At Least, a Peaceful Night

[Friday, 26 February, 2010]

I started off the morning resuming with the work tasked the day before.

I received a call from Bernice from the NSMen Pay Enquiry department. Her service was good. I managed to settle for my pay during the reservist period.

It was not a very peaceful morning for I was requested to do things for worthless people, but luck was on my side somehow for me to push it away. I could sacrifice a lot for nice people but it was a thrust onto my chest when I was forced to do it due to work.

I had a chat with Kevin who suggested some good companies that I could look into.

I wasted my afternoon doing official work in my sleepy head.

I could never agree with the saying that when you agreed to help someone close, it would not be a process of torment. For me, I would make sacrifices for my loved ones and friends, but I would never bluff myself that the pain was not there.

I went to the MPH to watch some students play badminton. It seemed that students who had very poor attitude in class could actually be serious in sport games. If only they could respect people like how they respected the game, life would be better for others.

I went to Farrer Park to meet Jasmine and her friend for dinner. She had a new company soon. I took the worst chicken cutlet ever at City Square Mall, served by a China man. It was awful and small in proportion. Apart from the food, having weird people sitting around the same table made the dinner awkward. I was quieter than ever and began to feel the revenge of my lack of sleep.

Other than the bad dinner, I was being pushed to the girl and Jasmine behaved weirdly because the guy refused to accept the fact that she was not interested in him at all. It was a total waste of time. I could not crap with Jasmine like usual and all of them seemed to be sending each other SMSes all along when it was so obvious.

It was a long battle of endurance before Jasmine and I could knock off the awful scene to regain our usual chats. We walked around the neighbourhood and took pictures together. It was only then she told me that her friend had a girlfriend already, otherwise, I would have helped her to get away from him earlier without wasting all the time mourning in silence.

The final problem was, however, she had given my number to her friend and I really hated people bothering me.

I managed to catch the last train home.


Volleyball – to my Limit

Yesterday morning, my bag was heavier than usual with my sports gears. I did my second set of chin-up for the week and had less two pulls than the previous day. Soon after I got back to the office, boss asked everyone to go down to carry some flip chart up and I was almost killed.

Lunch was quite frustrating for we planned to go to Bukit Timah food centre but Dorothy insisted to go to West Coast, and thus, we had some debate and almost had to go in separate ways. In the end, we overrode the opposition’s rule.

There was one western food stall sticking the “no western food available for the time being” notification and another one told me they were not ready yet. Luckily, there was a third stall. I had a plate of chicken cutlet and it was one of the softest cutlets I had ever taken. My stomach was further filled by the extra food ordered by them.

After lunch, Jingkun and I took Dorothy’s car towards Dunern Road to get some pastries, while the rest took Daniel’s car to get egg tarts at somewhere nearby. It started drizzling and the rain came down big on the way back to campus. I was very stunned to witness that Dorothy’s car’s front glass was so foggy that we could hardly see far under the rain. It was not long before I started to get dizzy. There was this little fear within me somehow.

Kumar and Alif were both inside the staff room. Kumar started making prank call to Salim and we had a good laugh over it. I checked the timetable and realized the lab was empty, and thus I packed up to open it for them. That was a good deed from me for the rest of their classmates started coming in soon, drenched by the heavy rain. They announced Bukit Timah was badly flooded.

I stayed inside the lab until after 6pm when everyone had finally left. I left the staff room together with my two bosses and got to hear interesting stories from them on the way down.

Kachua, Mingfa and I started off the evening by squeezing into Wilson’s car to watch the channel 8 show. It was our plan to not set up the volleyball net for the Filipinos who had been taking it for granted. However, Weitat arrived with Tony, Gin and Eugene and they went into the hall straight away, and thus we followed suit. We simply sat by the side and our plan worked.

This evening, there were fewer people, however, my side, together with two uncles, was enough to form two teams. They played seriously. I only got to play in the third game. My team was generally weaker than others and in my last game, it was worst. However, being “one of the star players”, I played serious and intensively with the Filipinos. Quanru uncle and his wife started asking why I played better than usual for the night. In fact, my legs were giving ways throughout the evening and I was simply testing my limits.

After volleyball, we sat by the side to cool down, leaving the court to the Filipinos again and our tactic worked. They tore down the net. I felt it was not a very tactical move since it appeared that we were the slackers.

Mingfa and Jingkun left earliest. The rest of us planned to go to Commonwealth for wantan noodle but Mr Peh invited us to join him near the Clementi MRT. After we got there, Mr Peh arrived with the Filipinos and I was quite “sian”.

After my late dinner, Kachua sent me home.


Volleyball and Late Dinner at Newton

I had a great Thursday after so many months of dull days. I stayed alone inside the office until Tze Khit called me. I met him up at the canteen before Kachua joined us.

Volleyball was fun. I felt good that I did not do as lousy as the previous time to disgrace myself again. My team lost most of the matches but we played with fighting spirit, which was more than satisfactory.

We went to Newton for late dinner and I started digging into the remaining of my chicken cutlet, which Weitat bought for me just right before the volleyball game.

It was the first time I took Tze Khit’s van and Kachua’s Malaysian car, on the way to the hawker centre and then my house.

It was one of the greatest nights ever with the companion of so many volleyball-mates. Even though we were lack of many others and could never get together in a larger group, the night was awesome enough.


Sick and the SIM Babes

My health had been depleting for the past few days ever since Sunday morning. The bloated stomach invited flu along on Tuesday night and I almost could not make it for work the next morning.

Taking panadol caused me bad cough and I could not doze off with the irritant on my throat. I was not sure if I was allergy to panadol because it was not the first time it happened. The giddiness in the morning almost tripped me over on the way to Bukit Batok.

I was surprised that I could still conduct the workshop in my condition. It was a terrible morning to struggle on for my weak body wanted to collapse so many times while I put on a strong front.

Lunch was at Clementi’s coffee near the NTUC. The chicken cutlet was a letdown. I was not sure if I was too giddy or Weitat heard wrongly, otherwise, I would have enjoyed the chicken chop instead. A gay bee ruined my entire cup of lime juice by kissing the tip of the cup and also sucking off the juice.

I was always sleepy but the flu worsened my condition that my eyes could hardly stay open in the afternoon.

Magdalene gave me a lift to school and thus I reached SIM very early. I took a seat at one of the study tables and two quite good looking girls shared the table with me, and even sitting on the same side, right besides me. There were many babes passing by as well.


Unleash Fitness Gym Opening

I woke up early in the Saturday morning just like a normal weekday. I had curry for the second day before going Clementi Town Secondary School for volleyball. My legs did not follow my brain like usual but I had nice games.

I tried my younger brother’s Sony camera and the pictures were so much than the old Olympus I had been using clearer during dim light situation. I did not play much with the settings though.

After washing up, we went to look for Tze Khit at his gym on this opening day. He was the most successful person among my volleyball clique who strike his career path without his parents’ assistance.

We spent quite some time sitting around the gym while waiting for the rest to arrive. I was dehydrated for my body was too “heaty” and I did not take enough water during and after the volleyball game. The dehydration set my head spinning.

We had dinner at Clementi’s hawker centre. It had been some time since I last took the chicken cutlet, which was cheap and tasty. My mind was unclear and during the conversation, I could not even express myself.


The Website Feeling is Back

Jingkun was on medical leave on Wednesday due to his ankle’s injury. Daniel, Weitat and Kevin joined me for lunch but since we had no car, there was some hesitation at first. The canteen’s only opened stall was the one which I had condemned and thus, I advised them to lunch out instead. Since the weather was hot, I was quite guilty over it.

We walked to Clementi hawker centre and the western food stall was on business for me. I ordered chicken cutlet for Kevin and Weitat while Daniel went for chicken chop. I prepared my coins to pay for my lunch because my wallet was “exploding” but the auntie collected the notes from Weitat when I insisted I had to pay for my meal first. The coins were shared among Weitat and Kevin and it made me guilty again.

Back to the office, I continued with my work. The boredom from doing George’s website design threw me into my own PHP project. I got addicted once again. Ajax codes were improved to “post” instead of “get”, which improved a lot on the security. Alas, time restricted my enthusiasm.

I spent the night with the website after clearing emails and dragged till quite late before going to bed.