Accompanied Mum for Eyes Check-up

[Thursday, 7 October, 2010]

As usual, I started my day working on the website and slept at 5am. I woke up as early as 7am to accompany my mum to the National Eye Centre for free check-up. I brought my laptop along since I knew it was going to be a long day. I sat there along working on the CMS for my website but there was a silly issue that wasted lots of time – the MySQL Query Browser did not store my data properly and I thought it was due to the coding that caused me unable to login. I dozed off occasionally a couple of times there.

After reaching home at around noon, I dozed off without eating anything as I was too exhausted from the lack of sleep for the past two nights. All the construction work next door was unable to wake me up.

It was after 4pm, I woke up to continue with my website. Having dinner at 9pm, my brothers brought Lucky down for a walk and came back before I went down to join them. I continued working on my website.


Mum’s Check-up at SGH

[Thursday, 29 July, 2010]

I was not in a good mood and blogging took me quite long. Crapping with Vanessa and knowing about her boyfriend’s funny opinions on Tze Khit and me kept me entertained to release the tension. I went to bed right after 4am.

My mum woke me up at around 7.30am. I was quite stunned when she asked me if I wanted to follow her to the hospital together with my elder brother when we had already finalised it days ago. She made half boiled eggs for me before the three of us set off, walking towards the hospital. We waited for the shuttle bus at the bus interchange and changed our mind.

The Singapore General Hospital was heavily guarded with nurses near the lifts under each block. We had to register, and obtain a sticker and a stamping on the back of the palm. I was quite taken back by one of the nurses at the Enscopy Centre because of her sincere and sweet smiles.

After my mum went in for her check-up, I went to the toilet for the third time of the day. It was freezing but I was well-prepared in my jeans and shoes, unlike my brother in his shorts and slippers, shivering away. His cup of hot drink turned cold soon. I spent most of the time usefully by typing an article regarding smoking in corridor.

My mum came out before 11am and she looked very pale. The nurse explained her condition to us and even showed us the photos taken inside her big intestine. There was nothing much serious after removing some acne inside but she had to report to the specialist again next month when the lab report was out.

We went to the Kopitiam food court for our brunch. The roosted chicken rice from the Muslim stall was very disappointing. My mum had soup mee hoon while my brother impressed me with his decision to take po pian. After that, we cabbed home.

Once I logged into MSN, Jade messaged me and finally started her webcam for she was supposed to do it with me the previous night. However, my network was having problems and it took me some time to get reconnected. She was in her class and thus, we could not really chat much even with the webcams on. I started nodding and went to bed after her class dismissal.

I got up a couple of hours later. Irwin finally got back to me via MSN to tell me that his already changed plan from viewing of camera at Funnan to movie at Vivocity was once again shifted to drinking at Clarke Quay together with his girlfriend and Eugene. I did not want to get into the hobby of drinking and thus I did not join in.

I was not in a very good mood still. Too much thought circulated in my mind that I started playing a few games of Condition Zero to distracted myself and to burn off the irritants. It was yet another inefficient night being stuck in front of the television.


Uncle at Hospital and Night Movie with Irwin

I woke up at around 11.30 AM on Sunday morning and started to watch the stupid China show on channel 8, which Michelle Chia was involved and the filming was pulled to Singapore in the recent episodes.

My mum dragged me to the hospital in the afternoon to visit my uncle and since I knew it the night before, I did not start into any work so that the halting of progress would not irritate me. In fact, my uncle had been going to the hospital quite often and thus I was not very worried.

Along the way, my mum was asking me to give some money to my aunt since she was jobless and had to look after my uncle. I hated all these mandatory demands because I hated to be instructed to do things and especially on things which I was preparing to do. Suddenly, I was wondering if the decision to exhaust my saving for the degree course would be a wrong choice.

The long trip to the hospital was a total turn off. My mum was guiding the way as though as I was fresh to the place. When I wanted to go to the ATM machine which I remembered was near the pharmacy, my mum went her way and thus I gave up.

My aunt was scolding my uncle who was behaving worse than a child and when she mentioned about his illness since year 2000, I counted how long she had been taking care of him, facing his nuisance. She had been tortured by him for nearly nine years since his brain was infected by virus and in her childless status, she probably had forgotten how to smile.

When my uncle tried to press the alert button to get the nurse, I managed to stop him and my aunt came over to hit him on his hand. Having to hit someone whom you loved and had been taking care of you for centuries was definitely unbearable, but somehow, it was the only language now to make my uncle understand what he wanted to do was wrong.

Would love in these days last long; and would any girl be as loyal and responsible to take care of her sick spouse for a century or more?

I hated hospital and I hated hospital visiting.

We followed my aunt home, walking down the slope towards the main road and it took some time before we arrived at Kim Tian Road. My aunt was quite hostile somehow and she refused to join us for dinner. From her conversation with my mum, I realised she had been taking instant noodle for her dinner.

I seriously did not enjoy the trip at all. I was looking out for ATM machine all along the road that we passed by, having to plan how to make my aunt accept the money even if I could withdraw the money. Next, she did not even want to accept a simple dinner treat, which caused frustration in me. Things seemed to be going the opposite way for me.

Recapping my childhood days when I was staying at my aunt’s place, with all the good values being imparted to me, I had benefited so much from the poor old couple. At least, I was proud of my honesty.

My aunt was too tiny to get away and we ended up at the coffee shop nearby. My mum made the order of two small bowls of soup and a bowl of oil chicken, and I felt like eating just the plain rice even though it cost me around ten bucks. The drinks stall extorted money and charged us $1.30 for each can drink and $0.90 for a cup of coffee; it was just a normal neighbourhood coffee shop and not even a food court.

I was arranging to meet up with Irwin for golf but when I reached home, he told me his side was raining and thus he could not get out of house. Just as I thought I would only be meeting him the next day, he was too bored and suggested catching a movie together. I missed the last part of my favourite show – 鹿鼎记 – as he reached fast in his brother’s car.

We went to Vivocity and caught the show – Body of Lies. A group of teenagers was out to seek attentions at the extreme right side of the theater and the sad thing was that two of the girls who did walk past us looked quite sweet; such a waste of beauties with brainless heads to mix with fearless ah bengs who would probably get into fights someday. I did not want to curse the girls but could not help thinking how soon they would dirt their bodies.

The movie, “Body of Lies”, was quite a messy show. The scenes switched from countries to countries and that the actors spoke a little too fast for me to catch; I was totally lost at some parts of the show. The last part was definitely disgusting with the terrorist using the hammer on the hero’s fingers. There was a guy whose name sounded like “honey” and it was quite funny to hear the other actors addressing him.

After holding onto my bladder for the entire show, I finally realized that it was not a good idea to catch movie when I was sick.

I was wondering if watching a movie was a good choice since Irwin was facing his downtime and I could have probably chosen somewhere to chat with him, or even with no solution, at least to let him pour out and that was the least thing friends could do for him.

Irwin sent me home as usual.

Aunt's First Warding at the Hospital

Most people were rushing to finish marking their papers and words were exchanged; somehow the spirit was good. On the other side, it seemed to be a quieter day for Weitat and me in the absence of Jingkun.

We went to Clementi’s bookshop to search for Weitat’s book cover while I started drooling over the programming books on the shelves. However, before I could find any PHP book, Weitat was done. We went to the bookshop above the fast food restaurants where Mingfa came over to meet us. The board games and stationeries, including bags sparked my excitement.

Next, we proceeded to send Mingfa to CMPB for his stubbornness to book IPPT test before proceeding to Bukit Merah to buy some finger food. Mingfa called us soon and informed us that he had remembered the wrong date. It got complicated when Jingkun was supposed to meet us for lunch but the sudden change of time might pose problems and Mingen had called Mingfa suddenly and wanted to join us. Alas, timing was good enough that we managed to meet up at the ABC market without much delay. Mingfa, Weitat and I were too lazy to choose what to eat and thus we got ourselves the chicken rice again.

After getting back to work, I tried to concentrate but it was not long before my mum made a call to me. At such an odd hour – three PM – she asked if I might be happened to knock off from work already. Then she told me that my aunt was at the hospital. She further scared me that the doctor had claimed that there seemed to be some stones inside my aunt’s stomach and her life might be in danger. She told me that she was going to my aunt’s home to take care of my sick uncle and my brother was waiting at the A&E.

I did not know how serious the situation was but it would not look nice if I were to leave work early when Jingkun was already not around, and the few slackers who were deemed as part of our gang might not be around as well. My determination to finish off my last set of torment held me back. Soon, I started to realise struggling on was a complete waste of time and could even cause errors in my lack of concentration. Finally, I could not hold it anymore and went to inform my boss that I had to leave immediately. He did not question me and instantly gave a hand signal to acknowledge.

On the way, cold sweat started dripping off my tensed body, as my worries started sweeping my brain all over. I began to worry about the medical bill but was pleased that I had not registered for university yet. The lack of visit to my aunt was somehow prickling me.

I took the wrong path even though SGH was supposed to be my dominance for the frequent visit. After seeing my aunt who was already at the observation ward, I got to slowly piece up the story.

She started vomiting on Sunday night and visited the polyclinic on the next day. The doctors advised her to visit the hospital because they could find some lumps on her stomach. My mum’s assume-we-know-everything storytelling had posed so much fear in my mind for the past hour; I could have clarified with my elder brother earlier given the experience of communicating with my mum.

I stayed inside the ward to keep my aunt accompanied. She questioned me about going to university and apologised for not able to offer any financial help to me – she could hardly even fare for herself given no child at the age of sixty over, being jobless, and that my uncle was too great a burden to her. My younger brother arrived some time later. My aunt’s blood test results were out after five PM and everything was fine and the doctor said it could be just some gastric problems that caused her to vomit.

At the payment counter, my aunt insisted to foot her bill but my brother and I lied that they could only accept NETS payment. Then, we told her it was nineteen dollars instead of ninety dollars but the bloody brainless cashier acted like a moron and tried to correct us to make it so obvious that we were lying even though my aunt was not English educated.

My elder brother and his girlfriend made their way to Chinatown while my younger brother and I took my aunt home by cab. From SGH, it actually cost us more than seven dollars just to reach Kim Tian Road and I confirmed that cab companies were daylight robbers.

We left my aunt and uncle soon and made our way to Chinatown together with my mum. We bought some stuffs at the CK departmental store before going for dinner. The sting ray stall was closed for the day and we struggled some time before decided to eat chicken rice – my second time for the day.

Before we could finish enjoying our meal, a weird auntie approached us to buy tissue papers. It was not the usual case of such irritating acts in hawker centres and this time the seller seemed to be an insane case. She was not limping or blind, and none of her body seemed to be pitiful, but she behaved so creepy that most of the diners were staring at her wherever she went.

My mum took out tissue papers just before she came over. She simply put her tissue papers on the table and reached out her hands for money. She refused to leave and suddenly she kneeled down while she seemed to be packing her big bag. We refused to buy her threat and after a minute or so, she got up and decided to give up after some time. Wherever she went to, the people seemed to be so disgusted and even foreigners turned her away. Another disgusting act of her was when she started plucking her nose.

Government should do something to stop selling of tissue papers in food centres to stop the irritation; but however, if necessary, licenses should be given to the disabled.

Cheap Versus Expensive Medical Bills

I got up early on a Saturday morning unusually. It was all for the money spending trip at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) again for my medication appointment.

During the visit to the medical centre in Stagmont Camp some months ago, the medical officer (MO) helped me to schedule an appointment with the specialist as to get a letter to downgrade me permanently.

I managed to walk to SGH within half an hour’s time. I did not have good impression with the management since I had to spend at least an hour to wait there each time and that the specialists were not very caring.

This time round, I only waited for around ten minutes before I could get into the room, which was a great improvement, but however, could be because my appointment was one of the earliest.

The doctor was Dr Thiruchelvam Jegathesan. I should have mentioned about the weakness in my knees but I was suddenly too lost for words. Apart from the main problem, which was my back, I told him about my suspicious of having bone spurs on my feet but he claimed it was not very likely. In the end, I told him that the MO wanted the memo from him and he sent me out of the room while typing it out for me. It was a short and sweet letter, but however, the contents might not be a strong backup for permanent downgrade…

“Dear colleague kindly downgrade the above mentioned patient to his prov Pes status of C2L2 due to his chronic back pain secondary to Mild disc bulging at L4/5 and Subarachnoid cyst involving the left S2 nerve root. Thank you. .”

Compared to my elder brother’s letter from Geneagles Hospital, it was nothing. His specialist wrote a very detailed and strong letter for downgrading him, which I was very impressed. I could see the big difference between private and government hospitals – private hospitals would put the patient’s interest at the first place whereas government hospitals would reduce time wastage and also, not taking too much responsibility.

At least, this was the first time ever a specialist from SGH would dare or bother to help me write a letter to ask for downgrade. It was a better experience at SGH and I hoped I would not call it “Singapore Waiting Hospital” again in future.

I paid for $25, whereas my brother paid around $80 for the consultation.

The Hospital Again

My mum has been falling very ill a couple of times every year that we have to send her to the hospital at night. Luckily, there is not much of a major problem so far, except for some long term illness.

Medication may be very advanced in Singapore but it is definitely very costly. There is also a quote saying “You can die in Singapore, but you cannot fall sick there”. Of course this “sick” refers to the major illness like for example, diabetic, heart disease etc.

If you have a dad who has been saving up all these years, your family would probably still face some problems when medication help is needed. So, how about the situation of a fatherless family?

Having a mum who has been working like a bull simply for a very low income which can never match up to a toilet cleaner’s, an elder brother who spent almost every cent each month, and a younger brother who is still waiting for university, it is definitely more than what you can imagine.

I’m being brainwashed to live in poverty, unable to appreciate luxuries and being lack of craving; it simply makes me a very boring person. For a better future, I’m holding tight.

My mum went to the hospital hours ago again. I went there in my stinky jersey right after volleyball to give a sigh of relief when I heard that there was not much problems. For a hundred dollars, my elder brother footed the bill; but what if it was a dozen times more?

Singapore Waiting Hospital Yet Again

[Wednesday, 16 May, 2007]

It took me great effort to sleep at 4am. I waked up at 8.30am and went to the Singapore Waiting Hospital. I waited one and a half hour at Clinic ‘E’ before seeing the doctor. Somehow, he was similar to the other specialists who did not wish to write a memo to the army’s medical officer for downgrading me. He claimed that the medical officers might not follow their instructions, which was obvious but the medical officers always claimed that they needed the specialist’s letter in order to appeal for my downgrade. Basically, they were pushing the responsibilities around and I had to accept that it was life in Singapore.

Since I was no longer a national service boy anymore, I was able to speak up bravely and claim my right. I told the doctor it was unfair for me if my condition was to worsen during re-service and that the medical officers had asked for the specialist letter so that they could submit my case to the medical board. I won the battle but somehow the memo did not do me very good favour.

After reaching home, I continued with my work. Jianhao messaged me to ask if I wanted to do any design for the advertisement but I told him honestly my inspiration would not come just when I was pleased. In fact, I was so busy these days that I had no mood for artistic work at all. I was also unfortunately having no luck for rental stuffs, which had also demoralized me a lot.

I was engaged with chat messages in MSN while working. Eventually Irwin advised me not to meet up with him for I would not be able to talk to him for more than an hour before his plane took off. It was such a waste that he had only come back for less than two days and I had not seen him for very long already. I also had fun chatting with Xavier where I poured out some of my failure to him.

This evening, I could not get this line off my mind – “你把我的女人带走,你也不会快乐很久” – you snatch my girl away, but you can never be happy for long. It was a song by温兆伦, which my ex classmates during secondary school days used to joke about.

In the midst of everything, I had received a call from Carol’s company, asking me down for a second interview. I felt so weird that I had screwed up my first interview but they seemed to be giving me extra chances.

Since I was not meeting Irwin anymore, Kaven asked me to have dinner with him. He drove me to Chinatown and he treated me at the famous toad’s leg porridge stall. As usual, he ordered some side dishes. I believed he was treating me as very good friend for I was someone who did not appreciate good food and yet he often asked me out for meals. At least, I was glad that this time the meal was cheaper than the previous ones.

After sending me home, I started working again. At night, I called Carol up and she guided me through the possible interviewing questions. She was so clear-minded and quick-witted that I was suspecting she used to be a professional interviewer.

The Singapore Waiting Hospital Again

[Tuesday, 28 November, 2006]

I tried to sleep early especially this night to go to the polyclinic in the early morning. I was not sure what time I dozed off and whether did my mum wake me up, but she suddenly asked me where I was going. Then, she recommended me to a skin doctor and I agreed.

She woke me up at seven plus after I purposely went back to sleep after my alarms sounded. Then, we left home at around eight and walked towards Kreta Ayer Road. Then she told me the clinic was at the third storey and which we could not find. Then she said she suspect it might have moved down and indeed we found it at the second level at exactly the same corner. I was not sure if it had shifted down or my mum had remembered the location wrongly.

Disgusting Corn

I saw the price labelled at the counter stating “$50 to $75” and it freaked me out. After seeing the doctor, he told me the unknown thing on my wrist could be corn and he recommended me to go to the polyclinic and they might remove it for me. I was very upset about the money I was wasting for this advice but luckily he claimed we were not required to foot any bill.

We made the trip to Outram Polyclinic directly. This morning proved the communication problems between my mum and me, or rather, her and my brothers as well. When we were at Neil Road, there were long stretches of shophouses opposite the Police Cantonment Complex and we were supposed to cross over to the diagonal corner of the “rectangular” area (shophouses). We took the inner path and she claimed it was a “shortcut”, which was of an exact distant of taking the path along the main road.

It was a long queue as usual at the Polyclinic and both the nicest doctors, Doctor Sally Ho and Doctor Tan Kok Leong were not around, and I had to go for a random doctor, which was really dangerous. Some of the doctors sucked for they gave really bad attitude and you would probably be freaked out as well and not trust their abilities.

As we were waiting outside the room, the aunties behind us were talking non-stop while my mum and I were trying to take a little nap on the uncomfortable chairs. Suddenly another Cantonese auntie joined in with her extremely loud and piercing voice. I purposely turned back to stare at her and soon she stopped. While she went to the toilet, her number was called and the doctor even came out to call for her. Then, she returned to make a big fuss.

Two hours later, finally it was my turn to go into the room. My mum became a doctor suddenly and asked directly for an operation while I was waiting for the doctor to suggest better alternatives or prescribe stronger medicine. So, the doctor immediately wrote a referral letter to Singapore General Hospital and did not give me any medicine. The first visit to the specialist clinic could easily cost up to forty bucks and the time wasted would be half of the day; it was the last resort I really wished to use.

After making an appointment at the other room, we were told to go back to the registration counter to pay the money since there was no medicine to be collected. Two out of the four counters were closed at lunch time and the other two counters were occupied. I was waiting there for the counter to be cleared and my mum turned to a passed by nurse and said loudly, “Ask her lo.” Obviously the nurse turned to us and I answered her embarrassingly, “It’s okay; I’m just waiting to make payment.”

Suddenly, a lady near me over the other counter asked if I was another guy. I found her very familiar and after a while I asked her if she was teaching at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and she answered me positive. She was Mrs Mok who had taught me during lower secondary as my arts teacher, as well as an English writing course lecturer during my polytechnic days. As we walked out of the place together, she told me she was teaching at “Nanyang” as well and my mum immediately interrupted, claiming that my younger brother studied there as well. I instantly double confirmed it was Nanyang Polytechnic since we were talking about polytechnic all along and that managed to stop my mum from making more blurts.

Towards the end of the morning when we were going to cross over the T-junction in front of the Police Cantonment Complex, my mum said for at least the third time my younger brother knew how to take the underpass across so that we did not cross the road. I never liked to use it since it required taking many flocks of escalators down and up when we could easily just cross the road.

It was quite an unlucky morning.

Revisit to SGH

[Monday, 09 October, 2006]

I went to the physiotherapist for the second time with my mum. I told her I had accidentally strained my calf two nights ago and she was quite stunned. It was all for the long disability that I wanted to witness the progress.

I did some cycling exercise there and each time I used strength, the left calf seemed like going to cramp. Then, I was taught a few more exercises with the thera-band. Luckily the session was less than ten bucks.

Next, we went to the Clinic “C” again. The waiting time was near an hour. I was delighted to see Doctor Tay again and Doctor Sebastian was just by his side. There was nothing much to say and they thought my condition was good. When Doctor Sebastian asked if there was any numbness, I felt around the wound and the skin was indeed totally numbed.

The next appointment is half a year later. By then I do not see any need to go back when I have totally recovered. Twenty-one bucks was too expensive. Perhaps, the reason to go back would be just to pay Doctor Tay a visit.

A complaint letter

[Wednesday, 27 September, 2006]

Gilbert had rectified my language and contents of a letter written in rage; it had somehow demoralised me but definitely made me realise how incompetent I was. He prompted me with many questions and left the final editing to me.

In the end, I did not send it to the officials that I wished to complain to; I was quite lost.

The original letter:

I am writing this email to express a big displease and shame on the service of your hospital.

Last Wednesday, I had an operation done by Doctor Mathew George Sebastian from Clinic “C” and the description of the surgical procedures was “Excision of Left Lateral Gastrocnemius Haemangioma”.

My calf and foot on the operated leg are still swelling after a week and there are blood cots on both sides of the foot just above the heel, which are around four by two centimetres big. Another concern is the discharge on the lowest portion of the wound.

As I had an appointment with the Neuro-Surgery department at Clinic “E” today, after waiting for more than an hour as usual, I mentioned about the urgent problems to the doctor at room “6”. He told me to go to Clinic “C” and insist for a check-up immediately because the discharge might cause an infection.

My mum and I got very concern and we went to the treatment room (room 10) at Clinic “C” as instructed at around 1230h. The nurse inside, however, told us that Doctor Mathew was doing an operation at the moment. I requested for just any doctor or medical staff to inspect on my wound but this nurse claimed that only Doctor Mathew knew about my problems. She offered me to push my next appointment forward from two weeks later (091006) to next Monday (021006) or Tuesday (031006) but I declined.

I am sure you, a worthy and dedicated staff of the hospital, or even just a normal non-medical trained person would see the problems.

I wish to clarify my doubts.

1. Will the hospital bear full responsible if my wound gets infected or worsens?
2. Is your well-reputation hospital training staffs to say no to patient instead of finding a better solution?
3. Is the documentation done properly enough each time to maintain details of my problems/injuries so that other doctors can see to my problems?
4. Are all doctors in your hospital, other than Doctor Mathew, trained to treat problems with swelling, blood cots and discharge of wounds?
5. If Doctor Mathew leaves the working force of the hospital one day unfortunately, do I have to forsake my wound?

On my personal view, your staffs are pushing away responsibility. As Singapore is trying to promote our excellent medical treatment in Asia, this will act as opposition to the proposal.

Hereby, I wish to seek an explanation to my questions and hope that my future experience with your hospital will be better when your staffs are more enthusiastic.

The finalised letter:

Re: Dissatisfaction with SGH’s services and seeking resolution to my medical condition

Last Wednesday (200906), I had an operation done by Doctor Mathew George Sebastian from Clinic “C” and the description of the surgical procedures was “Excision of Left Lateral Gastrocnemius Haemangioma”.

My calf and foot on the operated leg are still swelling after a week and there are blood cots on both sides of the foot just above the heel, which are around four by two centimetres big. Another concern is the discharge on the lowest portion of the wound.

I had an appointment with the Neuro-Surgery department at Clinic “E” today, which concerned a separated health issue. I went into room “6” after waiting for more than an hour. The doctor knew about my recent operation and I took the chance to explain my worries about the development of my condition regarding the operation. He told me I had the right to go to Clinic “C” immediately and insist Doctor Mathew to do a check-up because the discharge might cause an infection.

Afterwards I went to the treatment room “10” at Clinic “C” as instructed at around 1230h. The nurse inside, however, told us that Doctor Mathew was doing an operation at the moment. I requested for any doctor or medical staff who could inspect my wound but the nurse claimed that only Doctor Mathew knew about my problems; even so I was sure any doctor currently on duty could easily inspect my wound, which would not take up much of their time. Instead, she offered to push my next appointment forward from two weeks later (091006) to next Monday (021006) or Tuesday (031006) but I declined as I needed at least an explanation to check on the seriousness of my condition and if it required immediate medical attention. I refused to leave at first and showed her my operated leg but she claimed that there was no dark area around the bandage and thus there should be no infection; she did not remove the bandage. She suggested me to go to a polyclinic or directly to the A&E department if I was worried, which I thought was very unprofessional to push me away. I was very disappointed and left the hospital.

I wish to clarify my doubts.

1. Will the hospital bear full responsibility if my wound gets infected or worsened since it is not treated on the spot?
2. Are my medical records ready and available so that other doctors could have seen to my problems?
3. Are there any other doctors in your hospital, other than Doctor Mathew, trained to treat problems with swelling, blood cots and discharge of wounds after operation?

From my point of view, your staffs were pushing away responsibility or perhaps they were not trained to provide simple immediate resolutions. As Singapore is trying to promote our excellent medical services in Asia, the service rendered to me seemed to be compromising the hospital’s reputation.

Hereby, I wish to seek an explanation to my problems and resolutions to my medical condition mentioned above. I hope that my future experience with your hospital will be a better one and would appreciate if u could contact me as soon as possible.