Assignment Rush

I had been so hardworking that I worked through the early morning until 4.30am and 5.30am for two consecutive days.

The insufficient rest had hurt my back badly.

The surprising thing was that I was able to manage the two mornings almost entirely by myself. The throat irritation almost killed me. I was stoning for the two afternoons, nodding like a mad DJ.

The tiredness was beyond words to describe.


First Presentation and Assignment

The presentation crushed with the first assignment; both modules collaborated well to tease me and jeer at my mess.

It had been too long since I last studied and things could not go into my head. It had something to do with my ridiculous sleeping habit definitely and I longed to visit the doctor.

The topic was given but it was quite broad and I could never figure out the intention, thus, could never focus. I made days of wasteful researches and finally, spent too much time in touching up. I was too sleepy to think but I proceeded on to kill more precious time. In the end, I could not finish the assignment.

The terrible lack of sleep massacred my brain cells and on the actual presentation day, I did far worse than I had expected, and to think that I was so used to standing in front of so many people put me in shame.

Alas, I got to know who the true friends were as they stayed behind to help me when they were already exhausted.

There are definitely many things I should improve on.