Blogspot to WordPress

Many years ago when I knew nuts about the existence of PHP programming language, I had longed to move my blog from Blogspot to my own web server. My aim was to be able to manage my entire website better, which consisted of pages and blog entries. Pages, to me, were more like permanent pages where visitors should have straight access, while blog entries could be archived into the individual months’ links as new entries took over the home page.
Blogspot, at that point of time, did not have the “pages” feature. Even with the late implementation, it did not flatter me with the additional directory URL “/p” on the left of every page’s original URL. I could mask my domain name to Blogspot’s server but I did not want my pages to appear like “”.
Basically, and my blog had been running on two separated servers – my personal server and Blogger’s server. I had actually synchronized the two websites by using the same layout with some tweaks in JavaScript codes that allowed proper linking of all the pages.
However, I did not like the fact that some friends had linked to my blog directly instead of my main website. I also had problems of having duplicated work whenever I needed to make any changes to the layout.
After years of battling with time, I had finally decided to pamper myself a little by installing WordPress to my server to house all details. It was not an easy task at all and I took much longer than estimated time with unforeseen problems.
Basically, I was not very sure of how WordPress was coded. I took the easy way out by modifying the existing template to fit my design. I was not able to get the final design exactly the same since I wanted to speed up the process badly. In fact, I had spent quite an amount of time just to even make the basic arrangement.
The most challenging task was to import the old entries directly from Blogspot over to my server. There was a WordPress plugin to do that but somehow it did not work. Instead, I started importing the blog entries to my test account at, which was a free blog host like Blogspot with the basic and limited WordPress features installed. After importing my old blog entries over to, I exported the blog entries to my harddisk as XML file. Next, I imported the XML file into my trial WordPress installation in Smart Tuition‘s Singapore server and it worked. After some configuration, I exported the blog entries as a fresh new XML file.
I met one of the toughest challenges when I tried to import the new XML file into my Canada server, which was the home to my personal website. There was an error stating that file size of 2 mb was over and I could guess that the cheap shared server had restricted its users. My Singapore server’s team was much kinder because of the much higher cost and that was why I could import the XML file in without facing such problem.
After doing some researches, I managed to find a solution. I separated the 9 mb XML file into five files. It was not very straightforward since the top and bottom of each file should have the same coding which each blog entry started and ended with both <item> and </item> tags. I uploaded the files one by one and it was a pain in the ass since the server was really slow. Then, I figured out that I could not import my blog entries directly from Blogspot due to the restriction in file size while, running on its own server, was much kinder.
My final task was to import the setting of the blog from my trial blog. I had experiences of backing up the WordPress database and restoring them but I faced another big problem this time since the full URL of my trial server differed from the intended one – Therefore, I had to start searching through the database tables and made amendments manually before I imported the SQL file directly.
I made quite a number of mistakes throughout the process and had reinstalled numerous copies of WordPress.
Right now, I have to give up on some old features such as my Calendar. Some contents’ display depends on JavaScript with external files and I have to replace them with static texts instead.

Just Busy

Can you imagine when a guy who used to pen his thought down into his blog daily can no longer afford the time to do it anymore? Life goes on but it does not get any better.
He speaks to no one.
If you have accumulated months of frustration and unable to pour them out, perhaps, it may not be healthy.
Life has been really tough for me. I’m leading a very indifferent one from most people by running my own business with the cheapest ways possible. It ends up that I’m draining myself badly due to the fact that I’m the one handling almost all technical work.
Yes, I can task down my work to others.
I can pay someone trustworthy to take over the daily administration work, a SEO company to do the internet marketing work and a web solution company to code a “perfect” system. How much is left and will be earned in future?
Things are definitely not as simple as what others think. I’m, however, committed to improve on everything.

I Need to Blog

I’m seriously ashamed of myself for not blogging for long. Life is never the same as before and I have to neglect some hobbies sometimes.

Ever since I have started working on my tuition agency website, things have changed a lot. I’m a one-man-show for most of the back-end work. After more than a year, it does look like a professional website, but there are many features I have yet to implement or improve on. I have to worry about SEO and spend lots of time on them every week and eventually the daily boring administration work almost turns me berserk.

I’m also working on quite a number of blogs as well, which are either non-profitable or can earn me money in future. There is also a blog for the tuition agency. This makes my personal blog insignificant compared to them. My contents are also diverted to the blogs.

After all, my time management is really bad. It is not that I’m working 24 hours everyday but I’m always drained and thus operating at a lower speed.

It is definitely good to keep my blog running because it is one of the best ways to relieve my stuffed brain. I rarely get in touch with people and it is bad to keep things within myself, especially my frustration.

However, apart from having lack of time, people around me do give me problems as well. I’m not able to type whatever is in my mind sometimes because I have readers who are stalking my friends. Some people with lower EQ can also quote me out of texts to create problems for me. After all, many things have hit my motivation hard.

Another demoralizing thing is that my plan to move my blog from BlogSpot into my personal domain has stalled for very long. Somehow, I’m quite greedy that I want to keep my existing layout and structure, such that I would need to spend time learning how to edit WordPress template. Recently, updating WordPress for some of my blogs have also given me problems.

I have been tweeting a lot, which auto forwards the statuses to my Facebook, but the limited characters are pathetic. I have tried to forward the tweets over to my blog automatically through Hellotxt but it has shamefully failed me.

I’m a person full of thoughts but I do not have the chance to express myself freely. Blogging is almost the only way for me to become myself. Although it allows people with not-so-good intention to find out more about what is happening around me, it also allows people who are truly concern about me to show their support.

I’m always curious who will still bother to read my blog after so long of idling.

Working Hard on the Tuition Agency Administration Side

[Thursday, 10 February, 2011]

I went to sleep at 2am but could not doze off. I got up after 3am and worked on my administration pages for the tuition agency site. I went to bed at 6am.

I woke up after 12 noon and started playing with Lucky. My stomach was not well and finally went to office at 3pm. I worked on SEO and followed by the administration pages.

Mike left at 6pm and I stayed on to blog and went home only at 8pm to continue with my work.


Chinese New Year 2011 Day 2

[Friday, 4 February, 2011]

I began the day blogging while doing SEO for the quit smoking site. It had been quite long since I started neglecting it. I went to bed at 5am.

My aunt woke me up at around 11am when she came over with our breakfast. However, she added chilli and we could not finish the spicy noodle. We took bus 75 to the home at Bukit Panjang to visit our uncle.

After the long trip, it was one of the worst moments I would ever want to be in – looking at my uncle nearly made my tears fall. He was one of the best guys on earth and it really hurt to see him in such state that he could not even think. Sitting on the wheel chair, he was tied to it and saliva continued to drip.

After leaving the home, we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for a quick bite at the MacDonald’s. We shared two Mac Nugget and one filet-o-fish meal. Then, we went to Daiso to shop. We went to the bus-interchange and a cute wild dog caught our attention.

I continued with the SEO work for my tuition agency site. In the late evening, I caught the movie “Zombie Land” at on a SCV channel.

It was a totally different Chinese New Year Day 2 this year because my uncle on my dad’s side went overseas with his family and thus there was no gathering. My main stream of ang bao money was eliminated and it was my poorest Chinese New Year ever.


Chinese New Year Eve 2011

[Wednesday, 2 February, 2011]

I spent some time blogging for the tuition agency and went to sleep after 3am.

I woke up at 9am to get ready for movie with my family. We caught “Ghosts must be Crazy” at Tiong Bahru Plaza at 11am. It was one of the lamest shows I had ever caught. It had two stories and the last one was really sick. I regretted catching it.

We had lunch at the food court. The four of us had kaya toast with eggs. The tea was diluted. My younger brother went straight for his tuition assignment. We went to the M1 shop for a while. After taking the train back, we went to the NTUC for a while and my mum went missing.

While I was trying to blog and do my work, Joanna messaged me and I was very stressed by her because I could no longer afford more hours to help her do her programming assignment. I started on a new article on teenage dating.

My aunt came over with my youngest uncle and we had reunion dinner at the Kopitiam at Pinnacle Duxton. It was the first time we dined out on the Chinese New Year Eve night.

After that, my youngest uncle went to Chinatown by himself to walk around. My mum and I walked my aunt to the bus-stop at Everton Park.

After reaching home, I continued with my work. There was some discussion regarding the tuition agency.


Family Shopping Night at Alexandra Road

[Saturday, 29 January, 2011]

I started the morning blogging, working on the tuition agency website and chatting with Mike. Eventually, I started editing the admin side of the tuition agency website and included a loading popup for the Ajax script, which was I quite impressed. I went to sleep at around 5am.

I woke up after 1pm and had wantan mee. I did SEO for the tuition agency site after that. It was another rainy day.

My family and I went out for dinner before 6pm. We went to the renovated hawker centre opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. There was a variety of food. After that, we went to Anchor Point, followed by Queensway Shopping Centre to shop. I bought a 3-quarter pant. Finally, we went to IKEA.

Back at home in time, I was engrossed with the channel 8’s show – Zheng He Xia Xi Yang.


Sunday Dinner at Chinatown with Family

[Sunday, 16 January, 2011]

I spent hours to blog before going to bed at around 5.30am. I woke up at 3pm to work on the tuition agency website and I managed to improve on the tuition assignments feed.

I had dinner with my family at China’s town and I was quite turned off to see the huge crowd due to the pasar malam for Chinese New Year. We ordered a set meal from a seafood stall that offered sting ray, prawn, vegetable and toad’s meat at around $37. I did not really like the food, besides, they were too spicy. My elder brother got some satays and almost got himself into some problems.

I took a little walk around the NTUC with my mum and younger brother. I was busy checking out the coke’s price because I thought Mike could save near 50% money by purchasing large bottle coke instead of can.


Day with Countless Visible Products

[Friday, 14 January, 2011]

Sore throat started to erupt. I was working on the tuition agency website and had the “Singapore Services” page up and also revamped on “Our Services”. Then, I blogged about the release of GCE ‘A’ level results 2010 in year 2011. I finally went to bed at 5am.

I woke up after 11am and set off to the office at noon. The property agent in representing LHN group came over and we had a long chat from the office to the canteen. We tried the leftover dishes from the new Chinese chef.

After writing a new blog at Smart Tuition Singapore Blog about Sophie, I continued with some amendments for the admin side. Then, I proceeded to do SEO.

Mike and I took cab over to Vivocity in the rain to take a walk and have our dinner. We went back to Challenger and were quite disappointed that the Xbox showcase area was filled with products and I supposed the charismatic Xbox girl had finished her holiday job.

We went over to Harbourfront Centre and I was impressed with the shop next to the food court that sold very creative and cool household products. Then, we had western food at the first level for our dinner before heading back to the office by bus to Kampong Bahru Road.

I worked on the Singapore Schools page and began my crazy SEO journey for the night. We were both excited to see the results weeks later. We left the office at 11pm and I continued with work right after reaching home.


GCE ‘O’ Level Results Were Out

[Monday, 10 January, 2011]
It was a fruitful day for I had completed a few visible tasks. I finished and uploaded two new pages for the tuition agency – Telephone Numbers in Singapore and Country Codes for Phone Numbers. I tried to exert myself more with setting up of cron job to backup my database and eventually went to sleep at 6am.
I woke up at 11am. Since it was raining, I stayed at home to continue with my work. I realised GCE ‘O’ level results were to be released soon and I blogged about it in the tuition blog. Then, I continued with SEO.
I managed to start on a new page titled “Immediate Tuition Assignments Singapore Daily Jobs Update” to explain more about the free service.