The Indescribable Feeling

A sudden gust of indescribable feeling rounded me as I stared into the empty space. I knew for sure I would be missing things. I could never recall setting aside my work for a day in the past few years. Somehow, I was released from the curse for once.

For a day that I should really enjoy myself to the fullest, I paused to start missing the day before it had even ended. I knew it too well that such chance was slight.

I looped through memories and felt luck was really far from me. I could be a loser and I could also do my part at the same time to give others my best wishes.

NDP 2008 Air Show

The National Day Parade 2008’s Air Show was probably the most touching moment of the celebration.
The reckless performance by the RSAF Black Knights moved me. It was definitely difficult to control the aircrafts to prevent crashing into one another. Movements were uniform.
At times, I asked myself whether such dangerous performance was worthwhile. I could not get an answer but to continue to pray hard and enjoy their great performance.
Nevertheless, I would die a satisfied man if I could do great stuns like them.
ndp 2008 - black knights
ndp 2008 - black knights
ndp 2008 - black knights