Family and Friends

“When tear goes down, be sure it’s for the right purpose.”

The basic qualities I look in a friend are frankness, trustworthiness and willingness to sacrifice. I appreciate those who can tolerate my craps. To see a person’s looks, use your eyes; to see the character, use your heart.
Some people say friends are for making use of each other. I don’t know. Many friends, especially girls, do come to me only when they need help, without putting in efforts. They even insist that I’m very available.
I hate to be made used of; I hate people who try to befriend me because of girls. I hate friends being arrogant or over-disrespectful to me. I hate my friends to befriend people whom I dislike.
In the past, I used to be friendly to every new people before encountering countless of hypocrites, learning to accept the fact that there are many lamers in this world.
Over the years, I’ve been trying to get my friends to know each other. I name this “Friends Connecting Project”. I’m too busy to spend time with them and therefore I have this idea of going out together in big group though I might be left on the shelf.
After all these years, I get to realise many facts. Some people are only meant to be friends and not colleagues, or otherwise. Also, some friends are only meant to be net friends, not anything more than that; not someone who will accompany you when you’re feeling lonely.
How interesting life can be with so many classifications?
Every little success I’ve achieved so far is due to the people who I’ve encountered, who gladly enlighten and inspire me, and I’m greatly indebted to them. I sincerely pray that they’ve received more from me than I’ve learnt from them.

Family Members

1. Daddy
My dad had put the family in mind always. He smoked only inside the toilet when he was at home. I couldn’t make up how much he smoke and drink everyday, but he went toilet often and at least had a can of Carlsberg every night. He loved to joke and play with children, thus influencing my whole family.
When he was seriously ill, he remembered to give my brother and I pocket money; When he was hospitalized, he yearned to go home every now and then; When he died(I was in secondary 3, 1998), I saw tears on his eyes. I miss him…
2. Mummy
My mum is a head shorter than me. Sometimes, my brothers and I don’t agree to her yet she has a stubborn attitude – maybe that’s the generation gap. She works hard and she’s a big miser when it comes to her own stuff(eg. food, clothes), I can’t stand her being too thrifty sometimes. She rarely cooks. Often she would buy the same food for a few days until my brothers and I grow sick of the food. She’s a very good mum and she dotes on her children, yet I could get irritated sometimes when she does “stupid” things. Maybe I’m not a good child. I’m disappointed sometimes when she rather wastes money on not required stuffs (eg. fish tank, hamsters’ cage, cooker, fridge etc) than to give me pocket money regularly.
3. Elder brother
My elder brother is more independent. He has the leadership, the charm and talents in many things. He’s a great swimmer, athletics and basketballer. However his laziness often causes me inconvenience. He leaves empty cans and his unfinished work lying all over my house. He spends lots of money and often being nagged by my mum. However he always has the upperhand. He’s “brave” to open up PC, change network settings etc. The credits of sharing internet between the computers and laptop in my house goes to him. However I would be fed up whenever he messes up the configuration causing me unable to online. I could have treated him better.
4. Younger brother
I didn’t get along well with my younger brother in the past – he was well-pampered. He wanted what he wanted and I hate such attitude. He had the urge to try out everything, including my mum’s food. Being close to my mum, he has taken up my mum’s thriftiness.
Either he has grown more mature or I’ve grown more tolerance, we live in harmony nowadays. He has been helpful to my elder brother and I at times. However he’s rude to my mum often whenever my mum says things wrongly. His acdemic performance is good.
5. God sister
The story of how my sister and I get together is quite funny. She was only 13 and she came into my channel #lovesick by the influence of Lynette. I treated her as a crazy girl and she thought I was a freak. Something happened to her computer and we lost touch. It was months or up to a year later when we met up in IRC again. It was common for me to ask girls to address me as “kor kor” but for this case, I was more than fortunate to have her as my real god sister.
She is unique. Being 5 years younger than me, I find her cute both in appearance and character. As I get to know her longer, I find her quite shy when it comes to face to face. She has attitude problem sometimes and I hate her to be rude to me. But I do understand how much problems she has been facing. She can actually withstand my craps for so many years, it’s either she has good tolerance or she is lame as well.
She’s frank and direct, which makes her friends feel more eased. I guess this character is the best gift given by heaven to anyone. She has been helpful as well; even to sacrifice her busy time.

Since Kindergarten

1. Lin Kun Xiang
Simple. Trustworthy. He lives at the next block opposite mine. We were in the same group in kindergarden. We moved on to primary school & we were in the same group again in the 1st year. Often, we would do project together.He went into Bukit Merah Secondary after PSLE & I didn’t keep in touch with him often ever since.

Since Primary School

1. Ivan Lee Yuan Zhang
Polite. We were classmates throughout primary school. He was my group leader in primary 1. I was separated from his group during primary 2 because of our noisiness. He joined the chess club after me & he was named the vice-captain. He was mean to some friends but he treated me extremely good. He transferred from Delta Secondary School as the top student to my secondary school(GESS); in secondary 2. Then he advanced to PJC with me & with his hardworkingness, he managed to adapt well to the JC life. I witnessed his change of character after primary school, from a noisy boy like me to a well-mannered guy.
2. See Thiam Huat
Forgiving. Humorous. Sporting. Outgoing. Brings happiness & unity to his friends. Willing to sacifice for friends. Blur. I knew him since primary 2 & I would talk to him during recess. We were classmates since primary 3 till secondary 2. He joined chess club late in primary school & he was involved in the competition also. I went to his house often to play game during primary school times during holidays. We joined PJC for a year & we dropped out.
3. Alvin Ang Yao Wen
Soft. Hardworking. Intelligent. Even though we were classmates every year in primary school, we started to stay together only since primary 4 when I was made to sit besides him. Maybe till to his influence, my result improved greatly, from the last 10 to the top 8th position of the class. I could never outsmart him except with my mathematics, for his class position was always in the top 3. All his family members were very friendly to me also. Staying with him boosted up my confidence & I started to be active during lessons.
4. Zheng Fang
Friendly. Charming. I knew him since primary 5. We were both prefects & he used to live 2 stories below my flat. He was from Beijing & 1 year older than me. We joined swimming as CCA & we played basketball together sometimes. He had moved house but we still keep in contact occasionally.

Since Lower Secondary School

1. Benny Huang Wan Sheng
Knows his limits. Sporting. Stands up for friends. Rude. We were classmates in lower secondary. He was the 1st person to approach me on the 1st day of school. He mistook me as his friend. He was the class clown, offended numerous teachers. If you’ve spent more time with him, you’ll realize his kind heart. He was rude to some people yet he knew his limits & of course, he was nice to me. He was a sporting guy who participle in class games & often he stood up for the class. I didn’t keep contact with him after lower secondary.
2. Loh Chuanneng (Toad)
Independent. We were classmates throughout secondary school. We played chess together often. He knew what he wanted & he was independent. He was the top 3 student in lower-secondary. Sometimes he would join Irwin & I in the volleyball game. We worked closely together during upper-secondary on D&T & our friendship strengthen each day. He was 1 of my friends who could brighten up my day. However we didn’t keep contact after O level.
3. Irwinho Harlim
Kind. Intelligent. Self-motivated. Helpful. We were classmates throughout secondary school. He was a year older than me, an Indonesian. He insisted in walking home with me everyday having to walk a longer distance & change 2 buses. We were extremely close since secondary 3. We shared our happiness & sorrows together, perhaps, I troubled him most of the time. He was the 1 who introduced me to mIRC scripting & I always bombard him with questions regarding script & website. He pushed me hard in my studies & he played volleyball with me during recess & after school. He was my best friend whom I sought advice from, but sadly, he had migrated to Australia. However we’re still able to keep contact through internet. If you’re seeking for a friend who’s willing to sacrifice without complaint, go to him & prove him your worth.
4. He Keyi
Emotional. Good sportsman. Charming. Trustworthy. Stubborn. I knew him since secondary 1 & we became classmates in upper-secondary. He’s the ‘pain’ of mine because I’ve to worry for his well-being. Being a very emotional & stubborn guy, he often have problems which he would face them alone. He’s childish but he gives in deep thoughts before doing things. He doesn’t have a happy family. We’re very good friends even though we seldom hang out together. However we still keep contact through internet & he’s of great help to me often.
5. Weirong
Basketball. Sociable. Emotional. Independent. Trustworthy. Humorous. He’s a talented basketballers who represented GESS since secondary 1 & he looked very mature at that age. We became close through IRC, whereby I had the chance to understand him better. Of course, he treated me very good. However he rarely online ever since O level & slowly we seldom contact. I love to see/hear him tease people & I miss it a lot. In future when I learn to appreciate outdoor life, I would most probably find him to be my companion.

Since Upper Secondary School

1. Jasmin Phua Xiao Hua (Xiao Hua)
Trustworthy. Helpful. Cute. I always use ‘Jasmine’ because I’m too used to spell her name with the ‘e’ behind. I knew her in year 1998 when she was so ‘innocent’. She’s a belle to many guys, but to me, she’s very cute in character. She’s 1 of my best friends & of course someone who I can trust. I share my secrets with her & she would give me advice. I always tease her, calling her names. I asked her along many times during outings with my BMCC gang but she wasn’t free. However, after a few outings that she went, she got very close with my buddies.
2. Shen Kaiye
Big hole. He was my upper-secondary classmate & he went PJC after O level. He’s 1 of those people whom you can have a heart to heart talk with. If you want to know what a ‘big hole’ is, try talking to him more, but before that you’ve to show him you’re a worthy friend. He’s a good guy except that we can’t stop irritating each other. We seldom keep in contact after I quitted JC.
3. Baharudeen (Baha)
Helpful. Funny. Well-informed. He was another ex-classmate of mine. We became close during secondary 4. We studied together with Irwin during ‘O’ level period but we often ended up chatting or sleeping. It’s very nice to have a classmate like him who’s willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. We keep contact through internet & share ideas/files sometimes. He studies in NP as well & he was the last person to talk to me before I decided to choose NP over SP. Our job attachment offices are just next to each other’s.
4. Weiwen (Wee wee)
Helpful. Intelligent. Smoker. He’s an ex-classmate of my brother. He started my online life by lending us his internet account. He helps me in my channel & I’ve been bombarding him with questions, most of them regard the BuayaScript & IRC. Sometimes when I’ve problems with my computer I would pester him to come my house to help me. He used to live near my house but he has moved further away, still quite near though. He’s tall & we call him ‘Wee wee’ because of his name. He has been introducing things to my brother & he’s 1 of the best players in the internet game ‘Team Fortress Classic’.
5. Yongyao (Old Man, YY)
Helpful. He’s another ex-classmate of my elder brother. We knew each other better through internet. He has helped me a lot in my channel & he started the first BuayaScript website for me using simple HTML. He’s another ‘talk cock’ friend of mine. He shows me respect even though I’m younger than him. He has been kind to me as well. Sometimes we would go out together with Jasmine.
6. Meiyi
She’s 1 of my volleyball trainers who makes me run for the ball. She used to join me when I was playing volleyball with Irwin after school. The best thing I like about her is that she’s short. Haha! Another thing is that she can stand my craps. I’m so touched! There was a time when my NP classmates told me to use my icq to message her ‘I’m horny’, she replied me ‘ya ya ya.. same as usual’.
7. Kelvin Chui (Fatty)
Devoted. Nuisance. He was in my next class during upper secondary. We just started to talk face to face out of nothing suddenly & then we got closer through IRC. He’s a nuisance sometimes but he’s a good talk cock friend. No matter how I suan him, he’s able to tahan. His nusiance include calling me after midnight & asking me stupid questions in the past. I know he’s a nice guy & I’m quite impressed by how devoted is he when he falls in love.

Since Junior College

1. Wencai
Soft. Friendly. Helpful. He was from GESS but I only knew him when we were in PJC, we were in the same class. He’s a soft & friendly guy who was the closest to me in class. He treated me very nice & I copied my lecture notes from him when I skipped lectures. He’s a very good friend & he’s someone you can seek help from when you’re in need. However, we don’t keep contact often due to time constraints & differ in hobbies I suppose.
2. Yuxing (Marlboro)
Friendly. He was my classmate in PJC. The 1st time I saw him I was shocked. He looked like an ah beng, yet he actually did sing the national song which most people didn’t. Soon, I realized how friendly he was. He messages me in IRC every time he see me & he becomes 1 of my ‘talk cock’ friends. Everyone calls him ‘Marlboro’ & I follow. I still can’t figure out the reason but I will update here if I ever remember to ask him again.
3. Hansen
Kind. Rich. Independent. Responsible. We 1st chatted in IRC in year 2000 & we hit off well. He celebrated my 17th birthday with Jasmine & I after not knowing me for long. He’s a rich Indonesian who has migrated to USA. He doesn’t put on air at all & he lived ‘quite’ a normal life like most Singaporean students, except that he took long hours part-time job. He’s so independence that he spent only money that he earned himself. I’ve to take my hat off him for his strong responsibility at both studies & part-time jobs. His good friends often teased him that he’s stingy in front of me, but he had been footing my bill when I was out with him. He’s a good man whom I regret not knowing earlier. Sadly, I guess can only see him years later if he ever comes back to Singapore.

Since Polytechnic

1. Chia Yaozhong (Spambot, Gay)
Helpful. Easy-going. Funny. He’s my best friend in NP. He was the 1st person I started hanging out with when I 1st entered the school. All of us loves to bully him for his temper is good. He’s very helpful & he’s good in his language.
2. Wenchang
Resourceful. Helpful. Frank. He was my ex classmate in NP. He’s someone who’s very resourceful & helpful. He has helped me a lot in many PC stuffs. He’s 1 of my online talk cock friends.

Instructors / Teachers

1. Mdm. Ng
Keppel Primary School
2. Mr. Adullah Haron
3. Mr. Chua
4. Mr. Kong Yen Kai
5. Mr. Lee K.N
6. Mr. Lee S.K
7. Mr. Sunil
8. Mrs. Tan Lee Lian
9. Mrs. Tan Sook Leng
10. Mrs. Koh
11. Mrs. Liew
12. Mrs. Lim
13. Mrs. Peng
14. Ms. Chan
15. Mr. Chia
Lianzhen Tuition Centre
16. Ms. Lee
17. Mdm. Rozy
Gan Eng Seng School
18. Mr. Loong
19. Mr. Mui
20. Mr. Ng Swee Weng
21. Mr. Ou Mun Hoe
22. Mr. Premchand
23. Mr. Soh
24. Mr. Teo
25. Mr. Wong
26. Mrs. Chong B.B
27. Mrs. Lim K.W
28. Mrs. Soh
29. Mrs. Yong
30. Ms. Chua
31. Ms. Lee
32. Dr. Tan
Pioneer Junior College
33. Mr. Dennis Yeo
34. Mrs. Rajasegar
35. Ms. Leo
36. Mdm. Fernandez
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
37. Mr. Agus
38. Mr. Chan Kim Loy
39. Mr. Chiu Kok Lan
40. Mr. David Francis Richard
41. Mr. Lau Hang Kong
42. Mr. Lee Wing Fong
43. Mr. Lim Kin Hock
44. Mr. Melvin Tan
45. Mr. Victor Lum Chee Foong
46. Mrs. Chin Lai Heong
47. Mrs. Judith Cynthia
48. Mrs. Pamela Loy
49. Ms. Hwang Wan Lee
50. Ms. Lee Soon Yong
51. Mr Japit
52. Daniel
53. Dr George
54. William Susilo
55. Dr Loo
56. Dr Don

Online Friends

1. Christina Siew (Banana)
Sweet. We started chatting since around beginning of 2000 when she came into my channel. Irwin chatted with her before me but I hit off with her better. She’s small size & quite sweet looking, an easy target to tease & bully. I’m gratified to her, because she’s 1 of those girls who can stand my craps. I appreciate such good girl & I’ve to treat her as my good friend. However she doesn’t have enough time with me. She seldom online ever since her ‘O’ level & we seldom chat with each other. She’s also so ‘busy’ that we don’t have chance to meet out.
2. Sherry Ong Mingzhu
Pure. Stubborn. I got to know her in #lovesick when she was 13 years old. She was a naive girl who every guy would want to protect. To me, she was sweet & pure. Eventually she didn’t come online for very long & I found her changed. She’s someone with her own beliefs & thinkings; a grown up. I still prefer her old self. She continues to message me even when I’m in bad mood. She doesn’t condemn me even though she doesn’t like my sicko craps. The best thing I like & hate about her is that she doesn’t like to get close to guys.

Volleyball (GESS)

1. Zhang Zhirong
Nice. Funny. Blur.He was my classmate in lower-secondary. He was the famous blur king & of course he was a nice guy. We took the same path home everyday with Irwin & sometimes Siu Wai too. His mum worked in Keppel Tower which I had to pass by in order to get home. We became even closer after I joined volleyball during secondary 2. He did strange things like strolling around dark places alone during camp & he gave the team joys. We were amazed with the height & distance he could jump during the game.
2. Sim Gim Young (Sheep)
Crappy. Frank. Because of his name, he was nicknamed ‘sheep’. Similar to Zhirong, we were classmates during lower-secondary & he was the tallest player of the volleyball team. He was tall since I met him, but maybe because of some drugs he had taken, his height shot up over the long holidays in secondary 2. We had chance to play together after graduating from GESS every Sunday at BMCC. He was a playful guy who loved to argue, but he was often teased back in return. His volleyball skill improved a lot after we left GESS. He was the star player in SAJC for 2 years & he played for Singapore Combined School also. He looked like a bamboo during the A division period but after that he had gained lots of weight. Sadly, he injured his ankle badly during training in Safsa, which required operation. That would take him years to recover.
3. Lee Jun Rong (Xiao Hei)
Easy-going. Turns up early for meeting. Talented sportman. He was the captain of GESS volleyball team. Having very dark skin, we call him ‘xiao hei’. He’s in BMCC volleyball team & we often go out together. Sometimes he purposely tries to irritate me by asking me joining his soccer game . He used to play basketball when he was young & he switched to volleyball & soccer when he came to GESS. He’s 1 of my cloest friends.
4. Wee Bianhong (White Tiger)
Friendly. Easy-going. Unexpected. Smoker. He was one of the volleyballers who treated me very nice. I went to his house a number of times & his family members were friendly to me. He’s small size & cute but childish. He’s extremely easy-going & does things unexpectedly(phone me at 2am in school day). He’s deep in mind yet he lets others think he’s carefree; he has problems yet he would never show. Sadly, I can’t stop him from taking up smoking.
5. Chua Shi choon (Chen Xiao Chun)
Humorous. Sensible. Responsible. Trustworthy. He was the setter of GESS volleyball team. Having a talent in talking, he creates fun around his friends. He likes lion-dance & he forms his own troupe ‘Sin Chen’ with his friends.
6. John Teo
Talented. Smart. Low self confidence. Shy. He’s my junior of GESS VBall. He’s fit and smart. A talented volleyball player. Someone who obeys rules and shows respect. His confidence is too low for his capability, no doubt he can be very successful in his work if his morale is increased. He’s far too extremely shy, other than with his close friends. Apart from these, he has the consideration for friends. His smiles are pure and I guess his coolness has melted the hearts of many girls. He can be playful at times. He’s a very fine and promising man; someone who seeks improvements.
7. Xavier Lim
Sensible. Crappy. He’s a little boy who is childish and naughty in the appearance but mature in his thinking, which he doesn’t show to others. He’s noisy and sporty; someone who can really keeps your days lively if you know how to appreciate him. I guess many people don’t know he’s humble for he spends most of his time crapping around. He won’t forget if you treat him good and will always put you in his mind. He’s terribly lazy when it comes to volleyball but he’s a great player. It’s difficult for him to get tired inside the court but when it’s time for jogging, he walks his way. He’s a quick learner who impressed me when he was 13 years old. I was surprised when he first transferred to GESS and managed to get along with my male juniors so well that the spirit was lighten up. He’s sociable with guys. He’s unlucky but brave to fight his pain during his hospitalization period. He’s always full of ideas and cute at all times. When it comes to BGR, he can get jealous easily but he can be a very nice stead. Overall, he’s a nice guy, someone who can crap with me online.

Volleyball (PJC)

1. Lan Zi Jun
Ambitious. Self-confidence. Leadership. The captain of the 1st batch PJC volleyballers. Under his leadership, the team was able to push ourselves forward, making good progess in the game. He fought hard for preveilege for the team. He played a fool with me by sending me a hack program when I 1st knew him & trusted him a lot. I typed many bad words to scold him. We have the common topic of PC stuffs.
2. Kevin Yap
Friendly. Frank. He’s another PJC teammate of mine. He was able to play well just after 1 year of stepping into the game. He’s tall & average sized. Being good in his studies, he’s good in his computing skill too. He will never forget me when he goes PJC to play volleyball. He loves to talk to girls & that’s the common interest that pulls us close togther I suppose.
3. Youjie
Cute. Friendly. Funny. Blur. He’s the blurest guy in my PJC volleyball team. However, with his height & jump power, he’s the threat of opponent team. I met him out to study together before his ‘A’ Level, however we started to play game using my laptop instead. Overall, I find him very funny & he treats his friends good.
4. Peifeng (Ou Xiang)
Friendly. Sporty. She’s so short so small size so cute & so muscular. At 1st I was kind of scare to crap with her because she seemed fierce; now, crapping with her is a hobby. She’s 1 of the girls who can really clings with me because she’s so friendly & sporty. She’s a very talented volleyball player except her height poses as a barrier.
5. Kaelyn Ang (Angelpig)

Volleyball (BMCC)

1. Tang Huiqin
Sporting. Moodswing. I got to know her through IRC. We didn’t chat much but still keep contact. She shocked me once by asking me to sign up a phone line for her ex stead when we still weren’t close. I was surprised that she was so sporting & agreed to join BMCC. We got close together soon & she soon became a part of my life by mixing closely with my gang. She has moodswings sometimes but they didn’t frighten me off. She entertains me a lot, especially by singing the song of Powerpuff girls.
2. Ou Mingfa (Desert Penguin, Fa Ge)
Fair. Disciplined. Smart. Leadership. Friendly. I knew him since 2000 after I joined BMCC. He’s 1 year older than me. Being the captain of the team, he lives up to his name for being fair & disciplined. He’s a very good setter. He would give chance for lousy spiker like me to spike during matches. We soon become good friends & I would join him to play volleyball in CTSS or other places. Sometimes he would ask me out when he’s bored. Our friendship is strengthening each day. At the moment he’s 1 of the closest persons I’m always hanging out with.
3. Weitat (Da Bin)
Kind. Encouraging. Soft. Friendly. He’s in NP with me. He was from CTSS & he plays for BMCC too. He plays the position libero & his skill is superb. Upon seeing him play, I lose faith, but he has been giving me encouragement. He’s a very nice person, soft & kind. I’m still waiting for the day to see him angry because I can’t imagine it. There was once when I met him in NP & he told me he was very angry. He made me laugh because he didn’t look fierce at all. He seems to be engaging problems nowadays & I’m so worried his temper might worsen.
4. Wilson Koh Weixian (Pigson, Ah Fit)
Cute. Charming. Blur. He plays for BMCC also & he’s 1 of the better spikers who managed to enter combined school team for 2 years, in the main 6. However, after many injuries & rested for months & up to more than half a year, his skill has dropped a lot. Despites teasing each other often, there’re times that we can talk serious. Sometimes he’s very blur & behave like child, he’s cute. With his charm, he’s able to seduce girls unintentionally. However, he has been a fool in his love life, except to choose Pauline as his girlfriend finally. He’s a very good boyfriend who can spend all his time & money on his girlfriend. He lives for his girlfriend.
5. Kin Koon (KKF)
Easy-going. Crappy. Trustworthy. Indecisive in love. Cocky tune I know him after joining BMCC volleyball also. He’s easy-going, a big child. He’s another frank joker. You can have serious talk with him also, because he knows when to joke or for serious stuffs. Sometimes he talks ‘big hole’, funny yet sickenning, then we call him KKF(Kin Koon Fuck); which our coach Michael Ong started. He often offends people without knowing, especially during volleyball games.
6. Ming En
Bad tempered. Smoker. He’s another BMCC player & we play together often. He’s bad tempered sometimes but he’s nice to his friends, especially to me. He’s 1 of the very ‘on’ friends of mine. Being 3 years younger than me, I find him childish sometimes but he’s cute. He’s another stupid fool in love. He didn’t go training for very long & eventually lost touch with many of the BMCC players. His temper has grown worse than before & I’m told that it’s because of the friends that he usually hangs out with.
7. Ronald Lim (Da Ge)
Cute. Humorous. Helpful. Easy-going. I got to know him when I went down CTSS for volleyball. He plays for BMCC volleyball team also. We hit off well & he’s 1 of my talk cock friends in IRC. He has been helping me out with my channel. I think he has the lady’s luck for he’s cute with his small size. It’s fun to talk to him, especially in real person. We often call each other ‘da ge’. We would certainly be hanging out often if he stays close to me.
8. Look Jinchuan (Kachua)
Sociable. Friendly. Humorous. Crappy. Sensible. Lazy. He’s definitely 1 of the most sociable friends I’ve made. The 1st time I met him was when I went CCHSM, which was his former school to play volleyball. He’s friendly & humorous, thus he can make friends everywhere he goes. He’s a Malaysian schooling in Singapore & usually stays with his relatives at Kallang. He plays for BMCC volleyball team also, but he’s lazy during the game. He always sounds as if everything is simple to him. He went NP with me & sometimes we meet out for volleyball together after school if our times collide well. Even though he talks cock a lot, he can actually understand my situation & thinking. He helps to cool me down sometimes.
9. Tze Khit
Easy-going. Cute. Tall. Charming. Humorous. Intelligent. Rich. Sensible. Helpful. Drinker. Naughty. I first met him when Mingfa brought him down to PJC for volleyball. With his height, looks, humourous, character & studies, I think he’s an ideal man for every woman. His height & talent make him a good volleyball player also. He’s in the main 6 player of BMCC volleyball & we often play together. He seems like a big boy ready to learn ‘bad’ things. He loves alcoholic drinks a lot. Many girls have fallen for him, but those who dare to express their love ain’t pretty I suppose.
10. Robin (Tikobin)
Cute. Friendly. He’s the tall giant in BMCC at about 192cm & I’ve to look up when I talk to him. At first he may look unsociable but after playing with him for long I realise he’s another joker. Of course, he’s often being teased by the team instead. Like his nick, we call him ‘tikobin’ just because he chats with a girl when we don’t expect him to. Everytime when he spikes badly in the game I would laugh because he’s supposed to spike very well with his height & jump power. Being tall, his digging skill is good, unlike other tall people.
11. Guoxin (Beast, Er Xin)
Self-sacrificing. Easy-going. Helpful. Over-sensitive. Stubborn. I knew him through BMCC. He has similar character as me actually but he always goes against me. Has mood swing very often & doesn’t like to air out his views. Everything is anything to him. He always tries to think in other people’s points of view but sometimes put his friends in difficult positions because he’s stubborn. Loves to sing. Absolutely big hole when crapping & thus good target for everyone to bully. Treats almost everyone as good people, ya he’s stupid. Sometimes likes to act cute. Many girls think he’s cute looking anyway. Difficult to deal with him because of his weirdness but he worths the trouble.
12. Andy Khoo
Self-sacrificing. Sensible. I got to know him in BMCC. It was a regret for not knowing him earlier. He’s another person who can sacrifice for friends; someone who’s sensible & thinks a lot for friends. No doubt, you can feel secure with him around. Into late nights, he was there in IRC to crap with me other than Kachua. We don’t really share the same hobbies other than volleyball but we still make good friends because he’s a very nice guy.

Volleyball (Others)

1. Youdi
Femine. Sexy. Kind. She’s a Malaysian who’s schooling in Singapore. I knew her from IRC & she wanted to crush into PJC at that time. She’s tall & kind-hearted. The only thing I ‘hate’ about she is that she’s taller than me. She was from NYGH & she was the ex-volleyball captain there. I first met her during my A Division match & we went for the youth cup together a few times. After spending more time with her, I realise she has lots of ‘nu ren wei’. With her charm & sexy dressing, I’m sure many guys have nose bleeding because of her. I don’t keep contact with her because she no longer comes & finds me in IRC for me to tease her.
2. Guoxiong
Friendly. Crappy. Frank. I knew him through IRC during Youth Cup period in 2001. He was talkative & crappy but in private he was so polite. I get to know him better each day, know about him getting into the volleyball national team at the age of 15, about his love life etc. Our first face to face chat was when I went down PHS with my BMCC gang. He’s extremely funny but I can’t understand what he says sometimes. He’s 1 of my friends whom I can confide in. If not for the distance between our houses, I might have gone out with him more often to buaya girls together.

Army Course-mates

1. Xiangxin (XX Liang)
2. Ganesan
3. Terry Lin Weilun
4. Ng Lijie
5. Firman

Army Camp-mates

1. Gilbert (Gilberto)
2. Kian Wee (Peh)
3. Ivan Ng (Gorilla)
4. Sam Toh
5. Quek Keng Huat
6. Raymond (Barnie, dog dog)
7. Sem Chi
8. Sim Kwang Han
9. Teh Yu Qing
10. Wong Siu Hang (Xiao Hong)
11. Ghim Boon (Ah Boon)
12. Chua Yongcai (Chua)
13. James (Radio James)
14. Ng Hong Kiat
15. Fredrick
16. Jimmy
17. Jianxing
18. Andrew Seah
19. Louis
20. Ben Lu
21. Edgar
22. Ben
23. Seah Shengyang
24. Jonathan Wang (Jonshit)
25. Rehan
26. Andrew (Kengster)
27. Jason
28. Anthony
29. Elvin

Ex Colleagues – WPH

UOW Coursemates

1. Chia Soon Siong
2. Ong Yuan Le
3. Stephen Zhang Ying
4. Andy Huang Zhi
5. Jeremy Ong

Ex Colleagues – ITE Clementi

1. Joy Koh
2. Lim Wee Lian
3. Jenne Foo
4. Kelvin Tan
5. Faris
6. Lim Cheng Hong
7. Bernard
8. Dai Weiming
9. Mdm Seet Mui Keng
10. Jonanthan
11. George
12. Alex Loh
13. Elvin Tan
14. Magdalene Chan
15. Ng Mei Hoe
16. Dorothy Tay
17. Daniel Sim
18. Zaki Ng
19. Christine Lim
20. Eunice Ang
21. Joei Chua
22. Ferlina
23. Hirman
24. Yeo Poh Moi
25. David Chin
26. Diana Teo

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