My online life started when my brother’s friend, Weiwen, lent us his internet account when I was in secondary 3(1998). I was addicted to it. Some people say online chatting is for lonely hearts and I’ve to agree.

“Give me true love, else let IRC cover my loneliness.”

Months later, Irwin taught me the basic to mIRC scripting and I began to get hooked deadly onto it. I named my script “KLscript” at first, which was for personal use. Through times of depression, I renamed it “BuayaScript”. With the confident boost by Weiwen’s and Irwin’s guidance, the script was launched for download. Yongyao helped me with the building of the first website when I was totally ignorant of HTML coding.
After upgrading to SCV Cable MaxOnline and launching of the BuayaScript in year 2001, I don’t chat as much though I’m online more often. Because of high uptime in IRC, friends assume I’m chatting with girls when I’ve been spending my time contributing to others through my script and website. I’ve less time to chat and I refuse to park inside some of my friends’ channels. I even remove myself when they add access to me.
Time is costly, but the achievement of it which I started from scratch has overwhelmed.
My script and websites seem like never-ending projects. I can’t stop improving them, even at the expense of my sleep to think of new ideas or realize a bug any moment. The script is simple and user-friendly as described. Brainless rippers have been trying to get my script that holds my creation including love letters and I’ve to stop distribution of the script to outsiders. Slowly, I get tired of the fact of my credits being stolen and divert my time on my websites.
IRC is full of desperadoes; it’s also a place for “outcaste (arrogant and well-disliked)” people to withhold power. Many chatters see access as “gold” in IRC because they can kick or ban others from the channel they have access in. Thus, they start to beg and curry flavour (let the pain fall on their assholes too) the owners. They think all IRC chatters would show them respect because of the “@” besides them and begin to abuse power, naive. I hate access collectors.
Some channels have information saying they’re the “official channel” for whatever schools/organization, but even the schools or organization are ignorant of them. Even with the access abusers, chatters go in still because it’s their “school’s channels”. I can’t stand channels with abusers, that’s why I discontinue to support some channels, even to lose the chance to chat with my ex-secondary schoolmates.
How a person behaves in IRC may show his true colours – you can even see a “quiet” guy spills nonsense in IRC. “Friends” may not be my real friends, some would only message me when they’re in need; some even try to rip my script. I see the evil of mankind, I see hypocrites, I see true friendship. If you’re a person who goes against hypocrites and lamers, you’re bounced to make many enemies in IRC. Is it worthwhile to kickban them and be the hero? I just have to.

-: Thu Jan 17 21:42:43 2002
<nick> hi…i just auth my nick …..can u give me access? (if u want)
-: Fri Jan 18 23:05:09 2002
<nick> was junrong here?…..he wuz supposed to give me access .. *Not BEggIng btw*
-: Wed Jan 23 21:00:37 2002
<nick> kl , junrong ask me to ask u to give me access

#lovesick started on 17 March, 1999. I named it #lovesick because I felt lovesick? The channel is mainly for my friends, I tolerate no hypocrite. The first few regulars were my classmates and my brother’s buddies. I added most regulars to level 400 for fairness.
The number of supporters increased fast, luring access beggars in. I added some of the more polite ones but they were just liars who weren’t regular. I removed them but they came back and put on acts. Some cry-babies started to hate me though I wouldn’t appreciate even if the lamers take me as friend.
With the distribution of BuayaScript, the channel peak increased rapidly, unfortunately the worthy regulars started to quit IRC one by one. Beggars come in to test my patient daily, either for the script or channel access. Despites my warnings and notices on both the channel information and websites, beggars remained shameless. Some of them even try to con little girls for the script. I’m forced to kickban those lamers because there’re simply too many to entertain. I’ve learnt to guard against strangers who message me for “introduction”.
There was a few times when I was teasing my female friends on the channel main, hypocrites stepped in and acted as gentlemen. Some of my friends chose to side with the “gentlemen”, ignoring the fact that we were just having fun in the first place.
My “appetite” is lost and I hope to regain it by reducing the number of outsiders in #lovesick. I refuse to take pity on the access and script beggars. Of course it has led to grudges. I’ve clear self-conscience, because I don’t owe anyone the script or the access in #lovesick.
I don’t wish #lovesick to be like other script channels, where perverts are left inside to prey on the regulars. What’s the use of having 1000 users in the channel which 900 are hypocrites, lamers or perverts? How’s the feeling of having 100 chatters flattering you daily? Would you just deny the fact that if you aren’t the owner they won’t give a damn to you?
My hope is to have #lovesick filled with friends.

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