High Efficiency in the Office

[Monday, 31 January, 2011]

I had the leftover satay from the chalet as supper. My elder brother placed some of them into the oven. Both of us preferred doing it on a barbecue pit but it was quite difficult to do it inside HDB flat.

I wasted a lot of time reinstalling my software that helped me to check for Google Page Rank because I realised there was no page rank indication. After some time, I checked my browsers and realised they no longer indicated it as well. I thought Google was down until Mike told me on the next day that it was probably due to Google blocking my IP temporary to avoid spam. I went to sleep at 6.30am.

I woke up at 2pm and had nasi lemak. My elder brother was watching a sadist murdering movie about how a girl took revenge on the guys who gang-raped her. It was one of the most disgusting movies I had ever watched. My elder brother told me another movie “SAW” was worse.

I went to the office at 4pm and worked very hard. Finally, I pushed the new page about the Study Guide live. Then, I continued with SEO.

I reached home near 8pm. Lucky disturbed me throughout the night and I could hardly do anything.

It was near midnight when Joanna approached me for help in her Java project.


Google Page Ranks Updated

[Friday, 21 January, 2011]

I struggled to continue with the article Private Tutor Singapore. I had some competitor analysis before going to bed at 6.30am.

An SMS from a tutor woke me up after 12 noon to inform me of an error in regarding to registration. I checked the database and realised she had typed her email wrongly and that was why she did not receive any acknowledgement email.

Mike was all excited about the new Google Page Rank. After more than half a year or probably even longer, Google had not updated the page rank for all websites. I was quite disappointed with the new page rank for all my websites.

I managed to put the article Private Tutor Singapore to live. Next, I worked on the Link to us page and managed to put it online as well.

I was very excited to meet up with my ex colleagues. During the evening, I sashayed through the crowded streets and trains to reach Somerset. I was quite proud of myself to make it to the Bar Stop without making any detour.

When I realised Weitat and Herman were unable to make it, I was very disappointed. Zaki told me of his story to get his free iPhone 4 and I was so stunned. Jenne’s friends were around and one of them reminded me of Fengen. I did not really talk much. Zaki kept everyone entertained.

At the end of the night, Zaki sent me home and I did not even realise it until we were near Bugis. I felt quite bad for making him do that.

I had my early supper after my younger brother returned home with a Mac Chicken burger.


An Unintentional Open Challenge from Unknown

[Wednesday, 19 January, 2011]

Into the morning of Wednesday, I managed to push the article Tuition Agencies Singapore to live. Eventually I slept at 5am.

I continued my day at 12.30pm and reached office at 2pm. Upon checking my inbox, I saw an email from someone who wanted to rent me his website because he had a keyword in the three place of Google. It was probably quite a good deal but I felt quite insulted by him. I told Mike my plan to show him the true Google lover.

I worked on SEO for my tuition agency and then blogged about the tuition agency’s updates. I received a call from Sihua from MediaCorp and since I had not been there for almost a year, I decided to take up the job.

I went home after 7pm and continued working on the website.


Job Hunting in Websites

[Monday, 17 May, 2010]

My job hunting resumed on Monday. I looked through the job listing sites and list down the more ideal jobs on an Excel sheet. None of the ten over jobs I had entered into my database interested me enough.

I was not very sure what I wanted, but at least I knew I would prefer the company to be near my house since most of the better companies should be located in the business district and I should not go further away for a job, unless it was really interesting enough.

Looking at the Google Maps to find the locations of the companies and searching through Google for their websites were time-consuming.


Post Card from Google

[Wednesday, 14 February, 2007]


I had finally received the Personal Identification Number (PIN) from Google Adsense after so many weeks.

It was like a folded postcard and the three unconnected sides were enclosed with a sticker each. I did not bear to damage it in any way and thus I only took some peeps into the open space to look for the PIN.

Thanks to whoever.

I hope I am able to acquire a domain name for my property website soon, which I have been working hard on the design and contents.

Want to have a sneak preview on the unfinished work? http://property.sillydumb.com