Dumbylove 1 – Child-like love

Chapter 1: The love of innocent

When he was naive and innocent, he couldn’t resist charm. It took him 3 months to fall for his classmate whose index number was next to his. It wasn’t love at first sight and he didn’t believe it exists.
Jane was a gentle girl. She was thin but she looked extremely sweet. Her voice suited her looks so well that every man could fall deadly in love with her upon she speak.
He didn’t know what to do; and he chose to do nothing. His classmates somehow could read his mind and he couldn’t escape teasing. He denied, yet smiles could be seen behind his friends’ backs.
He peeped at her secretly everyday but when she was sitting besides him, he faked inattentive to her. Jane was ignorant of his feeling for her all along.
There was a big setback for him when the whole class started teasing him with another girl. She was nice, but of course, not as sweet as Jane. He hated it when his classmates joked about the tale, but he was more worried that even Jane would believe it.
Months passed by, but he had only thought of admiring Jane. Possession wasn’t in his mind. He grew fonder of her, yet he was too innocent for his thoughts.
In his second year of his secondary school life, his teacher made the class compose their own poems. He started writing Chinese poem. He made his first love poem, which he planned to give Jane as Valentine’s Day present, but he was too shy to do that.
Till the second year of his secondary school life, into the March holidays, he hadn’t been himself anymore. He started cleaning the bathroom and other places; he couldn’t remember when was the last time his mother did the job. Few days later, he picked up his courage to phone Jane.

“Love like a fool, love like you’ll never ever fall in love again.”

It wasn’t his first time to hear her voice on the phone (The first time she phoned him to pass a message which ended in less than a minute). He became a dangerous man overnight, as he dated her to swim. To many people, he was stupid, but that was the only thing he knew other than to stay at home. Of course, she gave excuses and he waited for the never-heard reply.
He made a bet with her with the weather and he won. He was to phone her every morning to disturb her. For the week he slept early, his mum was glad. He woke up early and he hesitated. He wanted to hear her sweet voice, but at the same time he was afraid to wake her up from her sleep. He dropped the plan.
He wasn’t so dumb after all, as he did phone his classmates to collect information. Failure seized his day by day and he started to recognize it. Jane’s friends advised him to give up, some didn’t think too well of her. He soon realized that she had a boyfriend.
The pain made him row over his bed for a period of time, that was the first time he had headache. He was forced to yield to reality. He gave up.

Chapter 2: Back to business

Her birthday was approaching and he bought her a wrist chain. He hesitated to give it to her in class. He was at a loss when he realized she left school earlier that day. His classmate offered to help him pass the gift to Jane. He had a shock after assemble when the box was return to him empty.
He was furious because he thought his classmates were playing trick on him. He phoned his classmate when he got home and he begged her to help him buy another present. He seldom went out, so he had to approach this girl who always tried to out-talk him.
She bought a pair of earrings and a necklace. It was too late; he found the wrist chain inside his bag. He decided to give the 3 items to Jane. Jane didn’t attend school on that day. He went to the lobby downstairs her house after he visited his dad at the hospital. He made a phone call but her mum told him she had gone for tuition.
The next day, fifth day after her birthday, he woke up early and was running a fever. He went to the lobby again but she didn’t believe he was there. She even made him hang up the phone as she had to attend to something. He took a seat nearby and waited.
He couldn’t get through her phone after that and only after countless tries he succeeded but nobody picked it up. He was there for about 2 hours. The residents saw him pick up the phone and dial every few minutes. She finally picked up and believed. He floated up and he didn’t regret the wait. She was wearing the school uniform with the short P.E short, the sexiest girl who he had ever seen.
He decided to go on. He gave up on the interclass badminton match because he wanted to play the double with Jane, yet he didn’t dare to speak up. During the interclass chess competition, he had another depression. Jane knew a guy from the competition and she thought highly of him. He wasn’t even better than a new friend whom she made.
He told himself to give up wooing her again, even though his wooing was only some phone calls. He had miserable days in the midyear examination period. He had to “report” to hospital to see his dad after every paper. On his way he had headache and dizziness. He even wrote poems during his papers.
He realized his mistakes months later and he completely gave up. Jane was out of his mind then. It was too late, as he had lost confidence in many things he used to expertise in – chess, mathematics etc.

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