Blackout in 10 Raeburn Park

[Thursday, 17 February, 2011]

I went to sleep at 2am with Lucky. I dozed off faster than usual because I was too tired.

My mum woke me up after 9am just because Lucky shit on the floor. My stomach was not well again and I had noodle for late breakfast.

I went to the office at 1pm. I was too lazy to do chin-up since the weather was too hot and I did not want to sweat more. It was not long after I booted up the laptop when the first blackout happened. I started going outside to crap with the aunties. I realised it had happened a few times before and it only affected our block – block B.

My eyes were tired again but I struggled on with the tuition agency’s administration page. I started blogging after that and reached home by 7.30pm because my mum wanted to have steamboat on the fifteen day of lunar calendar.

It was a tiring night for me as I continued with the planning of the tuition agency website for tutors to apply with tuition assignments.


Chinese New Year 2011 Day 2

[Friday, 4 February, 2011]

I began the day blogging while doing SEO for the quit smoking site. It had been quite long since I started neglecting it. I went to bed at 5am.

My aunt woke me up at around 11am when she came over with our breakfast. However, she added chilli and we could not finish the spicy noodle. We took bus 75 to the home at Bukit Panjang to visit our uncle.

After the long trip, it was one of the worst moments I would ever want to be in – looking at my uncle nearly made my tears fall. He was one of the best guys on earth and it really hurt to see him in such state that he could not even think. Sitting on the wheel chair, he was tied to it and saliva continued to drip.

After leaving the home, we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for a quick bite at the MacDonald’s. We shared two Mac Nugget and one filet-o-fish meal. Then, we went to Daiso to shop. We went to the bus-interchange and a cute wild dog caught our attention.

I continued with the SEO work for my tuition agency site. In the late evening, I caught the movie “Zombie Land” at on a SCV channel.

It was a totally different Chinese New Year Day 2 this year because my uncle on my dad’s side went overseas with his family and thus there was no gathering. My main stream of ang bao money was eliminated and it was my poorest Chinese New Year ever.


Working at Home instead of at Office

[Monday, 17 January, 2011]

I went to sleep earlier than usual, right after 2am. I woke up at 10am and saw Mike’s SMS telling me that he was not going down to office until further notice for he was busy with his house’s renovation.

I had nasi lemak for breakfast. Throughout the day, I was working on SEO for the tuition agency website and I also dozed off a few times. Lucky, however, disturbed me like usual. I saw some results of my hard work.

In the late afternoon, I went to the Subway at Amara hotel with my young brother for my late lunch. I spent the evening updating the tuition assignments in forums and also, watching television shows at channel 5. They screened the movie Day after Tomorrow.


Struck at Office Gate for Nearly Half an Hour

[Tuesday, 11 January, 2011]

Immediate Tuition Assignments Singapore Daily Jobs Update” page was up and live. I went to bed after 4am and woke up at 11am.

My mum had cooked mee hoon and green bean soup, and I left for office at 12 noon. Mike arrived at around 1pm. I spent the afternoon working at forums and I was quite disappointed that it was quite time consuming that I could only register at a few of them.

Mike played his Starcraft 2 again to relax and we had dinner opposite SGH. I had a bowl of mushroom noodle that had a slice of abalone. Mike ordered an extra plate of fried rice and I felt quite guilty for wasting the food.

We went back to the office and continued with work until after 9pm. We left on separated ways and the security guard, Krishnan, caught me near the gate and told me his old stories again. He was quite entertaining but it was not really a good time to chat when I was hurrying home to rest.


New Year 2011

[Saturday, 1 January, 2011]

At the first minute of the year, I was busy blogging with the long due entries. Mike was relaxing himself with the Starcraft 2 game. We left at around 1.30am and I went to bed after 2am without switching on my laptop again.

I woke up at 11am and dozed off again until 1pm. My mum cooked instant noodle for me. Mike came to Tanjong Pagar and waited downstairs.

We went to the office in the rain. I did some SEO work for the tuition agency and then, followed by some coordinating work. I added in AJAX scripting for the administration end.

Mike and I had dinner at Everton Park. The Chinese mixed vegetable rice was somehow disappointing for the beancurd was spoiled. We went back to the office soon and left home after 8pm.

I had some discussion with my brother over the tuition agency stuffs.


Home Alone Day Three

[Saturday, 25 December, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging. Before going to bed at 3.30am, I collected the clothes from the bamboo sticks to keep them. Lucky disturbed me from my sleep many times.

I woke up at 11am by Mike’s SMS and we met up for breakfast near the 7-11, at one of the mixed vegetable rice stall. Then, we went to the office.

We shopped a while at Vivocity in the afternoon. We covered merely Daiso and Challenger before we went back to the office. The two large whiteboards had arrived the day before and we started fixing them up.

I cracked my head programming in the CMS of my tuition agency site to include AJAX. Mac came over to visit the office and he was very impressed by the design. It started raining heavily in the evening and we were going to Tanjong Pagar Plaza for dinner before the rain became a bit lighter, they decided to have their dinner at City Square instead. I went home alone and called for delivery and I enjoyed my favourite Malay fried rice from the Golden Café.

Lucky never stopped to disturb me from doing my work. I had webcam with my family.


Swim at Jurong West instead of Jurong East

[Monday, 13 December, 2010]

I continued with the SEO for my tuition agency site, followed by blogging and went to bed at 6am.

I woke up after 7am and went off to meet Gilbert and Wanling at Chinese Garden MRT station. Since Gilbert was late, we left first and I was craving for the KFC twister breakfast, which could be located at the Jurong East Swimming Complex. However, the KFC started at 11am and we were too early for it. Wanling and I went to the hawker centre instead and suddenly Gilbert told me he had used his phone to go online and realised the pool did not open on Monday. I quickly called Wanling to return to the table to discuss before she got her food. George called me to keep me even busier as he was enquiring about the old MTRC cards that I was handling before I left ITE. Anyway, both Wanling and I took our breakfast there and Gilbert arrived soon.

We decided to go to Jurong West Swimming Complex instead. We took the train to Pioneer MRT station and walked over. I was all excited at first since it was the first time I had been there. Gilbert was amazed over the construction of it since the entire pool was built on above the ground rather than digging into it. However, the lazy pool’s depth was too shallow. Wanling had the least fun since she had some phobia with water and she had to grab my hands at times. Then, we went up to rent a float. Eventually, we went to the Jacuzzi. It was freezing. Grey clouds marched by but left soon before another platoon of them arrived. Gilbert and I tried the slide once before we left the pool.

We went to Jurong Point for lunch. We dined the Lai Lai restaurant, which Wanling had tried before. I did not like the curry sauce and that I could not finish my food for my bloated stomach and probably because I was too lack of sleep.

We went to walk around and I was stoning all along for I was totally exhausted. Wanling took the same route as me towards east for she was meeting her friend at Novena. I wanted to send her over but she was too nice that she asked me to go home straight, knowing that I was tired.

After reaching home at around 6pm, I dozed off almost immediately for hours.


Meeting up Gilbert for Harry Potter Tickets

[Tuesday, 23 November, 2010]

I spent my morning blogging and working on my tuition agency website. I finished a new page to talk about Maths in Singapore. I went research for my competitors’ websites. Morale was low since I knew there was too much work I had to work on in order to excel in the massive competition.

My mum bought breakfast for my younger brother and I. I was very hungry for the “lor mai gai” but the pathetic dining table was filled with items such as steamboat, biscuits, titbits, handbag, empty containers, controllers, flyers, bottles and other things that I had to wait for both of them to finish their food. After my younger brother left, my mum occupied the two only available spaces and I lost patience to my hunger and started eating with a hand holding it.

I went to meet Gilbert in the early afternoon to collect movie tickets for Harry Potter. He bought it from his company as welfare at five bucks each but he had a briefing on his university course on Thursday that he could not watch with me. We met up outside the SingPost and crossed over to the food court at Amara Hotel. I did not take any food for I had my meal nearly an hour before that.

After sending Gilbert off to the MRT station, I went to the gym to chat with Tze Khit. His mum and maid arrived and I told him to leave the gym to me since he was going to send his mum to the hospital for check-up. Junze and Daoxiong arrived soon. I had a short discussion with Junze over our project before I left home.

I dozed off soon but woke up many times. Eventually I got up after 6pm and continued with my tuition agency website. I managed to complete the Credits page before joining my brothers to walk the dog. I had no luck in finding a companion to go to the cinema with me for the Harry Potter movie.


Volunteered for ASD Singapore Goodies Bag Packing Team

[Saturday, 20 November, 2010]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 9am and managed to also create a Twitter and Feedburner accounts for it. I dozed off for a while until 10am and felt quite surprised that Huiting did not give me morning call. My mum bought noodle for me and the fish cake she heated up in the oven was cold. I went to the toilet twice and I knew I would be late definitely.

Huiting called me when I was at the lift lobby and in order not to be disconnected, I did not board the lift. She told me she was leaving Singapore Polytechnic and since she did not know how to get to her friend’s place as well, we decided to meet. However, I was not sure where to meet her at since she did not know the Pasir Panjang Food Centre. We agreed on meeting at the prata shop, which I knew would take me longer to reach.

I was too tired to walk after having the diarrhoea and thus I went to the bus-stop in front of Amara Hotel instead of walking a longer distance to Keppel Road. I alighted at Vivocity to change bus but Huiting told me her bus did not stop near the prata shop. Therefore, I got her to take cab in directly while I stick to my original plan.

After arriving at Pasir Panjang, I made a wrong move to enter the private estate on my left, which was actually a deadly. Judging from the map, if there was an opening, I would have shortened my journey by quite a lot. I took the entrance at the extreme right and managed to find a familiar path along the canal. Eventually I made it to the playground and I was lucky to reach the destination soon.

After going into the house, I managed to see Huiting and I was quite stunned to see that one of the girls was stylish looking. We got started soon and it was quite messy for the goodies from the sponsors were too many to be lined up properly. We had over four hundreds of goodies bags to settle and I mainly worked on some papers and magnets that nearly broke my back.

We ended work after 2pm and went to the nearest duck rice stall to eat. It was the second time I went there and I was quite surprised over how popular it seemed to be when there was nothing much special. The meal cost more than sixty bucks and Ricky, being the eldest guy, treated us.

We took bus to Harbourfront while Huiting stayed at the bus-stop to wait for her sister to drive over. I was quiet through the journey for I knew none of them, except for the stylish babe did talk to me on the way for our lunch. I waited at the bus-top while the rest of them went to the train station.

I dozed off soon with Lucky after reaching home after 3pm. I woke up at around 6pm and started working on the tuition agency website.


The Better SEO Soon

[Friday, 19 November, 2010]

My mum tried hard to bring Lucky down for a walk but he refused to follow. It took great pain for my mum to get him to the lift lobby but he refused to move and cried. I ended up following them down in order not to disappoint my mum despite I was feeling fatigue.

I slept soon after 2am and woke up at 5am. Since I could not get back to sleep, I got up at 7am to continue my work on the tuition agency website. My breakfast was noodle. After that, I dozed off.

My lunch was fried rice and my mum used the same sausage she cooked the breakfast.

Mike messaged me after more than half a year and he began teaching me more about SEO to improve on my skill after he realised I was finally working on a profitable site – Smart Tuition Singapore. He even passed me a very powerful tool. Since I was on discussion with Mike, I did not my join my brothers in walking the dog.

While I was very stressed that there were too many things to improve and add on, Huiting called me and asked me to help her the next morning for the ASD Singapore goodies bag package project. At first I thought it was so coincidentally at Tanjong Pagar but I was stunned when she told me online that it was a “wulu” place at Pasir Panjang. I was very stressed since there were too many things to be done.