You know you truly love someone when you cannot forget her despite you hardly talk to her all these years. You dream of her occasionally and feel so real each time for she lives in your heart. You stare at her photos daily and get depressed at times for she is not besides you. You know well she is not perfect but nobody can ever replace her in your heart. You try to date her out and you realize her rejection is fatal that it keeps weakening your heart till you dare not try again. You simply hope she will be able to live happily and you never want to make her feel irritated or try to hide from you. You know you cannot promise her anything, except to love her wholeheartedly throughout your life, and till time stops, the feeling never fades.

Chapter 1: The Beautiful Sunset

Flyin sits down on the soft sand. The sea breeze hit on his face, loosens him up so much. He feeds his toes to the swash; each contact deepens his thought. He knows well he can never participle in an outing like this anymore. He is going into the army in a few months’ time and his life will eventually change. What he misses most is the sight of his princess – Eve.
Eve is a simple girl who surpasses anyone in his mind. Her uniqueness mesmerizes him who has vowed not to fall in love again. She is not an extreme beauty, neither she is perfect. To others she may be slow in studies but to him she is an intelligent sunshine girl. She possesses the kindest heart that an angel has. What hesitates him most is the phobia of his past. Their different lifestyles worsen the situation; sometimes he wonders if she will be annoyed by his words and sometimes he wonders if she will even understand his jokes.
No other days can be as beautiful as today. No matter how hard the sun shines on his face, he lets off no sign of irritation. He maintains his smiles throughout the day. He has not been in such high spirit for very long.
“Why are you here alone?” Eve taps him by his shoulder and gives the sweetest smile that his heart almost melts. “Is it very boring?”
It is the usual enchanting voice he idolises. He stammers into her gorgeous face as he worries that he will give her the impression that he is unhappy. “Uh… no… I’m just taking a rest here.” He wants to share every thought with her, but somehow it is impossible. He knows the threat that she may start to avoid him. He pins no hope for a miracle for a lady so charismatic to be interested in him.
She sits besides him, increasing his heartbeats so much.
Flyin puts his fingers into the water as Eve stares at them innocently. Suddenly he raises his hand and splashes water at her face. She doesn’t hesitate to take her revenge and the water war begins.
He has never been so happy for as far as he can remember. The smiles on her face make her look so adorable. It is a moment of living in paradise.
Flyin pauses. Eve continues for a few seconds before she stops and stares at him, looking so puzzle. Before she can question him, Flyin moves forward and carries her up. She screams and struggles so girlishly that he almost falls down as he drools over her feminine.
He strolls further away from the shore to the deeper sea. There are fewer struggles from her as nothing seems to help. He takes in a deep breathe and throws her upwards. She yells again and closes her eyes. He can never forget how sweet she looks. He does not let her off before he tosses her higher the second time and she lands into the water.
She stands up immediately in her soaked clothes. She combs her hair backwards with her hands so seductively. The water drips from her hair to her face and quickly falls to her chest. Her wetted clothes boost her sexiness.
He does not let his mind run wild for he respects her. She shows no temper. Like an innocent child who just wakes up from a wonderful dream, she gives him another heart-stealing smile. As she gets closer to him, she grabs him by his arm and tries to pull him into the water.
He stands firm to resist her attack. In no time, he carries her up again. She screams loud and pleads but he shows no mercy. However, this time he drops into the water together with her.
The sounds of their friends nearby interrupt them.
“Isn’t this so romantic?”
Flyin blushes instantly. He feels the heat on his face but he worries more for Eve who may feel awkward after being teased.
As they walk back to join their friends, he questions himself again about their future. He has been living aimlessly throughout his life. He is not ambitious and he knows he cannot provide any good life for his future partner. He sees no light in the relationship with Eve.
The sea water can never wash away the fragrance from her body. His soul seems to float nearer to her. He never hesitates to maintain a close distant with her as they stroll slowly.
“What shall we do now?” Sean asks, “It’s getting late.”
A moment of silence fills the air.
“The guys shall carry a person each and run towards the shore. The last team to reach there will be dumped into the water!” Flyin exclaims as he lifts Eve up and dashes towards the sea, giving no chance to the rest. Eve gives no resistance.
Everyone is caught unprepared but manages to grab a partner. They dash shabbily and stop at the wet sand. They collapse immediately on the soft ground, listening to the rhythm of the splashing waves. Nobody bothers about the losers.
He turns towards Eve who is enjoying the breeze by his side. He lowers his voice in a gentle tone, “Are you happy today?”
“Hmm… yes. I haven’t been dumped into the water for quite some time.” She smiles cheekily.
“Then I shall do it more often.”
“If you still have the chance.”
Flyin remembers his enlistment date is just a few months later. He goes deep into thoughts once again while others are relaxing.
The beautiful sunset may be the last present for him before his departure. The reddish sky brings out the most romantic evening he has ever seen. Each dim of light saturates his contentment, drawing the greatest picture of a happy man loving his girl secretly.
As the sky turns darker, the party of them pack up their belongings and get ready to leave. Flyin stays away from Eve to avoid being suspected until they set off for the bus-stop. So slowly they pace till darkness start to sweep over the sky.
Flyin plays with his fingers at Eve’s back and with the help of the streetlights, shadow of a creature appears on the floor. Eve turns to Flyin and he quickly poses an action of hitting something. “Did you see something at your back?” he exclaims. “I’ve chased him off for you.”
“Ya right!”
Eve shows a smart look and turns to the front again. This is one of the charismas that have drawn his liking to her. They seem to enjoy each other’s companion very well.
The bus soon arrives after they reach the bus-stop. Eve sits besides Chariot and Flyin is fine with it since he knows they need their own spaces.
One by one, they alight from the bus and when it comes to Eve’s turn, Flyin’s mind is in chaos. He wants to send her home but it will make his intention obvious. She bids him goodbye and he smiles jerkily. He is in fact so reluctant to let her go.
Soon, he is all alone at the back of the bus. His mind cannot stop thinking. He hates his past, despites the current and fears for the future. He sighs for the first time throughout the day.

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