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Capturing great moments of lives makes me feel accomplished because it helps to “freeze” the happy time for others. I love working with people who are sporting and “crazy”.
Party, wedding, graduation? You name it. I prefer candid shots because they look more natural and thus, I prefer working as the second photographer for events. Group photos are boring and I love lively photos.
I’m depending mostly on event shoot to generate fund for my photography gears. There are essential equipments to help taking better photos and my existing equipments will wear and tear. So, if you have any assignment, do let me know.
Approach me because you like my work and not to try your luck for a cheap deal. Do visit my Facebook to look at my work first. Some of my event photos can be found inside Singapore singer ET Ong’s Facebook fan page.
Please furnish me with information such as the event’s purpose, venue, date and time, estimated duration, number of guests, and most importantly, your budget.
* I do voluntary shooting for charity events when I’m very available. However, the event must not involve any rich man who will go down to shake hands and gain the credits.
If you are interested in engaging my service, do contact me with the details such as:
1. Purpose of event
2. Number of visitors
3. Date, time and duration
4. Budget
5. Location

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