Dumbylove 6 – The Purest Girl

The purest girl that I’ve ever met is taking me a ride to a place call forever.

Months later, he met June in IRC. He expected her to be a normal little girl. They didn’t chat often at first.
They got closer each day. Pouring out his sorrows when he was feeling depressed, he wasn’t embarrassed about telling her about his past, as he thought they wouldn’t get to see each other face to face.
They got to exchange their pictures and he realized that she was a beauty. However, he didn’t fantasize about being with her because of their age difference and that she was young. Their age difference was but that of 4 years, but he didn’t want to risk being hurt again.
She gave him encouragements often and he could see her trying so hard to “adapt” to his words. Through their conversations, he could figure out that she has a good family background. She’s nice and sweet. He loved to look at her pictures; as she looks so pure to him. Sometimes he wished that he had been born later.
There was a period of time when he felt that she liked him. He couldn’t help taking a little fancy for her because of her character and looks so pure. However, he was still being bugged by the past and the naive thought of his that she was too young for him. He knew that he shouldn’t risk it, as they hadn’t even gone out together before.
She called him once, but the call didn’t last long. She told him that his Mandarin was too fast for her and she was going to master the language well even though she hated it. He didn’t dare to call her because he knew that her parents were strict, and most of all; he thought that she might not like the idea at all.
He had doubts in himself too, for he didn’t believe a girl so nice would have entered his life. He knew he didn’t have good luck throughout his life and he chose to run away.
He didn’t message her when she came online and sometimes they were both parking around. Soon, she was missing in action. Finally he realized how much he missed her.
He paged her a few times, but she didn’t reply his call. He was so disappointed and he thought that he wasn’t on her mind at all.
Many months later, she came back into his life. He was shocked, for her change in behavior. Her heart was still as pure as before but she seemed weird.
She told him that her pager was spoilt. She told him that she loved studying and she had been stuffing herself with books, he was both amazed and disappointed. That was the first and only time he had heard of such a strange case. Nevertheless her words were even more overwhelming than before. Every time he boasted about his bad points, she tried to turn everything good.
He felt bad, for he couldn’t withstand her pureness, yet he knew he wasn’t worthy enough for her. He knew his stand and avoided messaging her whenever she went online. Every time he would only stare at the screen and watch her log off.
She often left him puzzled, as she would stop going online suddenly and then come back to this imaginary world weeks or months later. They kept contact through email sometimes but they didn’t go on for long. He tried to be nasty to her by using harsh words sometimes but she was too kind to be angry.
He knew that their characters might not suit each other’s, no matter how nice she was, his mind couldn’t stop hurting. He thought of ignoring her in order to stop fantasizing about her, but he knew he would regret.
He tried to ask her out during holidays so that they could understand each other better, but she wasn’t free for him any of those times. He was struck in his mind and it dragged on.

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