KPS chess team was placed 4th in the Inter-school boys under 10. I won my first individual trophy in 1995, placing 15th in the inter-school boys under 12. I became a prefect when I was in primary 5, but I escaped duties in primary 6 and nobody had discovered. Joining the PA System team made me feel more important and special, moreover it gave me time to strengthen my friendship with my classmates (it gave me the privilege to skip the morning silent reading session too!). I also took up swimming as CCA that made me swim at least twice a week. However I spent most of the time playing in water.

Chinese Calligraphy: 1991
International Chess Club: 1991-1995
International Chess Club Captain: 1994-1995
Inter-school International Chess U12 Team 4th: 1993
Inter-school International Chess U12 Individual 15th: 1995
Prefect: 1994-1995
PA System: 1993-1995
Swimming Club: 1994-1995

Gan Eng Seng School (GESS)

With the score of 235 for my PSLE, I was enrolled into GESS, where I encountered many turning points of my life. GESS was my first choice not only because it was near, thus convenient, but also due to the reason that my elder brother studied there as well. Through my 4 years in GESS, I came into closer contact with the cruelty in this modern society. Without doubt, I had great times with my friends. I was in class 1G(1996) and 2G(1997). My classmates were kind and helpful. My class received the best class award for both years (free western meals at SHATEC!).

“I had a dream of a united class, but I woke up in disappointment.”

Upper Secondary life was a totally different picture, where I began to lose myself slowly. I finally realized that I couldn’t keep up with the general knowledge of people of my surroundings. I want to see the world, have the experiences of what other people of my age have. My form teacher of class 3G(1998), Mrs. Lim, was a strict but kind teacher. My form teacher of class 4G(1999), Mr. Loong, was soft and often being taken for granted. My classmates were nice and cute in individuals, but they were a group of monkeys when put together. With only 6 girls in the class, including backstabbing and some arrogant guys, I couldn’t do much to change the situation; perhaps I don’t have much leadership. My dream of getting the best class award perished.
I joined badminton since secondary 1, I saved much time for there were only about 5 sessions each year. Sometimes I didn’t even bring racket. I couldn’t get into the school team as the senior who was in charge of my court during the selection sucked. Being invited to join the swimming school team, I attended once and regretted. I couldn’t figure out why the training place is in Queenstown instead of Bukit Merah, which was much nearer to the school. While we were swimming, the captain was chatting with the coach, I knew I had to quit. At the end of secondary 1, I joined basketball with Keyi. Due to the fact that my skill was lagged behind and I couldn’t wake up early during holidays, I dropped out. Being addicted to volleyball during inter-class, I joined the team in secondary 2. Mr Ng told the team not to be involved in other sports, ever since, I seldom played basketball. I quitted badminton during secondary 3 in order to concentrate on volleyball.
I was a prefect in secondary 4, the only prefect who didn’t put on tie. The prefect master whom I used to admire confiscated my friend’s precious stuff, and I spent hours writing a letter putting aside my homework. I went school early yet he didn’t even read it for more than 10 seconds and he return it to me. I didn’t expect him to react so heartlessly. Ever since after that incident, I drew a line between the prefectorial board and myself. I was hoping that he would change his mind, but we would only stare at each other. Maybe he didn’t know that I was doing it for the ring, but he didn’t question me. Fighting against the impossibility did make me feel guilty. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that, yet kindness had to be repaid…
Badminton Club: 1996-1998
Swimming schoolteam: 1992
Volleyball schoolteam: 1992-1999
Prefectorial board: 1999

Pioneer Junior College (PJC)

I was at a loss after my O level (L1R4 – 14, L1R5 – 18) and I chose Pioneer Junior College. Into JC’s life, I finally saw myself being a grown-up. My form teacher who taught me Chinese was the famous Singapore writer – Mdm Tham You Jin. Due to the fact that I wasn’t in any JC during the 1st 3 months, I had problems catching up. I wasn’t used to the system of moving from lecture theatres (LT) to classrooms and I lagged because the LTs were big enough for napping. About a month before the promotional examination, something happened which caused me in serious depression. My plan and determination to fight for the final battle was lost. When everyone was studying hard, I was writing poems instead.

“The teacher consoled, ‘Don’t be sad.’ But I wasn’t; if I care, would I still retain?”

I repeated JC1. Mdm Tham said my result was ridiculous. I wasn’t sad, but I regretted for being a fool. I chose to stay in PJC, for the tournament in 2001. I skipped school almost every Thursday and I was late often. Sometimes, I would go into LT to sleep during lecture when I was bored. My Physics tutor teased me when I attended his tutorial, “Why do you come?” – I had to go school in order to mark attendance because I couldn’t afford to be expelled. Everyday I would walk around moodlessly, go into the hall or stay in the canteen. I would also SMS my teammates, “Got free lessons?” I felt I was very “Duo Luo”(degenerate in Chinese), yet I would say my friend “Duo Luo” instead. Frankly speaking, I don’t think anyone can experience the freedom and fun that I had.
Into JC, I missed the chance to join in the volleyball tournament. In fact, I was only approached by the captain only after all students had submitted their CCA records. I could have played for them in the 1st year if I had approached them shamelessly myself. I decided to drop out JC in the end of the year, but I stayed till after the tournament the following year.

Volleyball schoolteam: 2000-2001

Ngee Ann Polytechic (NP)

Into poly’s life, I had fewer friends. I was very determined to score well until I realized there were too many modules that weren’t directly related to my programming course. Mainly due to the facts that I had too many distractions, my results went down. I had some really good classmates but I didn’t hang out with them other than in school. The problem was I didn’t have many interest, therefore we didn’t have common interest. Life was bored when I didn’t have a focus like volleyball. Luckily the lecturers were very friendly and interesting. I was given a good chance to perform in a company, which was unrelated to my course, but many factors caused me to slack through the Industrial Training Programme (ITP). I felt so lost until the last semester, I was given chance to do video filming for the Open House. I regretted not taking up chances to get more involved in the school’s events and to make more friends. Final Year Project (FYP) was tough when I started off late, almost repeating the same history as when I was in PJC.
I joined the volleyball club but my teammates weren’t interested to join me to get CCA points. The courts were located at outdoor on a high ground and the balls were old. I was quite sick of going home so late at night when it was so far from my house and there wasn’t motivation for me to continue going. Michael Ong restricted us from joining the school team as his enemy was the coach. It was during the third year when the coach was changed, we hesitated to go against the unreasonable demand. However, the new newbie coach was a bastard and we dropped our idea.

Volleyball Club: 2001-2002?
Video SIG: 2004

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