Dumbylove 3 – Begin of the Phobia

How to believe in love? Phobia hesitates me…

Chapter 1: Childlike’s wooing

He didn’t even dare to look at girls in the past. He started to reflect on his life and he realized he was being foolish.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off Mary. Mary was a sweet girl. Sometimes she looked cute, sometimes cool. He first met her during secondary 2 while she waited at the road junction for her relative to fetch her.
He didn’t want to start another courtship until his female friends started to tease and encourage him. He felt pressured. Yet his mind still held Felicia’s image clearly.
Mary’s innocent looks captured his heart day by day. He couldn’t defy his feelings; he couldn’t control emotional.
During April, his friend informed him that Mary’s birthday was approaching. He started folding paper cranes. Each square paper is as small as 4 by 4 centimeters in length. He didn’t know the date and he didn’t want to miss it. He continued days and nights, making each piece his masterpiece.
He finished the 512 cranes on her birthday, which was a Saturday. He entrusted his friend to pass them to her a few days later; he didn’t want Mary to know about him, as he could smell failure. However, before he remembered to tell his friend, Mary had received the cranes and was looking forward to know him.
His friends further encouraged him to woo Mary. He was told to pass Mary his pictures and he did. Every time he took neoprint he would keep 1 for his future girlfriend and he had 17 at that time. He gave all to Mary.
He had his first phone call with her finally and it was after a cold war with his mum for delaying and wasting his time. Mary even made effort to phone him back after her aunty used the phone.
He wrote her a love letter and she gave him her neoprint. Mary’s classmate did the passing. He even dated her to go for the school’s swimming meet together. His plan didn’t work, as her classmates were waiting at the same bus stop.
His class won the swimming champion class and this time he didn’t hesitate to go up to receive the challenge shield so that he could show off in front of Mary.
That night, Mary’s classmate messaged him that Mary had developed feeling for him. He chatted with Mary on phone and before they hanged up, Mary told him she might phone him after she finished her homework. He waited till about 3a.m in vain.
A few nights after, he promised her a foolish thing. He wrote her Chinese name 1000 times on a Chinese essay book. In between he even added in 333 times “wo ai ni”. He did it overnight.
They went out together the next day, but Mary had 2 female friends with her. All along they walked in triplesome leaving him behind. He couldn’t help it because he didn’t talk to her friends before.
He wrote her another love letter and it was in English. He even handed to her personally. 2 days later she gave him the 3rd neoprint, which he didn’t ask for.

Chapter 2: Truth untold

They stopped chatting on phone for nearly a week. Her classmate told him she would phone him after she finished her homework. He waited and every night he got the same reply from the helpful classmate. He was so sad that he refused to study for the coming midyear examination.
He couldn’t hold it anymore and that Saturday he phoned her. He realized a big change in her attitude. She didn’t talk much and she told him she was watching a show. She borrowed a dictionary from him and the phone call last about 20 minutes.
He brought the dictionary on the coming Monday and passed it to her classmate in the morning. He planned it such that she would return it personally to him after the paper.
He waited after school and his sweetie appeared. Mary’s classmate advised him to see her home but her friend accompanied. He followed behind like a fool and they treated him invisible. They walked fast and his disappointment increased.
2 days after, he realized he needed more encouragement to continue. Since he was afraid that if her relative picked up the phone she would be scolded, he approached her classmate for help.
He wanted to know if Mary did have a little or some feelings for him. If yes, he would continue to woo her after the examinations; if no, they would just remain friends. He was quite confident of himself since 15 days ago he was told that Mary had feelings for him.
“She says it’s better to remain friends.”
He was terribly shocked. He wouldn’t have gone so far if she weren’t interested in him.
To avoid being awkward, he changed his direction when he saw her from far. But his sweetie gave him a worse treatment by pretending not to see him even when they walked past each other.
He started to distort himself for being foolish. He had doubts in his own judgments ever since. Even the purest girl he had seen was just a fake, he couldn’t overcome his phobia anymore.

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