Computer Issue Solved

I bought a new computer… not.

During last year’s March, I left my computer for a while to take a break from work and I returned to my computer being restarted. The windows 10’s updates did the ridiculous restart and it had probably given me a few minutes to halt the action while I was away.

Anyway, what happened next was hell. My automation software started becoming lagging and I had to restart my computer in order to put it back to normal. It couldn’t last for a couple of hours before the software became unresponsive. My internet browsers gave way as well.

Instead of restarting my computer once in a few weeks or months, I had to restart it a few times per day. There were times when I didn’t go home, my automation software was as good as on strike. The only blessing was that Photoshop continued to run normally. I was able to play the online game Team Fortress 2 (TF2) and the issue didn’t seem to pose any problem to the game.

Another ridiculous thing was that my computer was a working beast with 32GB of RAM and running on Solid State Drive (SSD). The CPU and RAM usage had been staying comfortably way below 30%. My internet was running on fibre optical network. I ran speed test for the internet bandwidth when my software were unresponsive and it showed that my internet was actually stable.

I went online to search high and low for solutions. I configured the settings of my Windows 10 (including registries), downloaded special software to update all the drivers (some newer drivers weren’t detected by Windows 10), installed software to detect for errors in both my hardware and software, defragmented my disk drives, ran virus and malware scans, and even opened up my CPU to clear away the dust physically. Eventually, I reformatted my Windows 10. I also consulted some IT experts. Nothing worked.

Having to spend long hours in front of the computer everyday, it was hell for me, especially when I was someone who couldn’t stand inefficiency. For example, I would always try my best to use my computer to reply messages because it was much faster than typing on the tiny soft keyboard of my phone.

Although I kept telling myself to focus on my work, every few weeks or month, I would try to go online to search for solutions for hours. I was trained to find solution since young and I had the never-give-up attitude, or some people would say “stubborn”.

After my elder brother bought a new laptop, I installed my automation software on it and I was amazed that it was running smoothly on the Windows 10 operating system. So, I was able to confirm that it wasn’t the software’s fault (lazy programmers).

I tried “playing” around with some software as recommended in websites/forums, including Microsoft’s. Then, I even changed the LANs cable. I had probably exhausted all the testing and had little luck. The frustration thing was that every changes I made, I had to restart the computer and wait for a couple of hours in order to determine if it was the solution.

Out of desperation, I made a drastic move to uninstall my antivirus instead of temporary disabling it, which I had done before. An hour later, I was very hopeful that my software remained very responsive without gradually slowing down. It was near dawn and I left the computer alone without doing the usual rebooting before going to bed.

How I would describe my feeling was that I seemed to have recovered from nine months of constipation.

Spread the Love – August 2016

My mum noticed that I had many photography equipment lying around and she packed some space at the shelf previously used to put Luckie’s stuff for me to store things.
Gilbert had a free movie ticket as one of his colleagues fell sick and could not go. He even picked me up to go over to Lido together. I stopped him from sending me home after that and I actually made it home earlier than him. It would take him double the time if he were to give me a lift home.
During the re-shoot with Angie at her place, she cooked dinner for both her new social media manager, Mary, and me. It was great to be given a treat by someone of a high status who had cooked personally for us. In fact, Angie had arranged the shoot such that I would gain more exposure for Mary would be capturing the behind-the-scene photographs – if Mary were to use them on her publication.
Weitat arranged around three sessions of volleyball games at Yusof Ishak Secondary School and sent me home twice. During the last session, we had dinner at Clementi and I was able to go home by myself since the coffee shop was quite near to the train station. Alas, he was very concerned if I could catch the last train and I felt very touched. Alas, I could finally feel less guilty by not troubling him. After one of the games, our favourite auntie footed the bill for our supper at a coffee shop in Bukit Gombak, which made me feel very bad since there were quite a number of us. Jingjie bought many bottles of greentea for one of the sessions and shared with us generously.
As I was asking my elder brother about using HDMI cable to replace VGA cable for my computer, he told me he had a spare one. When he came back to my house, he actually remembered bringing it along.
My hairdresser endured another last-minute booking from me as I was about to go for reservist. As usual, she was not pissed off. Anyway, she charged me the same price since twenty years ago and she actually needed not take my business.
During reservist, the drivers Fabian, Melvin and Kenneth gave us free rides that had reduced the amount of time and energy used in travelling. I made a new friend, Teck Hui, a social worker, who gave me a treat on the second day.

Computer Genius – Acts Smart

It was the joke of the day when I saw people asking about why “ALT” + “Printscreen” did not work for Windows 7 in Facebook. Someone had already answered it was purely because laptop required the “Fn” Function, and yet, an act-smart person replied saying:

“window 7 is different already… U have to click fn only can copy and paste..”

Does this mean that a person using laptop needs not use the “Fn” key if he is running on Windows XP or Vista operating system?

Computers are designed to separate hardware and software’s development, so that you can easily upgrade either of them without affecting the other, or at least, there will not be a major like a specific key on the keyboard requires additional help to function. That is also the way OSI model is divided into seven layers.


Last Day of Work and Farewell to my Younger Brother

[Wednesday, 31 March, 2010]

Early in the morning on this special day, I was thrown to recall about one good reason for me to leave – the extra worthless stupid shit. While trying hard to settle the remaining of the MTRC, I was being arrowed, together with Weitat, to the lab to do some checking. It reminded me of the past when I was too soft to reject, while everyone else tried to act deaf to the nuisance, ending up that I was the only person to help out in all the chores. By the end of these two years plus, I had already turned smarter by asking my boss of the work allocation. Since my boss spoke up to request me and Weitat to help out, I left the pile of documents on my table.

It was supposed to be random checking of five stations in each of the three labs for the installation of MS Office 2007, until the quality check had failed. It turned out that the vendor which took up the maintenance of the computers had earlier sent two interns over to do all the work; and instead of restoring the entire system before installing the new software, they simply did the easy way out. Many of the computers in the lab were having problems. That guy wanted us to screen through all the computers and note down the serial number of every failed system. I suggested that since the quality check had failed, we could just ask the company to send someone over to see, and make them double check all the computers, and after which, leaving all the MS office opened for us to check – he turned a deaf ear to my suggestion.

I was supposed to meet up with Faris together with Jingkun. While I was doing the shit, I tried to contact them as Indra rang me up as he wanted to join in as well. When I got back to the office, Jingkun told me he would be going out with Magdalene for lunch instead and I was very turned off for the last minute changes. Since it was no longer a meet-up of the “disciplinary team”, I asked the bosses along for a great gathering. When Faris was already on his way to the hawker centre, the two bosses were still busy inside the office and both Indra and I went down to the administration office to wait for them. After quite some time they arrived but there was a guy who came for course advising, which further delayed us. I was taken aback when I realised that they asked another colleague along. During the meet-up with Faris, I did not speak up much and there were some jokes that I was not very interested in.

Back to office, I started clearing up all the remaining mess. Weitat continued to help out in the checking of the computers even though boss had already stepped in to agree that it was not necessary to go through each and every one of them. I was quite worried for Weitat because he might be taken for granted by the same person who did it to me in the past if he did not reject the stupid craps earlier.

I felt quite embarrassed when Hasnah and Eunice passed me a little gift each because I did not prepare anything physically for them. Joy came back to the office and I shamefully told her I had not finished my farewell letter. In the late afternoon when the office was almost empty, she sent me to the Clementi MRT station. On the way, I was telling her that I had not felt anything yet and it was as though it was not my last day of work yet.

After reaching home, my younger brother’s friends came over soon. The house was messier than before since my younger brother was still packing his luggage for his student exchange trip to Germany. My aunt came over as well and I dozed off for around an hour before we set off. Since the luggage was big, we walked to the lift to squeeze with many working people. They were very disgusting for the lift was supposed to be taken by the needy or people who were carrying bulky items like us, and some of them who arrived later than us even fought to squeeze inside.

We waited for the second train since the first one was packed. My younger brother started to search for his camera’s cable and realised it was not inside his bag. Therefore, I made my way back home from Cityhall MRT to fetch it, which was actually left on my table. I took along my laptop and was glad to find a seat soon on the train to continue typing my farewell letter for my colleagues.

It took me quite some time to find Poppye after taking the Skytrain from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. I had a feast with the ready-served food. My elder brother and his girlfriend had arrived long before me, and together with my younger brother’s friends, sitting together at the combined tables. My younger brother’s ex-girlfriend arrived next with all the university friends and I still found it very pity that they were not together anymore. I did not question him about it before.

When my younger brother went to check in his luggage, I went to the toilet after holding the shit since before I left my house, but to my disappointment as the toilet was not as nice as expected. While we were at the departure hall to take photos, my mum teared as expected.

My younger brother’s ex-girlfriend said she was going to Germany in a month’s time and told my mum to call her if we had anything to deliver to my younger brother. When she questioned about her number, my mum was at a loss and I had fun rubbing in before I explained to her that my mum’s phone was spoiled some months ago.

On the train, my mum hinted me badly to send my aunt home like usual, which my aunt did not like it. Then she suggested that she would send my aunt home instead and I found it stupid that my mum had to go home by herself after that in the darkness, and thus I followed. In the end, my mum decided to stay in my aunt’s house and thus, I took the opposite train home at Tiong Bahru.

It was not the day to grief and miss my colleagues for the departure of my younger brother was another big blow to my usual life, which I managed to get away from by working hard on the farewell letter. My head was heavy and I could not really think properly.


Teambuilding at ITE Club House

It was a tiring school holiday’s Thursday. Due to the teambuilding event, we had to report to ITE’s club house at the headquarter as early as 8am.

It was raining and was definitely a turn-off to travel. I took bus 196 and alighted right opposite Fairfield Methodist Secondary School where I started the long walk into the car park. I did not know the exact location of the club house and eventually made a little blunder to waste some energy.

I had my breakfast there and the food was quite good. The event was very well planned given the short time notice. I enjoyed sitting on the chair, looking at my favourite type of magazine – home decoration.

I saw hero for the day, someone who volunteered to contribute ideas and efforts; but I also saw bastard, someone who talked more than actions and made clown of others just to showcase himself.

We had quite a number of prizes consisting of food and vouchers.

After the event, I stayed behind to help out in moving the furniture back. Then, Daniel dropped Weitat and I at Commonwealth MRT station.

I dozed off at home and woke up late for volleyball. It was not a good night for the game. My brain was numbed and that the hurt on my right knuckle denied me from performing. The few of us ended the game shortly and Kachua sent me home.

I passed my CPU to him for him to check for the problem.


Computer Auto restart but no sign of Improper Shutdown

My desktop has been failing on me. It restarts out of nothing at times. After it reboots, there is no sign of improper shutdown.

I have tried booting my system in safe mode before running a full system virus scan, but it is a waste of time.

Opening the CPU casing is easy but there is not much dust inside for me to clear.

Now that I can only park my system in the BIOS setup screen to test if the problem lies with the operating system or the hardware.


First Quiz in UOW

Last Thursday morning, I began the day with lots of distraction. The initial plan was to spend the morning, which was being spared from Bukit Batok, to concentrate on my assignments but problems kept invading my time.

I involved in HTML debugging and many people approached me for helps and advice. Other than moving out of the office, I was kind of grounded with the old Microsoft Access stuffs besides me.

The best thing was that I finally got to reformat the computer on my desktop. Kevin actually offered to crack the password for me but I decided I would rather remove all the old junks inside.

I took the first quiz ever in my university in the evening. It was simply a short test that required my hand to be worn off. Overall, the perfect attendance allowed me to know enough stuffs to answer the questions without much revision.


Music Files’ Details Corrupted after Reformatting Operating System

One of the greatest casualties after reformatting of my operating system was the loss of my Chinese songs’ data. For as neat as I could be, I had been maintaining the information properly.

All the Chinese characters turned into weird symbols. In the past, this could be solved simply by going to “Regional and Language Options” in “Control Panel”, and set the language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese, which was found inside the “Advanced” tab.

My elder brother who reformatted his computer hours before me had faced the same problem, however, he was lucky enough that he had made backups of his songs. He did a replacement of the songs and everything worked fine with the configuration of the “Regional and Language Options” setting.

I had no idea of the problem to the amended files’ details.

Anyway, I resolved to re-label all the tracks’ title, artist, album and lyric for the sixty over songs inside my “new” folder, having to give up on my other songs. It took me the hours and I managed to finish it by four AM in Sunday morning.