Spread the Love – July 2016

Letian organised a baby shower his newborn and invited Tze Khit, Daoxiong and I. After that, Tze Khit gave me a lift to the nearest MRT even though he was running late for his appointment.
Gilbert brought me to the Fitness First gym at 100AM again. He managed to push me to do some real workout with the gym equipment and then a swim at the pool.
Yaozhong spent quite some time to go through computer’s component at Sim Lim Square, creating a shopping list for my new system. Not every friend would spend the effort and time when he was busy with his life.
I had a photoshoot with Jolene at Gold’s Gym The Strategy. I was glad that Bobby had suggested the outlet or otherwise, I might have used one of the two outlets in Tanjong Pagar, which was much smaller and the result would not be so good. Jolene was one of the best models I had worked with in terms of her attitude and intelligent. I was mesmerized by her appreciation for every single thing I did and said.
Weitat organised three volleyball games at Yusof Ishak Secondary School. Even though he had grumbled about the tedious job, he sacrificed himself, knowing nobody else could do better than him due to his connection with all the small groups of players. For the first game, Weitat had to rush off immediately as he had a plane to catch and Jingjie gave me a lift at Clementi MRT station after our supper. I was glad that he had opened out and shared some of his troubles with me. However, I had to rush off to catch my last train and thus could not accompany him longer at the car park to chat. Anyway, “black bean” uncle and auntie gave us a treat for the drinks again. For the next two volleyball games, Weitat gave me a lift home as usual and I didn’t stop him for the last trains were probably gone.
After Shuh broke up with me, Olivia and Stephanie gave me some cooling time before contacting me about a week later to show me concern. It was very sweet of them.
Justine was another sweet angel who had been texting me to show her concern after I posted any new Facebook status. She could be blunt and fierce, but she always spoke with a kind intention.
I visited Wanling at her place and she cooked lunch for both of us. Candy gave me a lift to the MRT station in the evening. A week later, Gilbert and I went over as well and we had a more splendid dinner.

Spread the Love – June 2016

When I was at Angie’s gallery, even though she was very busy with her customers, she took time to come over personally to pass me my cheque.
Weitat organised two volleyball sessions at Yusok Ishak Secondary School. As usual, he also took the trouble to give me a lift home after supper even though we were all tired.
Shujuan had a meet-up with me. She actually got attached days before that and I appreciated her friendship that she had not forgotten me. It was rare for friends to ask me out just to chill up and not trying to sell me anything.
Gilbert brought me to Fitness First and guided me on training. Without him pushing me, I would be very lazy to do my occasional work out.

Spread the Love – August 2015

Gilbert signed me into the Fitness First gym at Clementi. He insisted in giving me a treat for lunch after that. After the second trip, we had lunch together again and I snatched over the bill. He ended up buying a gift for me. Gilbert was such a kind friend who would rather give than to take from his friends.
My voluntary group finally gathered for a project. This time, we went to Windsor Convalescent, which was a private old folks’ home that was sandwiched between the government funded and “high class” private ones in term of finance aid. Everyone of my team was a hero for that day! Yongsheng’s presence was crucial as he took the lead in playing games with the residents when we were quite lost. Yonghao also took the trouble to give a lot of us a lift. The rest of the heroes include Huiting, Shengyang, Baoyu, Nancy, Julia, Jiayu, Stephanie, Shuh, Yongfeng, Huiting’s friends and Yonghao’s friends.
I did my second voluntary work for the month by helping Huiting with her Bishan Home event. As the main photographer of the event, I was able to observe the entire event clearly. Most of the nurses of the home were foreigners but I could see from their enthusiasm and closeness with the residents that they were working with their hearts. I appreciated their effort.
I finally renewed my mobile phone plan’s contract and got myself a new phone. Since I had already planned to get Sony Xperia Z3 instead of the newer model, Xperia Z3+, I had already bought the tempered glass screen protector from eBay weeks before that. It happened that the protector arrived on the very next day. With the minor setback from sticking the screen protector onto my previous phone, Samsung Note 2, I decided to get my elder brother to help me this time. He spent quite some time working on it and produced a good job.
Shuh and I arranged to spend a day at the National Library to do work. We tried to rope Titus in since I knew he was a regular there. He joined us in the afternoon and took care of our belonging when we went for late lunch. In the evening, he took us for dinner and gave us advice.

Year 2010 – The Year of Isolation

I stayed at Clementi ITE for three months to help my boss. Eventually, I left the place after spending more than a week to work on a farewell website. Soon, I received my degree certificate from University of Wollongong. I also went back to ITE to help Hirman for the orientation camp of the second time of the year.

I had my second last volleyball game of the year before quitting my job. Somehow, I was greatly disappointed over certain things. Thereafter, I rarely got to see my buddies.

I concentrated on my quit smoking website. After officially releasing the website, I was very glad with myself that I had made some contribution to the world and I thought I could die without any regrets after that.

Tze Khit moved his gym over to Tanjong Pagar. I was very happy to see a good friend whose career took off well. I spent a lot of time hanging out with him and updating his website for him. Those sessions were very stressful because he and his partner were giving me instructions by my side and there was no table to work on. Furthermore, I felt very uncomfortable charging a friend for my services. I got to meet many interesting friends at his gym. I went back to Clementi ITE for volleyball with Tze Khit for once, which was the final time I got to touch volleyball for the year.

As I was jobless, my bank account started draining especially when I continued to give my mum money every month without fail. My Sony Ericsson phone G705 died on me and I started using an old Nokia 3120. I began losing touch with my friends as the old phone could not read the entire SIM card’s memory. Since it was totally not user-friendly, I gave up sending greeting SMS to my friends during festivals. I was not broke but it made no sense to hurt my piggybank more when I was still jobless and thus I waited on for my phone plan to be over.

There was no progress in my relationship. I met two very nice girls but they were too busy to go out with me. They eventually got attached.

Towards the end of the year, I began working on a tuition agency website called Smart Tuition. It was after several bashing from friends that I should not be working on non-profitable websites when I was jobless. Mike saw some light in my working direction and began coaching me. We almost missed our first outing as I could not find his contact inside my temporary phone while he was holding onto my old number.

Home Alone Day One

[Thursday, 23 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 4am and by 9am, everyone was gone and I knew they were on the way to Malaysia for holidays. I felt weak somehow and I knew I was going to fall sick soon.

I went to the office alone and did not take my breakfast. I started tidying up a bit while waiting for the SingNet guy. Given the time range of 10am to 2pm, he came after 12pm. He did not sound happy for it was his second trip down to my office. I saw the voucher and realised I had rushed down to the office two days ago for nothing since the stated date was the day before.

I bought a “mai gai” from the canteen and started doing a bit of my work. Mike came over and after some time, we went to Vivocity for movie, catching Tron. It was the only time I could sit down properly to relax after so many weeks. It was in fact the first 3D movie I had watched but somehow it was not very impressive to me. Mike complained that the movie was too dark.

After going home to feed Lucky, I went down to the gym to join the guys in the Christmas celebration. Tze Khit passed me a list of tasks to do for his website but the place was too crowded for me to do anything when my head was spinning. When there were fewer people, I went home to bring Lucky to play with the kids but they left soon.

I reached home near midnight.


To the Office Many Times

[Tuesday, 21 December, 2010]

The key thing I did was blogging, followed by editing of my photo. It had been too long that I did not play with PhotoShop and thus I refused to go to bed until 8am.

I woke up at around 1pm and went to the gym to find Tze Khit. He told me that Bobby had taken away the 3G mobile stick and thus he could not go through his website to tell me the amendment needed. I went to the office immediately instead since Mike told me the SingNet guy would be arriving between 3 to 5pm.

I started clearing up the office while waiting for the SingNet guy. Mike arrived with new IKEA stuffs from Tampiness and we continued with our work like fixing up the stuffs on at the walls. The air-conditioner guy came down with his two workers and we left for Vivocity. We shopped at Giants for drill, power extension bar and some stick-on wall hooks. Then we went to the food court to packet chicken rice for the workers. After going back to office to deliver the food, we left for Tanjong Pagar and parked the car at Amara Hotel. However, we went to the Thai food restaurant at the corner of storey two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. There was a couple sitting at the table near the door and they seemed to know the staffs very well. They were playing cards and sometimes seemed quite intimate, and the most important thing was that the girl was very cute looking. The pineapple rice Mike ordered was a big portion and tasted very nice but my egg wrapping fried rice was just normal. I tried their sour plum juice but it did not really satisfy my taste.

After going back to the office, Mike decided to go back to Tanjong Pagar to withdraw money for the air-conditioner contractor. After it was done, we started cleaning and packing up again and left after 11pm. We wanted to have supper at the shop besides the prata shop for beancurd and youtiao but it was already closed. In fact, I had not even noticed it at all.



[Thursday, 16 December, 2010]

I worked on the tutor registration page for my tuition agency website and was quite satisfied with the contents improvement.

I went to bed at 5am but could not stand Lucky crying outside that I went out to accompany him. However, Lucky refused to stay still and interrupted my sleep even though I was already having a hard time lying down on the straw mat on the hard floor. After my elder brother came out of his room at after 8am, I went into my room to sleep.

I woke up at around 11am and started working on the flyer for Smart Tuition Singapore. Mike dropped me a very sudden SMS to tell me the IKEA delivery men would be arriving in fifteen minutes. I quickly set up the scooter and rushed over to the office. I was in time to receive the new furniture.

After Mike arrived, we went to Everton Park to buy paint and went back to office. Mike decided to call it a day and we went to Chinatown by bus to find a vacuum cleaner. After giving up at People’s Park Complex, we went to look for dinner. He wanted to show me to a duck rice stall but it was closed. Another stall claimed that they were the original one but the auntie tried too hard to sell us other food since they ran out of duck supplies somehow. We had dinner at the famous porridge stall opposite CK. I was not a good food appreciator but the porridge tasted normal to me. Mike was very disappointed in it. He continued to guide me along until we departed at Outram Park MRT station.

I went to my mum’s shop to collect Bobby’s shirts from her ladyboss. Bobby asked me to go home to get my laptop to do stuffs for him and even though I was exhausted and my legs were aching, I did his bidding. While he was having meeting with his team, I set up my laptop and dozed off when it was booting up. I did the amendment for both poster and flyer until near midnight. Both Junze and Andrew were waiting together and the three of them shared cab home.


Stressful Meeting

[Thursday, 2 December, 2010]

My new pages for my tuition agency website were up though the contents were not fully ready. Meanwhile, I had difficulty filling up my stomach with the dinner my mum cooked for I had roti prata with Kachua a couple of hours ago. I managed to get the website’s url up in Wikipedia before I went to bed at seven plus. It took me quite some time to doze off.

David gave me a call at 1pm to deliver to me the bad news that the viewing for the office had to be postponed to the next day.

I tried to work on the new website for the new project with my gym friends but my mind was all about the tuition site to stop me from making any progress. Anyway, the thought of the tedious design and programming work frustrated me because I knew with my lack of experience, it would take months to deliver the work.

I went to the gym at 7pm with my stressed mind. Andrew was training under Dan and he looked worse than me. However, I did not display my frustration and instead, I showed everyone the opposite side of my mood. I started playing the Xbox 360 Kinect and the volleyball game got me tired soon. Eventually, when I moved too near the gym bench, my toe was cut badly by the sharp edge. I lost quite a big amount of blood and Bobby was quite worried. He wanted to go upstairs to get me the “yellow medical oil” but I went up myself instead since he had two clients coming at the same time – one came late and another was earlier.

Before 8pm, Andrew was very worried. His stressful face did not recover even after sweating out. He told me to call Letian and Junze. Both of them were already on their way and were pretty on time. We were lucky that Bobby was around during our meeting again. He commented that we were not moving after so many sessions of meeting. We decided to take actions and I told them of my concern of the website. Andrew suggested to engage his partner’s service. I was happy that the problem could be solved as the professional definitely had much more experience, manpower and existing coding to establish the website probably more than ten times faster than an amateur doing one-man show. The meeting was eventually interrupted and before we realised, it was over and we started playing the volleyball game on Xbox.


Fixing up the New Router

[Tuesday, 30 November, 2010]

Right after settling the lighting at the front of the gym, all of us moved up to the second level to fix the webcam. However, it took us a couple of hours to give up before 3am. We left without packing up the place.

After reaching home, I was proud to present the new router that Bobby gave me to my elder brother. He started configuring it and we faced some problems at first until we switched the WEP encryption to WPA. I was so hungry that I took noodle for supper before collapsing. I continued with my blog and tuition agency website until 8am.

I woke up at 4pm and spent the rest of the day with my tuition agency website.


Early “Christmas” Birthday from Bobby – Router

[Monday, 29 November, 2010]

I was quite exhausted when Yaozhong came online. I messaged him to ask him to review my new design for the tuition agency website and he asked giving suggestions. He even tried to help me to touch up the main topmask. I continued to work with the Home Tutor Singapore page and eventually went to sleep at 8am.

I woke up at 4pm and continued with my work. It was near 8pm when I was about to have my dinner, Tze Khit dropped me an SMS to go down to the gym to collect a present from Bobby. Since he told me to bring my laptop along, I thought it was just a hoax.

Anyway, I went down to the gym right after having my dinner and Bobby passed me a new set of Aztech N-wireless router with 300Mbps speed. I was stunned and my brain went numb. I supposed it was because I had been helping them with work and that was why I was worth the money. However, for as much as I was too awkward to demand for any fee for all the freelance work, the router made me feel uneasy. They were rich and successful people and I did not want to have anything to do with money when associating with them. If only I were a rich guy, I would return bigger presents to all my good friends but I could not afford anything at the moment.

Anyway, my laptop was useful for they indeed had some amendments to make for the flyer I did for them quite some time ago.

Bobby was busy for the entire night. He impressed me badly for he handled everything by himself. He certainly had the money to get professional helps to fix all the leakage of water, router and even lighting outside the gym. He knew everything. The led flashing lighting looked ugly though they did attract attentions. Anyway, when they were rejoining wires for the lighting, I recalled that during my national service days, I did learn about doing similar thing but I had forgotten the steps to do a proper one. Alas, I tried on one and realised it was more difficult since all the wires inside were very thin copper.