Dumbylove 5 – It's all about How I Love You

The greatest tragic arrived after he got to know May. He first saw her in the school’s netball court. Her side view looked alike with Mary’s. She was from China and just a few months younger than him. However, his buddy warned him not to get near her.
It was before his O level examination period and he saw her many times around the study table chasing after guys. She wasn’t as pretty as the first time he saw her. He didn’t have a good impression for her.
It was months after his O level examination when he came to know her IRC nickname. He didn’t approach her until she went into his channel. With his friend and May’s classmates inside the channel, they started to chat together.
They had fun chatting and sometimes May even changed to a guy’s nick and they challenged to get girls’ contact numbers.
The first time they went out together was for a concert organized by the school. He made May promise to sit besides him in order for him to buy the ticket. She agreed.
It was during the June holidays and he was the first to reach the bus stop. She arrived with her classmates in black. She looked wild with her miniskirt.
He wasn’t pleased with her dressing and he knew she wasn’t a simple girl. However, this added to his urge in knowing her better.
They started to page each other using alphanumeric. He came to understand her better and he admired her for she was the type of girl who ignores rumors about her – she did whatever she feels right.
He had a little crush on her but he would never let her know. A rare chance came by just a few days later.
It was another day of IRC life when he asked May, “got miss me?” She answered, “got.” But this time, she asked him the same question and she insisted him to answer no matter how hard he tried to change the topic. He said yes.
Soon, she went for a bath. He waited long and decided to go offline. He messaged her that to tell her he was going off and he saw her away message that goes like “if you call for me I would get to you immediately”.
After a while she paged him to ask him why didn’t he wait for her. He questioned her whether who was the guy that her away message was for. She refused to tell even after numerous of paging.
He used his old plot and pretended angry. He didn’t reply her page. After a few paging from May, she told him she would tell him but she had to sleep after that.
“That message is for a guy whom I have a crush on… and that person is you. Goodnight…”
He was shocked, but of course happy. He had never dreamt of her falling for him. He knew she wasn’t joking; he knew how much courage it took her to admit it.
He panic as well. He didn’t want to lose the chance yet he couldn’t believe it was real. He had done crazy things for girls before and he couldn’t get their love. But this time, he didn’t do any wooing yet this angel has fallen for him.
He knew his friends didn’t have good impression for May, but he thought that they didn’t try to understand her better. The next day, she agreed to stead with him.
He thought he had finally found a goal in his life, which was to live for May. He had tried to catch up on his studies but he decided to spend more time with May. He planned to start preparing for his promotional examination a month before it started.
The second day, he went back to his secondary school in the afternoon. He saw her to the MRT station nearby but she didn’t allow him to see her any further.
He had a test in the next morning and he arranged to meet May after that. They planned to go to one of his juniors?house for barbeque. However they waited at the wrong place and the day wasn’t well spent. His good friend warned him not to “put in too much feeling” but he was so in love to listen.
They went out the next day for a movie with her classmates. Not 1 or 2, but more than 7 of them. They spent most of their time arguing over watch or don’t watch movie, watch which movie, do what while waiting, dine at which place, where to move on to.
He went to see May everyday after she released from school without fail. He even rushed down right after his volleyball training. He showed her respect and didn’t hold hands whenever she was wearing school uniform.
After the National Day celebration, he rushed down to his secondary school from his college but she was so engrossed on the soccer match. He joined in his juniors for volleyball while waiting.
He was so down on his luck that the teacher in charge joined in and made him train his juniors. May arrived and waited but he knew he couldn’t leave at once with his duties.
He was so disappointed when he knew her classmates were going with them. They were supposed to have their own time together. She told him her parents didn’t want her to have relationship and he couldn’t send her home.
That night, he came to realize that one of his ex-teammates had been backstabbing him and his teammates. He had a small argument with May over it but they managed to get over it.
2 days later, he had a shock in IRC when May’s classmate suddenly messaged him “why you so bad to him?” she was referring to that backstabber.
He was so furious that he wanted May to stop contacting with that backstabber, but she refused. He trusted her that she wouldn’t believe in his bullshitting but he just didn’t want his love one to stay with such people. He disconnected in furious without bidding her goodbye.
The next morning, his tears rolled down in the school toilet. He couldn’t help it in class too. He went down to see her after school as usual, she wasn’t angry with him.
That Sunday, they were supposed to meet at noon. He waited long till she finally replied him that she was ready to go out. He went to fetch her near her house and they took their first neoprint together.
May went with him for his haircut appointment and then went up to his house. She stayed inside his room while he was bathing. They connected to IRC for a while and she told him she had to be home by 5p.m.
He was disappointed. She didn’t let him know beforehand she had to be home early and he had spent hours waiting for her to get out of house. He accompanied her to the MRT station.
While waiting for the train, he placed each of his hand on the pillar near May’s shoulders that she was leaning against it. She gave a shout. He was trying to look at her closer, but she thought he wanted to kiss her.
The next day he went to see her to the MRT station and before she went down the escalator, she turned around and gave him a flying kiss. His heart melted.
She told him since she was his stead she allowed his to do anything to her except to make her “open her legs”. He expected kissing all along but other than letting her lean on his shoulder, he had only held her hands.
May had told him that she didn’t like to chat on phone, but he was so disappointed when her classmate told him that she had been chatting frequently on phone with her ex-boyfriends. He came to realize that she had more than 4 boyfriends before him.
He was sick and with muscle aches. But he participated in the cross-country run. With May in his mind throughout the race, he managed to get the 16th position. He rushed down to her school immediately.
She told him she had to study for her test and he wasn’t entertained. After taking her test, he showed her his trophy but she wasn’t interested.
He stayed till her recess when her classmates told him May was crying. She threatened him not to wait for her after school giving the reason he was sick. He waited late and reluctantly he went off trying to keep his promise.
He tried to date her out that coming Sunday but she told him she wanted to do homework. She admitted that she watched television programs the whole day.
May asked him to join her friend’s channel in IRC. That friend of hers even assumed that they had chatted before. He knew it was because he stayed online for long hours and May’s friend wanted to make use of him. He was so disappointed that May helped her male friend instead of helping her boyfriend.
May gave him a friendship band the next day and he was so pleased with her first gift.
A day after, her class went for a Melaka trip and she promised to visit his uncle in the hospital at night.
He went to the MRT station to meet her where the bus dropped her at and she told him she was too tired to visit his uncle. Her classmates wanted to go to the nearby shopping center but on the way she wanted to go home.
He knew their first month anniversary was coming and he spent $84 to get a pair of rings and crafted their names on each of the rings. He was so choosy that he had spent hours on them.
However he noticed a change in her a few days later. She went to the nearest bus stop instead of the one that less people took. She didn’t talk much on the way also.
May promised to accompanied him to his good friend’s house on Teachers?Day, however she seemed to forget about it. Instead, she wanted to catch a movie with her classmate again.
He arrived at the bus stop but she wasn’t there. After waiting for some time, she paged him that she was at the opposite bus stop. He rushed over immediately.
May sat there motionless. Her eyes were wet. No matter how much jokes he told her didn’t stop her tears from rolling down. She refused to say what was wrong. They boarded the bus and they moved up and towards the last seats.
“Can we break off?”
The reason she gave him was that she didn’t want a stead. But why didn’t she tell this to her ex-boyfriends?
It was the last day they stead, just a day to a month. Holding hands they walked towards the place but her classmates weren’t there. She suggested going home but he was speechless.
They reached the nearest MRT station but silence had robbed his speech. Her lips that landed on his face deepen his pain.
He didn’t have any slip of water since morning. He went to the hospital and his aunty gave him a packet of drink upon seeing his dry lips. He had to finish it.
He went home lying on his bed, refusing to take any food or drink, trying to torture himself. He lied that he was sick.
He woke up early the next day and copied the poems he wrote for her on papers with his hands so weak. He dragged himself near her classmate’s house and passed her the papers and the ring.
It was until 4 something in the afternoon when his mum forced him to take some mee hoon. He ate a bit and told his mum that he couldn’t finish them.
He stayed overnight at his friend’s house that night. That was the first time he bought beer for himself.
He tried hard to win her back. He even helped her get back her VCD, which was with one of her ex-classmates who was released from boys?home.
This time, it was much worse than how he did it after he failed to win Mary’s heart. He gave “performances” when May was inside his channel, showing how flirty he was. She knew he cherish his reputation greatly, yet she watched him distort himself.
His tears filled his eyes every second for the lover who was gone, yet she could never recognize his pain. Everyday he waited for her return with his increasing disappointment.
He bought a small pocket watch for her and even went to carve it. He wrote a poem on a piece of paper and wrapped it nicely. His junior helped him to pass it to her. A few days after, May’s classmate returned him the watch. He took it and thrashed it immediately.
While others were studying for their examination, he could only be bothered about writing poems for his sweetheart who had left his heart shattered. He refused to study, hoping that one day his angel would come back to him to save him.
He flunked his papers and had to repeat year 1. His form teacher said his result was ridiculous and even advised him to quit the college. He chose to leave after the volleyball tournament the year after.
Finally he realized she was gone, with the promise to help him find himself back. He told himself he could treat any girl better than how he had treated her.
He would never look at girls the same way again. Building a wall around him, he tried to distance himself from girls whom he thought he might fall madly in.
Continued to distort himself, he could no longer mend his ways.
“What’s the use of romance when there isn’t love?”

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