Mum’s Check-up at SGH

[Thursday, 29 July, 2010]

I was not in a good mood and blogging took me quite long. Crapping with Vanessa and knowing about her boyfriend’s funny opinions on Tze Khit and me kept me entertained to release the tension. I went to bed right after 4am.

My mum woke me up at around 7.30am. I was quite stunned when she asked me if I wanted to follow her to the hospital together with my elder brother when we had already finalised it days ago. She made half boiled eggs for me before the three of us set off, walking towards the hospital. We waited for the shuttle bus at the bus interchange and changed our mind.

The Singapore General Hospital was heavily guarded with nurses near the lifts under each block. We had to register, and obtain a sticker and a stamping on the back of the palm. I was quite taken back by one of the nurses at the Enscopy Centre because of her sincere and sweet smiles.

After my mum went in for her check-up, I went to the toilet for the third time of the day. It was freezing but I was well-prepared in my jeans and shoes, unlike my brother in his shorts and slippers, shivering away. His cup of hot drink turned cold soon. I spent most of the time usefully by typing an article regarding smoking in corridor.

My mum came out before 11am and she looked very pale. The nurse explained her condition to us and even showed us the photos taken inside her big intestine. There was nothing much serious after removing some acne inside but she had to report to the specialist again next month when the lab report was out.

We went to the Kopitiam food court for our brunch. The roosted chicken rice from the Muslim stall was very disappointing. My mum had soup mee hoon while my brother impressed me with his decision to take po pian. After that, we cabbed home.

Once I logged into MSN, Jade messaged me and finally started her webcam for she was supposed to do it with me the previous night. However, my network was having problems and it took me some time to get reconnected. She was in her class and thus, we could not really chat much even with the webcams on. I started nodding and went to bed after her class dismissal.

I got up a couple of hours later. Irwin finally got back to me via MSN to tell me that his already changed plan from viewing of camera at Funnan to movie at Vivocity was once again shifted to drinking at Clarke Quay together with his girlfriend and Eugene. I did not want to get into the hobby of drinking and thus I did not join in.

I was not in a very good mood still. Too much thought circulated in my mind that I started playing a few games of Condition Zero to distracted myself and to burn off the irritants. It was yet another inefficient night being stuck in front of the television.


Saturday at the Gym

[Saturday, 17 July, 2010]

I broke my record and went to sleep at 3am. Nevertheless, it was not easy to doze off. I woke up after noon and had lunch with my family at the coffee shop near block 7. It was taken over and managed by Food Loft. It was an interesting meal with the old drinks stall helper who screamed loudly over to the drinks stall in her high pitch whenever someone ordered a drink. The girl sitting over at the next table was quite cute.

After the brunch, I went to the gym straight away even though I noticed that I did not bring my water bottle along. It was a slacking Saturday and I wasted lots of time hanging around due to my stomach not giving me face again. After going to the toilet, I rested for a while before resuming my second training of the week. The four sets of pulls-up dropped from 15 to 12, followed by 10 and 8. After the workout, I had some usual nonsensical jokes of his old experience from Bobby together with Shaohui.

I had a very restless evening. My elder brother played Condition Zero with me for a couple of hours.


Supposed to Go Out

[Sunday, 6 June, 2010]

I became a good boy and started sleeping at around 3am, which was only an hour later than when I was at Zaki’s place.

My brunch was taken at Burger King, enjoying the $4.95 meal with my elder brother and his girlfriend.

I was waiting for Hirman’s reply whether he wanted to go for a swim or movie but he stopped suddenly. Since he was rushing his work for the next day’s submission, I did not bother him.


A Fresh Start of a Saturday at Zaki’s Place

[Saturday, 5 June, 2010]

It was an unusual morning for it was the second time I stayed over at Zaki’s place. Hirman wanted to watch the Proposal but he knocked out soon. I watched it alone and went to sleep at around 2am.

I woke up at around 7am and was too alive to doze off. I was really amazed how the less than five hours of sleep could make me feel so comfortable and energetic; unlike my long hours of sleep at home.

When Hirman returned to conscious, he suggested watching The Legion but both of us started complaining that it was too slow. We managed to change the disc and started watching another show.

It was near 11am and we made our way out of Zaki’s house since he was going out for brunch with his brother soon. We were directionless in the car but alas Hirman decided to grab some bites near my house. We went to the market and then had coffee at the Spinelli. He was supposed to hear from me about the Life is so Beautiful project but I did not interrupt him from reading the newspaper. His intuition was right and he got a booking for illegal parking in the car park.

We dropped the plan for the afternoon because Hirman was dead beat. I washed up and started knocking off. It was quite a cooling afternoon in the drizzling weather.


Sunday at Marina Square

[Sunday, 23 May, 2010]

On Sunday, I was woke up by my brother’s girlfriend. They wanted to go for brunch at Marina Square. We went to Just Acia and I ordered fish and chips. It was more like the mixed vegetable rice’s fish cut into small slices with the fries. Nevertheless, the free flow of ice-cream and drinks was the greatest attraction.

After the meal, we went to John Little’s and I got myself a short. Then, we went to the soft toy catching machines to feel the excitement of others dumping their coins into the machines wastefully. It was a good place for girls-watching. My brother’s girlfriend gave a tried on one of the machines and she got herself a Pooh Bear tissue box. It was a good try for a dollar.

After going home and resting for a while, my mum returned home and we set off to the Maxwell Market at around 8pm. I got my mum her fish soup mee hoon before going to get my cheap and okay tasting noodle at the usual stall but it was sold out. After walking around the pathetic place with most of the stalls already closed, I got myself a plate of wantan mee at the stall behind. The place was somehow good for girls-watching as well.

Somehow, I was bothered for the entire day.


Out with Tze Khit and Bobby

[Wednesday, 19 May, 2010]

I lost to the sleep disease again. Even though I dozed off near daylight, I tried to set my alarm clock to wake me up early so that I could make myself more tired. In the end, I failed before I went back to sleep again.

At around 11am, my mum, however, woke me up for the air-conditioner servicemen were coming over soon. They were a father and son team and they worked quite professionally. They charged us $50 for diagnosing the problem of the system and also did a simple clean-up. Even though it was the first day of my brother’s work, he promised my mum to fork out the money first and he would return the sum to her later.

My brunch was chicken rice, which my mum bought from the stall that Bianhong’s mum worked at. It was much overpriced with the few pieces of bones.

I met up with Tze Khit and his partner, Bobby at the carpark and Tze Khit took us a ride to Sim Lim Tower. His driving was quite reckless but confident. After getting some fuses, we went to a foodcourt nearby where they had their lunch before we went to Sim Lim Square. Bobby was amazing with his knowledge even though he cracked too many jokes that I could not make up which were facts. Tze Khit got himself a thumbdrive, it seemed like Bobby was shopping while Tze Khit was merely footing the bill.

We went to Bras Basah Complex to print banners and the lady amazed me with her keyboard shortcuts with Illustrator. I knew I was not even fifty percent to a master of designer yet. I was not lucky for the lady whom they wanted me to look at was on leave. We moved on to shop around at the nearby A1 printing shop to look at brochure holder before we moved to the Popular Bookstore to compare prices. They bought a paper slicer and some stationery. I was tempted to the computer writing pad and sound speaker.

While going down the escalator, we saw a babe at the opposite direction and it was the luckiest moment of the day. We went to the A1 printing shop to purchase the holder while I was engrossed with all the interesting office equipments, especially a nicely designed signboard with calligraphy writing.

After getting all the items, we returned to Tanjong Pagar and had our dinner at the Burger King. Their $4.95 promotional set with the extra two chicken drumlets were a great pulling factor. Bobby was a very good father for he was troubled over his daughter’s little things. After the dinner, we went to back to the Gold’s Gym. Tze Khit had a client and I waited for his personal training session to end to set off together. We bid each other goodbye at the carpark.


After the Chalet

It had been long since I last took heavy meal on my own account. I kept walking over to the barbecue pit to grab food and also swallow cups of fruit punch. I went to sleep after 3am.

We woke up at around 9.30am to start packing up everything, returning the tables and barbecue tray to the blur auntie. Then, we shared two cabs home.

I was only able to enjoy my favourite show on channel 8 for an hour before noon as my elder brother suggested to go for the famous lor mee at Ah Moy Street. After our brunch, we accompanied our mum to the sen sei to bandage her sprained finger, which cost me $16 without any twisting of the bone.

I spent the entire day sleeping and preparing for my reservist, but eventually I failed to find my army’s driving license.


My Elder Brother’s Chalet

It was one of the chalets that I slept early. My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend were the only four persons inside the double storey chalet. My younger brother went up to sleep first and followed by the couple. I stayed at the ground floor to surf net using my younger brother’s laptop, network powered by the iPhone. It was still noisy after 1am and there was a sudden birthday song. I dozed off after 2am.

In the morning, the four of us went to the shopping mall to shop for some food at the NTUC. Then, we went to the food court for brunch. My younger brother and I took a set meal of eggs, bread and tea, and we also bought a plate of carrot cake to share.

Since we were entitled four tickets to the Escape Theme Park and I made my virgin trip there. We tried both the Go Kart courses before going into the haunted house. We decided to go back later in the day for other games.

My younger brother and I dipped into the pool under the hot sun. The stamp for re-entering the Escape Theme Park was washed off by the water soon. Even though we tried to stay under the small shaded area, I felt the pain of sunburnt by the end of the day.

My mum arrived with my elder brother’s friends, with the fried mee hoon and curry. In the evening, my younger brother asked my mum and I out to the seaside for a walk and I regretted not bringing the camera along. We went back in around half an hour’s time and camped at storey two, where my younger brother and I had a game of Command and Conquer again.

The guests were impressed with the frame made by my brother to place the cupcakes. The cupcakes were quite disappointing in terms of the size, the holder and taste.

Since I did not know most of the guests, it was quite boring until I started playing with a baby together with my mum and younger brother.


Missed FYP Meeting

Yesterday morning, I took honeystar with milk followed by a carrot for brunch.

After watching the “Plan A” at channel 8, I started working on the FYP website, which absorbed my brain cells. When I checked my phone in the afternoon followed by a missed call from Soon Siong, I realized they were all meeting up, whereas I thought only Soon Siong was supposed to tie up with Stephen with the coding part. I did not go down.

I got stuck when I tried to challenge SQL statements and it took me hours before Soon Siong did the magical rescue within a few minutes to solve the problem.

My elder brother and his girlfriend packaged chicken rice for me while I was resting from doing my project and thus I had a late dinner.


Second Day of MC and My Mum’s Holiday

On the second morning of my MC, I went to the MacDonald’s with my brother and his girlfriend. The new restaurant was renovated again to accommodate more people, at the cost of the coziness. We shared a nugget meal with a chicken roll, and another cup of drinks and fries at the cost of $10 exactly using coupons.

I woke up in the noon and my brother had bought nasi lemak. However, he did not know I preferred chicken wing to drumstick.

The afternoon was spent resting, playing and working on my FYP’s website, which killed much of my brain cells.

In the evening, I was expecting the most unexpected for the couple started cooking. The food was edible and the best thing was that they did not use onion, garlic or ginger at all.