Happy Father’s Day

Be glad if you are able to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad. I do not have the chance and not anymore.

He was a drinker, gambler and smoker. My dad had numerous bad habits but nothing could beat his love for the family. He and my mum gave me what I had today.

I started my life in a very poor family. At least, I did not have to starve, except for a certain period of time when he was already not around. He took us out for dinner during weekends despite losing money in his gamble sessions and he had never failed to give us money for school stuffs. He got drunk but he did not abuse. He smoked but he kept the cigarette smoke away from us.

The most unforgettable recollection of him was when he was on his hospital bed, asking me if my elder brother and I had pocket money. Would you be worried like him over such little thing when you are suffering badly and about to lose your last breath?

Although he may not be the best dad on earth, he has certainly done his part.

It has been more than ten years since my dad has passed away. None of us has ever forgotten him. We do not cry and in fact we joke using him. A simple teasing of “Are you missing lao ba (father)?” can be heard occasionally. None of us would admit it.

It seems like pretending to stay strong is not the best way to handle things because the tears of saddest can multiple, such that sometimes when nobody is watching, drops of them can overwhelm the eyes.

If you still have a dad, be really happy about it.

A Crazy Night

Sometimes, I do crazy things without thinking when there is no time to even hesitate. I hate to give up chances, which I have been doing. The usual thought “how many ten years’ do we have” has been emerging in my brain a lot.

I held my bladder and dashed through the late night of the crowded town area where people stared at my semi formal attire. I slowed down to look at the map but my heavy head refused to tell me how to use it. I continued in my half drunk state, into the darkness at the unfamiliar place. I was very uncertain of the direction. I had never thought of giving up but I prayed hard to have more time. I did not mind suffering longer as sweat began to drench me and I just wished to get to the correct location. The road names gave me fears and I began to doubt my judgment of the direction. It took me great courage to move on when I did not get any text reply. I saw hope when I finally saw the correct road sign but the bus-stop was empty. I dragged on my weary feet and proceeded but the next destination along the same road damped my short-lived happiness. It appeared to be a never-ending road, which I pressed on.

I reached in the nick of time. There was so much for me to celebrate about. It was one of the most memorable and dramatic stories of my life even though I puked and landed myself with bruises on my hand. Then, I realized my calf muscles had long given up on me. I was nervous and too loss on words, but I felt great.

It was not a story about a prince on a white horse but a smelly chap slightly better than being barefooted. There was probably no charisma or a heroic feeling with the shabby looks, but that was far beyond a normal guy could do.

I tried hard and I did well, but the initial goal might be just wrong that I ended up posing problems to everyone.

I slept Early

[Tuesday, 8 February, 2011]

I finally achieved sleeping before 2am because I had a bottle of alcohol hours before that.

I woke up after 9am and lazed around. After sharing with my elder brother about some points in PowerPoint Slides, I went to the office at noon.

I started doing administration work for the tuition agency, followed by drafting an email to my ex colleagues to greet them. I was distracted somehow and my English used was terrible.

Mike and I started doing area cleaning after 4pm until near 6pm before we walked to Burger King for early dinner.

Back at home, I was irritated by an SMS spam. An email to IDA resulted a disappointing reply a few days later to actually show that mobile phone spamming in Singapore is in fact generally legal.

I spent the rest of the night working on SEO for the tuition agency.


Botak Huiting for Hair For Hope 2010

[Sunday, 25 July, 2010]

I reached my peak of drinking at times but the sweating reduced the impact that I was able to consume more than usual. Hirman tried to push me to hook up with girls but it was never in my mind to get to know girls in club, moreover, I had never approached girls face to face before.

As everyone started to weaken down, we left for supper at a coffee shop near Bugis Junction. I had only a cup of milo. Hirman’s friend, Jeremy, brought him home. Amy hitched a cab first and travelled towards East. Joei and I shared a cab and she dropped me at Tanjong Pagar.

It was 4+am and I started to feel the effects of bottoming up. My mum was asleep, while my brother and his girlfriend were fishing outside. I started chatting with Vanessa in MSN. Meanwhile, in my drowsy head, I uploaded the photos taken at Shenton Way earlier. I went to sleep at 6am in case my mum would get to see my reddish face and body. As hard as I tried to keep my eyes shut in the drowsiness, I failed badly.

I got up for breakfast when my mum returned with my aunt. I finally got to eat half boiled eggs but it was not as tasty as I expected. The wantan noodle was spicy and I gave up since the alcohol seemed to have affected my throat. Huiting replied my SMS at 11am, telling me she was already at Vivocity, and I started preparing myself.

I met a very weird old guy at the bus-stop who changed seats twice, and he was besides me eventually, whistling shit. Luckily, the bus arrived not long later before I could roar at him. He even got to rush to become the first to board the bus and whistling his way throughout the journey like a moron. In Singapore, there were so many cases of mild mentally disordered people travelling around that I was quite irritated at times.

I met up with Huiting and took a picture with her finally after knowing her for more than two years. It was always a delight for me to take picture with babes, especially those with really beautiful hearts. As she went to register for the Hair for Hope 2010 event, I went to the basement with her three little classmates. They chose to dine at Super Dog and I gave it a miss since I had my breakfast not long ago.

After that, we went up to catch Huiting and started queuing up together. More of her friends arrived and she was a star. She even received a board of photo and messages from her class to show their supports for her. Somehow, I was quite nervous since the place was quite crowded to get a good photography spot and that I had not tried the lighting inside the shopping centre. I could not get a good position as she was sent to another side of the stage for her haircut where it was partially blocked to get a good angle.

Her classmates left after the “after” photography session. I had no plan and thus I followed her and her cousin to find her friends – YongJun and Yongbin. We ended up walking to Breeks at HarbourFront Centre for tea. I was hungry but since none of them was eating, I skipped my food. After that, we walked around as I wanted to get her a cap to show my support but we could not find a suitable one after roaming around the two shopping centres. Her friends left after we visited the pet shop and both of us went down to meet up with her other friends before we went in search of a place for dinner.

We settled down at Fig & Olive. After taking our orders, I went to the toilet and also to withdraw money from the ATM machine at Harbourfront Centre. I crashed into Tingfeng on the way back. I was not as noisy as before for my brain was numbed and that I did not know her friends well. I had fish and chips as usual and it was not really good. One of her friends was very interesting and his appetite was excellent. After dinner, we did a little shopping before closing the day.

I accompanied Huiting to the bus-stop to wait for her bus and in order not to cause any misunderstanding, I did not offer to send her home. I had failed badly to act accordingly to my will for the past few outings, as I really saw the need to see female friends home to make sure they were safe.

After reaching home, I dozed off for some minutes while waiting for my mum to clear the bathroom. While MSN seemed to be more efficient, I managed to send Huiting the photos taken by me.


Virgin Visit to Double O

[Saturday, 24 July, 2010]

I was not in really good mood and started playing game until late hour, sleeping at 6am finally.

I woke up at around 2pm. after dilly-dally for some time, I left my house after 4pm for photoshooting alone. I began with Shenton Way towards Lao Pa Sat, One Fullerton and ended before Esplanade after I caught up with Sharon and her family. We had a little chat before I paced home. She tempted me with a job offer to teach a new web module.

My dinner was delivery – hor fun. It took quite long for the food to arrive, and while waiting, Hirman called me to join him at Double O. I took my dinner too quick that my stomach was bloated soon. I rushed to Bugis and met up Joei at the Iluma bridge. Hirman joined us soon. On the way, I was quite disappointed when Hirman misjudged my passion for teaching.

The three of us went in first. Hirman’s friend, Amy, joined us later. The noise was too loud for my ears. There was a weird guy dancing non-stop, drawing all the attention. I was told that he had been doing it at the old Double O. We had different types and drinks and I did not even know their names, except that I knew it was going to cost a bomb. As the crowd started to swing their bodies and legs, my gang got me involved as well.


Weitat’s Advance Birthday Celebration

[Tuesday, 4 May, 2010]

I slept after 4am again but this time, I woke up much earlier at 10am, feeling that I should be doing something worthy instead of slogging endlessly over my websites with little progress. However, I dozed off again before I could do much work.

Gilbert’s sudden SMS to inform me that he would pick up his camera from me in the evening was a challenge to me since my ex colleagues and I were going to celebrate Weitat’s birthday in advance. I quickly called him and he told me he did not take MC again despite he was still sick.

Jenne called me in the late afternoon to tell me that she would be going to town from Choa Chu Kang and arranged to pick me up. We decided to buy Weitat’s cake at Amara Hotel. I quickly took my shower and also burned the photos taken during the orientation camp into a CD for Hirman before I set off to meet Gilbert at the entrance of South Point. We were chitchatting away happily until Jenne rang me up and I rushed off to the Amara Hotel to meet her. We chose a chocolate cake and the lady told us we had to wait. We burst into laughers in amazement when she answered us that we had to wait for simply ten minutes.

After getting the cake, we went straight to the Wine Company besides the old NIE. Hirman was sitting alone and he had already finished his dinner with a glass of red wine on the table. The DSLR camera he placed on the table captured my interest. Both of them thought I would be able to operate it easily, however, I was in fact a newbie to expensive gadgets. I ordered a plate of fish and chips and the serving took more than forty-five minutes to come, inclusive of a reminder. Sadly, it did not taste good. The chicken wings were quite well done though and the Champaign was awesome.

Weitat, Joei and Magdalene arrived after 7pm. The last to reach was Zaki. By then, I already had a better understanding of Hirman’s five-years-old DSLR camera, given by his friend. It was a very cosy night except that mosquitoes were having a big feast as well. On the other hand, both Hirman and I seemed to be completely safe. The hottest topic was the student being possessed and all the horror stories disturbed Hirman badly. It was a fantastic dinner with the few of my greatest pals.

Hirman sent me home. I quickly got changed and grabbed my laptop before joining him at the carpark. Then, we started the long journey to his temporary rented place at Changi Village. It would be my greatest regret if I had rejected his invitation for it was a cool Terrance house owned by LTA. There were a small living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, and it was as good as a chalet. The only problem was that there was no television and I had to give my favourite show on channel U a miss.

In fact, I was quite worried about my mum since my younger brother was already not at home and my presence at home would be more comforting.


ITE Orientation Camp April Intake Day 2

[Friday, 30 April, 2010]

The first second of the day was the continuation of Hirman’s reflection session. He could assign everything to his emcees but definitely not this task. His enthusiasm, warm-heartedness and firmness clearly stated the importance of the camp. He wanted the students to learn in the midst of enjoyment to see beyond themselves and spare thoughts for others, and to persist on no matter how tough their future would be. I supposed not everyone bothered to listen but those who had listened were people who were more likely to succeed in future.

I did not feel like sleeping afterwards for I was quite worried about the students. I tried to tidy up the photos inside my laptop but I was disturbed by a sudden alert that a student was falling sick. I woke Hirman up and it turned up that that girl did not have a fever. Later on, I went to accompany Aaron for his guard duty but I did not talk much. Upon returning, I was told that Hirman and George were back to settle the problem of the sick student. I went to take my bath before continuing with my work but I did not last till daylight.

Mrs Grace Cheong highlighted to me that by sleeping in front of the door with my head facing it would cause me to have nightmare. I was very glad to hear her advice for I felt protected somehow. The breakfast was nasi lemak and later on, some of my ex-colleagues decided to go for movie and I felt I should be ready for in case anything happened. I dozed off until noon time when I had a shock that I had missed out a few hours of photography. However, it seemed that the activities were not as fun as the previous camp.

I joined Iylia for lunch before we set off to capture all the precious moments. It seemed that she preferred to stick together but that would cause us to miss out some interesting events happening at other parts of the Singapore Discovery Centre. Anyway, I was quite disappointed that everything came to an end soon and dinner was served early so that they could prepare for the performance at night. I helped Iylia with the phototaking of all the classes.

The approaching of the night placed my photography skill into great challenges. I borrowed Diana’s new Nikon camera but it was not as good as what I had expected for a costly new digital camera. Hirman got me to go into the theatre to take photos and during Kelvin’s speech, I knocked out completely since I did not have enough sleep for the past three or more nights. By the time I woke up, the event was about to end. I went to the main area and my shagginess dragged me to the Hospitality Suite to rest.

When everything was over, I stayed with my two ex bosses and Mr Neo to clear up some of the mess. Hirman went off without me after he loaded up the equipments and my bag was inside his car. Mr Neo gave me a lift back to Clementi campus and we were earlier than Hirman. During the journey, I was very impressed with the ultra big moon.

I reached the lobby to see volleyball game going on. There was not enough time for me to go in to greet Mr Peh and uncle Jiaming. I left with Hirman in sorrow somehow. I followed Hirman to Bar Stop to meet up with Jenne and Joei. I had a glass of beer and a plate of chicken pizza. The earlier hunger had caused a lost in appetite and that we left too early for me to finish up my stuff. I felt very lousy for the first time for the little amount of beer I took caused me a bit of drowsiness.

Jenne insisted not to collect money from me. She sent me home before driving off with Joei. I was quite worried for Hirman for he might doze off anytime on the way home but I did not want to distract him by SMSing him to check him up.

It was nearly 11pm when I reached home.


Virgin Visit to St. James

[Saturday, 24 April, 2010]

I had supper at Maxwell food centre with my family. The noodle was at quite reasonable price at two bucks each bowl. The iced lemon teas from both drinks stall were disappointing. The night was still young, or rather, the morning was too early.

I met up with Irwin in the afternoon at Vivocity. We went to Burger King where Irwin took his early dinner. I got a birthday present for my mum, which was a moving display plant, ran by solar energy. I was almost trapped at the Cannon shop, dwelling on the cool cameras, which I needed quite badly. Eugene joined us at White Dog Café and Irwin took his second dinner. I did not enjoy the fish and chips as much as previous time.

Next, we went to St. James. We tried the Smoke Lounge but only to sit around the bar since we had to open a bottle in order to get a table. We waited patiently for the live band while Irwin treated me to a glass of Singapore Sling. I did not really enjoy alcoholic drinks including cocktail. I tried to slip as much as I could but I could never catch up with Irwin’s speed.

During the band’s performance, an uncle in his white hair and polo tee stood right in front of the low platform to harass the sexily dressed Latin singers. I thought it was a good interaction until the second song started, the man went back to do the same disgusting actions of pointing to the girls and pinching his index finger and thumb together to form a hole. Irwin got very disgusted and ordered us to leave. Since I wanted to stay conscious, I did not bottom up the remaining of my drinks before leaving, wasting more than one-third of the drinks.

After that, we met up with Huiling and her boyfriend back at Vivocity. We went to one of the bars to chill while waiting for Weiye. He reminded me of Kachua’s happy-go-luckiness and I was so glad to see him after so many years since we graduated from secondary school. The couple left while the remaining four of us went to Party World to battle against each other. It was one of the few times I would heck care about my out-of-tone singing.


Relaxing Sunday

Two Sundays ago, I met up with Irwin and Eugene at the Central.

I overslept and thus did not turn up earlier. I met up Irwin by the side of the river and the atmosphere was much better than what I had expected. The people and the calmness were relaxing my mind except for the smokers, who were obviously too jealous of beautiful things.

We went up to take a walk around but did not really go in deeper. Eugene was late. Soon, my famish body started to weaken my brain. Alas, we went to one of the Japanese restaurants.

The food was quite nice but the customers were nicer. There were a few groups of diners and among them were sweet girls. There were even two groups of birthday celebration, which left me strong impression of the restaurant. The view by the side of the glass windows made dinner more refreshing.

Apart from these, the waiters of the restaurant were ridiculous. The food was out of stock and they did not realise it after such a long time. It was not that bad if they did not repeat the same mistake right after we changed our order.

The bill chunked up to nearly a hundred bucks and Irwin made me the freeloader once again.

After dinner, we went to a café to have some drinks. I did have a few small slips of the alcohol. The chicken wings Eugene ordered was quite unique and nice.

Life would be wonderful if everyday would be so relaxing.