Lynn’s Birthday Gathering at Brewerkz

[Sunday, 14 March, 2010]

I woke up in time to catch my favourite show on channel 8 at 11am. It was the last episode of “Plan A”.

It seemed like a long afternoon for blogging. Somehow the clock on my laptop was wrong and I had to adjust an hour earlier, such that the meeting with my ex NP classmates was kind of delayed. The long waiting put me to sleep after stuffing a chocolate into my mouth.

I woke up more than an hour later in shock. I checked my phone and realised Wen Chang had messaged me saying that he had overslept. Eventually he was only late for half an hour, whereas, I doubled his record. Jason won me.

Brewerkz was never my ideal place for dinner. Even though I had been there for a few times with Irwin, my short term memory told me it was a western food restaurant and thus I made a silly and wasted trip up the Central shopping centre.

I had pizza for the second time the week but I preferred that place as a drinking place more.

It was never a comfortable gathering with a few big expensive DSLR cameras around. I kept my small digital camera behind me. I hated the feeling when being asked to comment on the fact that I used to be the one taking photos around during the schooling days and now that others were doing it on my behalf.

I could only admit to myself that photography is an expensive habit.

After the dinner, I was on different way from them after passing by the Central. Missing a bus after the long way, I decided to continue with the walk.



I felt very lousy and suay (unlucky) in the early Thursday morning. I was very unprepared for the photoshoot, assuming everything was going to work as per normal.

Early in the morning, I could not find the latest camera held by my younger brother. As he opened his eyes, I asked him and his reply caught me in a daze for a moment. He had lent his camera to his good friend who had not returned him.

I packed up my old Olympus camera, together with the rechargeable batteries and charger, and left for work. The batteries were not charged for weeks and I had not used that camera for quite some time, which made me feel uneasy.

When I reached office, I went to find Kelvin immediately to borrow the DSLR camera but he told me it loaned by Cheng Hong. I could sense this alternative was not going to work out. I gave Cheng Hong a call and when he told me he was on course, I knew he was not going back to office, and thus I dropped the idea completely.

I set up the battery charger before going to Dorothy, who had been bringing her camera with her, but it was not my day after all.

The fact that I had forgotten to email my big boss, Diana, the day before to invite her down for the photoshoot made me feel worse. She had a good camera and was very experienced in phototaking, which could have assured a perfect work.

Diana was not around and I went to check with Wee Lian, and was happy enough to hear that she was coming back to the campus in the afternoon. I dropped the idea of emailing her since she would not have time to check her email during the meeting and that it would take hours to look through all her unread emails. I sent her a SMS and she replied me within minutes and told me that her camera was at home, but she was okay to go home to get it.

In the afternoon, my big boss went down to the “chocolate room” as promised to boost up my confidence of completing the job. The ingredients for the food items were quite big and it took the chefs time and efforts to shop, cook and bake, and to get them ready, whereas I was not supposed to make any mistake.

Eventually, another colleague from the culinary side came down with a more professional camera. I was very certain that Diana and my photos were good enough for the small web photos, but it was good for the two departments to have photos from a better camera to keep their work as portfolio.

I was very happy that my big boss would spend an hour there for me and her hobby in such a short notice. She even had to make her way home in the rainy day to get her camera. This friendship and mentorship could never happen in the outside working world. I was truly lucky.

There were too many preparations I could have done earlier to ensure that the photoshoot would be going smooth:
– Check with my younger brother earlier for the camera
– Get a newer camera for my personal use
– Check with Kelvin for the DSLR camera earlier
– Email my big boss to book her earlier
– Inform Dorothy to bring her camera along
– Charge my rechargeable batteries the night before


Unleash Fitness Gym Opening

I woke up early in the Saturday morning just like a normal weekday. I had curry for the second day before going Clementi Town Secondary School for volleyball. My legs did not follow my brain like usual but I had nice games.

I tried my younger brother’s Sony camera and the pictures were so much than the old Olympus I had been using clearer during dim light situation. I did not play much with the settings though.

After washing up, we went to look for Tze Khit at his gym on this opening day. He was the most successful person among my volleyball clique who strike his career path without his parents’ assistance.

We spent quite some time sitting around the gym while waiting for the rest to arrive. I was dehydrated for my body was too “heaty” and I did not take enough water during and after the volleyball game. The dehydration set my head spinning.

We had dinner at Clementi’s hawker centre. It had been some time since I last took the chicken cutlet, which was cheap and tasty. My mind was unclear and during the conversation, I could not even express myself.


NP Meet-up and Mingfa's Early Birthday Celebration

One of my busiest weekends was last Saturday. There was not much time to enjoy myself enough before the meet-up with my ex polytechnic classmates. Just as I was about to leave my house, Mingli called me to ask me get a cake for Mingfa; I was quite lost at first since I was already running out of time and that I did not know what time I would get home. It took me quite a while to remember that the cake shop at my neighbourhood was opening for throughout the night. I quickly rushed down to order a black forest cake and told the girl that I would collect it at night.

My eventful weekends started.

Meeting up with my ex comrades was great for it was always my wish to gather with my old friends occasionally. It was all because of my laziness to leave my house and lack of concentration to accomplish my work that I had neglected so many friends.

Benson made this gathering possible. As predicted, he brought his DSLR camera and even his tripod stand along and I was so ashamed to take out my old camera from my bag. After loitering around for a while, we proceeded to Breeks at Harbourfront where the rest started to join up with us. Somehow, we felt weird that the crews did not greet us like how they welcomed the rest of the customers. I made the same old order.

After the lunch, Yongming left us with his girlfriend. The rest of us went to Vivocity to walk around and eventually stopped at a café where we had to spend some time battling with the waitress to allow us to pull more sofa chairs over. The drinks were expensive but quite big in the serving.

Benson started playing with his two-month old baby and the flashes hit a foreign gentleman who was indulging in his book in the once quiet place. He was gone after some time.

The temptation of owning a DSLR camera multiplied. It was probably due to the fact that my old Olympus D-750 was too old that the image quality, focus speed, start up speed and recovering speed between shots were too backdated that I felt the urge for a better equipment.

We went to the Sky Garden and took group pictures before we parted.

It was after ten when I got home, Mingli informed me that she and Weitat were on their way to my place. I joined them downstairs fifteen minutes later and collected the cake. Then, we proceeded to the Hong Kong Café at East Coast Park to meet up with Mingfa, Mingen and Tiffany. Mingfa looked tired, whereas Mingen was having bad diarrhoea.

Black Forest Cake 0.5KG

Lighting the candles


with the birthday boy

Fortunate Mingfa with Tiffany and Mingli

Make a wish

Blowing the candle

Busy man cutting cake

Group picture – Mingen, Tiffany, Mingfa, Mingli, Weitat, Kailun

We began hiding the cake at the cashier and bringing it out after midnight. It was not very romantically done. By then, we were already full and thus did not eat much of the cake.

Coca Restaurant and Dusty Event

Friday could be a relaxing day but somehow it turned out differently.

I woke up quite early but went off to bed again until afternoon. Lunch was plain mee hoon with sausage which almost choked me. Just as I was working with my websites, Mingfa called to inform me of the lunch at Orchard.

Since the deadline of submitting the SAF G50 form was near and I did not want anything wrong (inclusive of fine) to happen, I quickly continued with filling up the ultimate troublesome form. I actually received it around two weeks ago but the dread of the tedious fact finding job stalled time and hence, it was left incomplete till date. In fact, I had already completed half of it in the previous sessions of my hard work, but still, it took me very long to surf the internet to check for addresses of my ex companies and also, to find out Mingfa’s Chinese name in order to complete everything. I even had to wait for my mum to search for documentation of her work place address.

I was late for the meeting as expected. I joined them at Takashimaya and Mingfa came over to fetch me near the Kinokuniya book store to Coca. It was my first visit to this high class steamboat buffet restaurant. The ingredients were of course great and especially the service; it was probably because of the very empty tables on a weekday afternoon.


The steamboat

Jingkun and the ice-cream

Mingfa and I

The group photo – Mingfa, Me, Jingkun, Mingli, Weitat

Due to the fact that I had just taken my meal not long ago, I could not input too much food into my filled stomach. I was not a fan of buffet because I hated having to gobble food into my stomach, especially nice food, just to make sure the price paid was worth it. I did not go down specially for a free expensive treat, but for the sake of gathering. Indeed it was a good choice that I had made to join them because of all the laughers. We had this extra service of eating prawns with peeled shell, proudly sponsored by Mingli. The meal cost Weitat a big bomb, beyond anyone’s imagination.

I was not in favour of dining in such good restaurant since we had only started a little into working lives and most of us were going to further studies soon or near future. My concept of handling money differed from most people as they thought it was okay to pamper ourselves once in a while. Saving for the rainy days was what great men would do, instead of having to borrow money from friends in future, which would cause impact on the friends’ plans.

It was not my money but I was the only one who felt the ache instead of the payer.

The glass dropped

Mingli left for her friend’s surprise birthday party. Mingfa, Weitat and Jingkun accompanied me to Far East Plaza to visit my girlfriend who was one of the celebrity guests at the Dusty’s shop opening. The setting up was a disaster due to the cute mushroom head waiter. Someone could have banged into him that he dropped the glass while serving the drinks. Just as we were joking that he would be hiding himself somewhere, he made a second brave attempt to continue with his job and a second glass later fell and wetted a few of the guests who reached there earlier. We were bad but it was difficult to resist such entertainment.

Li Zhi Yi and Joanne Peh

At the start, my rechargeable batteries died off me and they really pissed me off that I wanted to get new ones badly since I could not afford to miss any shot. However, I was sick of the slow Olympus C-750 camera and yet I could not afford to inject my fund into a DSLR camera which I had pinned so hard for; a normal camera could no longer satisfy my photography craze.

Ben and my girlfriend

The models

My girlfriend among the crowd of celebrities

My dear friends stayed behind to accompany me throughout the event. It would be great if my tag-team partner Sherie was around.

After the event was over, we went down to the “Sweet Talk” shop to get some drinks. The banana milkshake was very thirst drenching and it kept me freezing on the bus, which somehow make me regret buying.

I did not take dinner again for the second consecutive night.