Dumbylove 4 – A Friendship of Love

A friendship of love, a lifetime of depression.

He thought the tragic would never repeat just by acting cool and carefree.
He was close to a girl whom he met in IRC around his O level examination period. She was April, a girl who was 2 years younger than him. She’s not only cute, but also matured.
They paged each other everyday using alphanumeric and sometimes even chatted on the phone after midnight. After each paper, he would rush home to page her.
He seemed to be the only candidate who went in and out of the examination hall with a smiling face for each paper. But he wasn’t confident; the fact was that he had lost his fighting spirit.
April knew that he seldom went out and she promised him a “Singapore tour”; She promised to dream of him and let him hear her voice everyday.
The day before his last paper, April told him she couldn’t make it for the outing the next day. Disappointed, he gave up on that paper.
He cancelled all his plans and didn’t bother to find a holiday’s job, in case she would be free for the “Singapore tour” that she had suggested.
He kept a distance from his female friends and he refused to chat much with them in case he would run out of topic when he chat with April.
It was the beginning of December when he made a big progress. April finally went out with him. It was after he failed 4 times. They each brought a friend of the same sex along during their first outing.
Her look wasn’t like what he had expected it to be. It could be her character and size that made her look cute to him. She was more than enough to make him forget about his unpleasant past encounter.
He liked her companion, especially her cute character. It wasn’t long before he started to fall for her. She even gave him her access code to her voicemail that made him feel so much closer to her.
A few days later, April was sick and insisted to go to work the next day. He made her promise to let him send her home.
He couldn’t go to sleep that night. Being nervous, he was so concern about her illness at the same time. He finally fell asleep around noon the next day, but his fear woke him up in less than an hour.
It was raining heavily and he decided to find her straight at her workplace instead of the MRT station. He wasn’t sure of where she worked at but he insisted to search at the unfamiliar place.
He took a windbreaker and an umbrella with him. He even took a cab there and the driver nagged at him for wasting money. However, April meant much more to him than anything.
He found the wrong place. He paced around fast and even ran around the place that he had never been to before. It took him about half an hour to reach the actual meeting place.
He walked her till near her flat. After they parted, it was a lonely night that he didn’t feel bad even when his stomach was beating drums.
He started to email her and in a more serious tone. He even gave hints to her. However the length of her replies was not more than one-third of his.
A few days before Christmas, he took a long time to pick a puzzle and finished it in about 5 hours after he reached home.
He tried to date April out but she wasn’t free throughout the week, even on Christmas Eve. She wanted to accompany her friends. She had just quitted her job but he knew she wasn’t going to keep her promise for the “Singapore tour” for she had only a few days left to finish up her assignments before school reopened.
He realized it was one-sided love all along. He paged her “I love you” and wished her good luck. She was shocked and regretted to be close to him in the first place. She hoped to remain friends with him but he didn’t reply her.
Till the next day, he used Internet to page her that he didn’t mind waiting for months or years if the ending wasn’t fruitless. She didn’t reply.
He wasn’t guilty of anything. He knew he shouldn’t remain friends with her because he would sink in deeper.
He came out with a theory – never treat girls too good.

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