Reservist Week Two

[Monday, 8 November, 2010]

I spent some time working on my tuition website and blog before I went to sleep at 2am. It was one of the earliest days I had gone to bed. I woke up at 5.30am and lazed around before setting off.

My breakfast was a black pepper chicken bun from the bread shop near Eunos MRT control station. Terry and I took the base ferry to the zone and we were quite stunned when the driver did not stop at the usual carpark.

I was present at the conference for the first time they had video camera meeting. It was quite interesting though I thought things could be easily settled with an email each. We stayed in the conference room throughout, unlike the previous time, we gathered inside a small room. It was weird to sleep and thus I stayed awake for the day. Richard kept us entertained at times. He was a very soft but crappy guy and most of all, he was very nice.

We took Lum’s car out at the end of the day but the regulars left slightly after 5.30pm and thus we did not get to the bus-stop as early as the previous week. We alighted earlier from bus 94 and walked to the MRT instead of waiting for the bus to make a big turn into the interchange.

I spent my evening on Facebook marketing.


Games Over

It was time to say goodbye to the days of playing pool, table tennis and table soccer for free. After moving to another building, seven of us were stuck in a small room with poor reception.

I needed much more privacy in order to do my planning for my future and also, new websites.

I was lucky except for the travelling part. The gentleman offered to send us out but he was a workaholic who stayed behind for an extra half an hour. I would not have minded if it was a normal day, but I intended to go back to my office to feel the air before the start of the volleyball game – I could not make it on time.

The games were awesome in the absence of someone. After sleeping in different positions over the past few days, my right arm was numbed and thus, injured, such that I could not really perform. We played till late and I had my dinner just before midnight with Kachua at the prata shop near my house.


Third Idling Day

Things did not turn out as planned, which was usual. I thought I could spend lots of time reading but someone spoke over the phone as loud as gangster like as if the entire room’s people wanted to hear his long meaningless conversation. I tried to sleep but the sound was too loud.

I tried to do some planning for new websites but friends came over to inspect me. I could never start anything without my privacy, nor did I want to explain what I was going to do, and I never had the energy to broadcast my plan.

I was amazed of myself to wake up in the middle of a lecture, not knowing when it was started. I was also impressed with my appetite that I could finish my lunch after late breakfast for the second day.

I spent most of the free time playing the table soccer and table tennis, and also a little bit of pool.


First Two Days of Reservist

Who says having reservist in airbase is relaxing?

I’m shagged. My arms are trembling and strengthless with muscle ache, and my ankle has an abrasion. My eyes are closing…

I had a day of pool and table tennis and my forfeit was eighty push-ups on Monday.

Tuesday was full day of dry lectures and it was definitely torturing. I dozed off for more than half of the time. I was too tired to play table tennis anymore and thus I was playing the table soccer game most of the time with Terry.

Wearing the uniform simply made me hungry.

The greatest thing was when I found out my PES status was C2 L2 with effect from 04/12/2008.