Dumbylove 9 – Greatest Regret

Sweet I’ve to avoid, it doesn’t cause toothache but heart pain.

Chapter 1: Simple Dread

They met in a friend’s chalet. He was busy playing with another friend who was so gorgeous and stylish looking. He tickled her and almost completely ignored Sharon’s presence.
He didn’t really talk to Sharon since he didn’t know her. She was thirteen and he was sixteen. Sharon had sweet smiles that any girl would envy; her innocent looks could easily tempt any guy; her long silky hair was an eyes-catching tool.
But he had reasons to resist Sharon. His heart longed for his cute little angel who he had been trying so hard to date. Moreover, dating a much younger girl was a mockery to his circles of friends.
In the night, both the beauties were gone. But it wasn’t the end of the story between Sharon and him. She started calling him daily to chat after she got his number from their friend.
He was foolish as usual, refusing to reply much to the sweet voice, for in his mind he set to be loyal to his angel, who was still far away from his reach. She didn’t give up, but the frequency of her call lessened each day.
He was officially graduated from school but he went back often to study for is ‘O’ level examination. He met Sharon often and her smiles always warmed his heart.
He got to know her better, about her past, her family and her likings. He found her childish but innocent with details from her past two relationships at her young age, something which forbid him from falling for her. But once, he even got her her favourite album.
Nevertheless his coldness on the phone brought lonesome to himself till he heard nothing from Sharon. It was only when he went back to his secondary school to help his teacher he got to see her sometimes, smiling happily at him.
It was about half a year later, he was blessed with a pretty girlfriend, the first he had ever had, but soon he was back to his lonely life again. As for Sharon, she was still attached to her classmate.
To be continued.

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