I have fallen for many girls in my entire life but we do not cross each other’s path eventually except for a few of them.
I got together with my first girlfriend, knowing that she was not simple. I went to see her after her school dismissal very often to pick her brother up from the childcare centre nearby. Just one day to a month, she pleaded with me to break up, claiming that I was too nice to her. She had five boyfriends before me and she did not do that. I dropped out of my college because of her.
My second girlfriend was a sweet girl, but beneath her was a moody soul. All I was hoping for was a simple love, but a girl’s mind was not as straightforward. There was not much I could do for a romantic love when she was busy with her friends. Sometimes she came over to my place for a while before she went out with her classmates. Suddenly, she turned weird and cold. She got her friend to hint me to break off. We did not cross the third month.
I met a fantastic girl. She had both looks and figure and she was part of a charity organisation. I assumed she would be more mature than other girls given her past, but she was much insensitive. Soon, she displayed her little moodiness and excess self confidence. Within two months, she wanted to give up the relationship twice due to obstacles; she changed her mind fast. I could hardly get to see her every week even though we stayed quite near each other. At the eighth month, she wanted to break for half a year to concentrate on her studies, and I assumed that was a real break-up.
My fourth girlfriend was sweet and kind. It was the first time I felt having a stable relationship that she could be my future wife anytime. Nevertheless, I had to tolerate her style of doing things slowly and her bad temper that she could even blame me for every single thing. We ended the relationship after around three months with her message “we are not meeting anymore”.
I was never ready for my fifth relationship until the most cheerful girl I had ever met hugged me from my back. I was merely trying to help her get her out of her absurd life and find meaning in life. Slowly, I realised she was the greatest liar I had ever met. I even forgave her for cheating on me for the thought that she would learn to appreciate me more. She treated me just like how she treated all her uncountable number of ex-boyfriends. It was almost half a month, she had almost screwed my life up and luckily, she left for another guy to kill all my perseverance to help her.
I was not sure if I had a sixth girlfriend because the kind and soft girl who had made effort to read through my old blog entries could never make any time for me after a week of dating. She was busy but we stayed quite near each other. After a month of trying, we lost contact.
I have spent more than 95% of my life being single. If I were a guy who goes for lust, the rate will be much lesser. In the pursuing of my dream, I have never rushed to get attached due to time commitment and since I cannot promise anyone anything.
I do not believe in using flowery words to woo a girl because too many stories about playboys have disgusted me. I prefer kicking off as a friend and falling in love mutually. But most girls love the feeling of being wooed and this roughly explains the low chance of me getting attached.
I get tempted by girls who bother to find out about me, although I need someone who can understand me eventually. Bubbly girls turn me on. Kind-hearted girls are sexy. I do not like make-up (even though I need my models to do it for photoshoot) but a neat eyebrow is comforting. I do not cheat myself like others that appearance is not important but I do not wish for a FHM model. I love boobs but big boobs are just extra big bonus. I can accept skinny but not fat. No one is not busy in a hectic country like Singapore, but if the girl cannot afford to spend time with me, it is clear that I do not have a place in her heart.

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